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Natal Hypnotherapy

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lolalalabing Tue 02-Sep-14 14:19:21

I'm 38 weeks now and despite my good intentions I've only listened to my natal hypnotherapy tracks a couple of times (birth preparation and relaxations ones) and each time I listen I end up falling asleep! I'm now seriously considering listening to them twice a day to make up for lost time!

I was wondering how others actually used them during labour. Did you listen to the full tracks or just the music? I've also downloaded the labour specific tracks but haven't listened to these yet as I wasn't sure if it was best to leave these until the time comes for them to be useful or if I need to listen to them before too.

There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day, especially if I'm so relaxed that I'm falling asleep every time I put them on. Doesn't Maggie Howell realise I have sh!t to do?!!

squizita Wed 03-Sep-14 08:52:13

Apparently it goes into your brain anyway! smile

I fell asleep during the 'on a beach' bit and dreamed my beach had a sun lounger and a pint of mythos beer... LOL if only.

lemonpoppyseed Wed 03-Sep-14 09:05:09

I'm not sure I ever made it to the end of any of those tracks. They lulled me into the deepest, most lovely sleeps every time.

I didn't listen to it in labour. It seemed to be in my head and I was able to use the techniques to help with the pain (had two natural births without meds). It helped me stay in control throughout, and I'm really glad I decided to try it.

squizita Wed 03-Sep-14 09:23:04

I must say I find the most useful part the stuff about 'anyone who comes in is here to help you'. I am not banking on it saving me from any pain.

But I had a recent scare in hospital and did 3-2-1 relax... and my heart rate immediately went down 15 bpm! So it must work on some level. Hope it continues.

weebairn Wed 03-Sep-14 10:51:41

I listen to it in order to nap, it always sends me off smile

I think I listened to it in early labour last time round. Labour was 30 hours in total so would have gone a bit mental if I'd listened to it on repeat…

squiz I think that's realistic and good to find the useful bits for you, I didn't find it helped with the pain at all (that turning down the dial thing DID NOT work at the end of a long and painful labour) which I was a bit upset about at the time BUT I do think I felt calm, safe and looked after throughout so maybe it had some benefit there? And I did have a natural birth without pain relief other than gas and air, and didnt call the midwife until I was 7cm so maybe it did help subconsciously with the pain up till that bit, but obviously the birth lottery decides much of that for you.

Oh and if all it gives me is a guaranteed 45 minute nap every day - you know what I'd take that too! smile

Velvetbunny Wed 03-Sep-14 14:18:58

I only listened to it once awake, fell asleep all the other times! During labour a few of the key phrases kept coming into my head which really helped - I had an amazing birth experience and can't wait to do it again! I'd recommend reading the book as this helped the most I think, made me understand why it's important to be relaxed during labour to reduce the pain.

squizita Wed 03-Sep-14 14:40:54

Velvet I read up on it but am more of a fan of 'Birth Skills' FWIW - it (realistically) points out than adrenalin is present for a physiological reason to give energy in the long tiring process. Therefore trying to relax it away completely isn't actually that helpful in all cases (and historically - aside - has always been something HCP have wished they could do: stop women making a loud fuss).
In terms of pain, keeping still and relaxing simply does not work for everyone, but far more people find vocalising (not screaming, but making a sound), repetitive movements etc' use up any adrenalin not being used and help focus the mind away from panic and pain. However, clinging to the idea that pain will/can be reduced for every woman (ie me in this case) could leave women (me) without strategies if/when pain occurs.

I'm using the hypnobirthing mainly to avoid panic or anxiety, in conjuction with yoga and birth skills (both of which several people recommended to me strongly). TBH the breathing and affirmations are similar, but with ritualised and practical movements and sounds.

squizita Wed 03-Sep-14 14:43:09

... yup the 'turn down the dial' thing has been specifically mentioned by others as something which not only didn't help but made them think they'd 'failed'. This made me anxious and wary.

Whereas in Birth Skills and Yoga the advice seems to be 'the pain gets big, so use these skills to get bigger and stay calm' - including calmly asking for drugs if you prefer!

Plateofcrumbs Thu 04-Sep-14 09:59:26

I also didn't listen to it much without falling to sleep. Got a few listens in whilst in hospital waiting to be induced. Found the techniques quite useful in early labour.

Agree with squizita that in later stages it was all about breathing, moving and vocalising for me - the hypno techniques went out of the window then.

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