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Low iron and vitamin B12 after birth

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Hellymummy Tue 02-Sep-14 15:07:23

Since giving birth I gave felt tired, weak, shaky, anxious and just can't seem it get myself right. I had some blood tests done and came back with some deficiency in iron, vit B12 and folic acid. I gave now got 2 lots of vitamins and iron tablets. The thing is I hate taking any tablets never mind 3 lots, has anyone else took these tabs?? Are they ok to take?

RahRahRasputin Wed 03-Sep-14 04:08:34

I know this is in childbirth but I have had similar issues unrelated to childbirth so thought I'd post. The tablets are fine to take - if you don't take them, your symptoms will probably get worse and they certainly won't get better. The symptoms of B12 can be irreversible if not treated promptly, and if you are anaemic then you will not improve without taking iron supplements.

You may find that the iron tablets do not agree with you but it is worth persevering unless the effects are unbearable. There are several different types of iron that can be prescribed so you may find that one type suits you better. Ask your GP if you can try another type if you have problems.

Why do you not like taking tablets, is it that you struggle to swallow them? Some tablets can be crushed or dissolved in a drink, so you could ask about that. Obviously don't do that with any tablets that aren't labelled as being suitable for that.

squizita Wed 03-Sep-14 08:55:06

Yes do take them.
If you can't take pills, as RahRah says there are liquid forms (I have heard liquid iron agrees with people better than tablets too - less constipation).

I had this problem after I lost a pregnancy and it made me really unwell. Taking the vitamins was a breath of fresh air! I am going straight to my GP if the symptoms re appear after I've had my baby.

Hellymummy Wed 03-Sep-14 11:54:31

Thank you. I just worry about taking tablets incase they don't agree with me or incase they react with each other and make me poorly. I am a born worrier x

RahRahRasputin Wed 03-Sep-14 12:00:07

If they were all prescribed at the same time then the GP and pharmacist would hopefully have picked up on any possible interactions. The only way to know if they will disagree with you is to try them, but hopefully they will improve your symptoms and you will soon feel much better.

Hellymummy Wed 03-Sep-14 12:02:41

Yes thank you, I just worry worry worry about everything! I know I have to take them I just always think the worst and look into things too much x

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