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If you are having a caesarean....

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danceswithmonkeys Fri 22-Sep-06 07:54:18

I've just made up a 'hints and tips' list for my friend who is having a caesarean soon (I've had two) if you want me to e-mail it to you let me know!

dollyp Wed 27-Sep-06 11:42:35

Also if you need to cough or sneeze, then hold a pillow to your scar for the first few days. It will feel as if the whole thing will come unravelled (it won't of course!) and a pillow makes you feel much more in control.

mistypeaks Thu 28-Sep-06 14:41:28

Press on the scar with a clean towel if going for a poo.
YES to big pants.
Use Lavender oil (in a carrier oil) to massage scar and any stretch marks it works wonders. Also a few drops in bath water helps scar to heal - also good for episiotomy scars.
DO NOT go shopping with baby 2 days later like I did I tore my stitches and got an infection.

nanjl76 Mon 16-Mar-09 14:40:20

Going in for C- section tomorrow.... have taken note of all hints and tips Brilliant!! grin

Ema76 Mon 16-Mar-09 14:47:38

Just read all that and some great stuff there. Will def massage the scar after a few weeks as suggested. Having my beautician to wax legs, under arms and first inch of you know what for c-section. do not want razor or bic and can't see properly myself to do it. hope inch is enough, might go for inch and a half!

Ema76 Mon 16-Mar-09 14:48:58

oh my c-section is next monday! Good luck Nanjl76 x

bellasmama Mon 16-Mar-09 17:40:28

i found having a towel or cushion over my scar in the car helped as it stopped the seatbelt rubbing on the scar. Also, salt and tea tree or lavender oil in the baths and if you can stomach it, a brazillian wax. From what I hear itchy stubble on a scar is no fun. Bio oil for massaging the scar is excellent.

ilovesweets Mon 16-Mar-09 17:58:23

Get some multi packs of actual Maternity knickers (not just big pants or scratch paper knicks which are always too small). No need to spend a fortune. Tesco do a five pack for £7 which are soft cotton and super comfy and go nowhere near the scar.

You still need maternity pads even tho you've had a CS! Sainsbury's and Tescos own are fine.

Avoid in particular, reaching, lifting and twisting actions.

Sitting up in bed is very hard. Get a hand from someone, or if you're on your own, take your time and do it slowly.

You might feel back to "normal" in 3 days. Don't be fooled. It is only because you feel better than shit, not because you are actually better! TAKE IT EASY. Don't be bending to pick up that dropped nappy/put shoes on etc. Ask someone else. Don't be a hero.

DO NOT wear ANYTHING that rubs on the scar even after 1 week. This includes PJ bottoms, knickers, maternity trousers, normal trousers - anything. If you can feel it rubbing, get changed. If you don't, it can lead to the area getting inflamed which can lead to an infection. I wish someone had told me this.

Take all your meds as prescribed even if you feel OK.

diedandgonetodevon Mon 16-Mar-09 18:57:00

As well as the HUGE pants, maternity yoga bottoms were my saviour as I couldn't bear anything tight around my waist for a few weeks afterwards and it saves you wearing your pyjamas out of the house (blush I actually did this so I could buy some loose trousers as I had an emergency section so was not expecting it!)

Carrie06 Mon 16-Mar-09 21:35:31

Go for nightdresses instead of PJs in the days after the section - bending down to pull them up and down is not pleasant.

diddle Mon 16-Mar-09 21:56:41

i had excruciating pain after sitting in bed for a day after my section, i think its important to change position, even if its just in bed. my pain which they suspected was inernal bleeding and almost made me pass out, was actually trapped wind, that was lodged. apparently it is very common to have a lot of wind after a section. Don't hold it in, i thought i was going to die. Ask the hospital for peppermint tea, or cordial, or get someone to bring some in for you.

I also got a major pain with my 1st section, in my left shoulder and chest area, also apparently common, i couldn't breathe it was so bad, also wind related.

Take it very easy when doing the stairs, i had got used to walking round the hospital and using the lift to get to the car going home, but was not prepared for how hard it was to walk upstairs when i got home. take it easy.

ilovesweets Mon 16-Mar-09 22:08:56

Re: wind, it is common, Windeze is vv good.

TinkerBellesMumandFiFi2 Mon 16-Mar-09 22:13:42

Wind is because they put it in there! It's the same with a hysterectomy, Mum said she thought she was having a heartattack!

MrsPickles Mon 16-Mar-09 22:29:58

Not sure if this is exclusive to c-section new mums but my belly was the itchiest thing ever - take some nice baby lotion to put on it!

2Helenback Tue 17-Mar-09 10:04:24

Buy a ton of maternity pads, I bought 2 packs of 10 and used them up when my waters popped! Then dh had to shop for them and I was lucky not to be wearing magic beans in my pants as he is not great with buying 'womens things'.

Asda are doing drawstring trackie-b's for £3 at the mo. I have 4 pairs as all my maternity trousers now feel uncomfortable now head is engaged. If/when I bleed on them they can be chucked with the big pants. They are very comfy, and I am embracing my inner Waynetta!

MrsMuzi Fri 09-Oct-09 14:36:26


Hi all, was wondering if you guys had any tips or "best buys" for post-caesarean. I'm building a website designed to recommend certain products specifically for caesarean mums. I'd love some feedback! I've only just started it, so I thought I'd ask you guys on here to go have a peek and join up.


MrsMuzi Fri 09-Oct-09 14:37:15

Message withdrawn

"Also if your baby is just not being satisfied by breast feeding (usually around 3am when you are at breaking point….) DO NOT be afraid to ask for your baby to be given a cup of formula. It will NOT stop them wanting to breast feed but will satisfy them for now and let you both get some sleep. Some midwives can be breastfeeding Nazis, don’t let them bully you. "

What do you mean by not satisfied?

FlamingoBingo Sat 10-Oct-09 07:22:33

If your baby is just not being satisfied by breastfeeding, it's because of

a) it's not latched on properly


b) it's being normal

Babies need to feed frequently in the first few days to prime your breasts for making plenty of milk later on. Also, their tummies are very small (the size of a marble when they're born) and their kidneys are very immature so they can't cope, and shouldn't be encouraged to cope, with anything more than a few drops at a time. Giving formula at this stage is risky.

If your baby is feeding frequently and it is tiring you out, either get a MW or BFC to help ensure you are latching your baby on well or help you feed in a position that lets you rest and/or doze while the baby feeds.

You can tell if your baby is latching on well because your nipple shouldn't hurt during the feed (although may hurt to latch on in the first few days), your nipple will come out the same shape it went in (although possibly a bit longer), and your baby will do wees and poos!

Of course, if you have already decided not to breastfeed, then it's less of an issue, but if it's important to you, then don't follow that particular tip of DWPs!'

Someone more knowledgable excellent thanks flamingo, also I don't know how true this is (it was for me) babies of c/s dont always feed immediatly as they can be more sleepy than vb babies, don't worry and don't let a m/w push you into giving formula (this is what happened to me).

FlamingoBingo Sat 10-Oct-09 07:33:19

Yes, true, Libra - just keep baby at the breast sleeping and cuddling. If the baby is close to the nipple, then every time he/she stirs, he/she'll try to latch on.

And if baby needs something because it's not feeding at all, then expressed bmilk is far, far better than formula. Lie baby along your knees, and gently sqeeze out drops of colostrum onto your little finger and put them just inside your baby's lips. Lots of that all day long and he/she'll gradually start waking up enough to be put close to the breast to try to latch on.

Don't express colostrum with a pump - you'll lose it all in the pump!

whomovedmychocolate Sat 10-Oct-09 08:19:01

Get a tshirt printed with the phrase 'I just had major surgery as well as a baby, get it yourself, muppethead!' to wear when the inlaws visit.

Besom Sat 10-Oct-09 08:29:28

Salt in your bath (lots) - helps prevent/get rid of infection.

Rubyshoos Wed 14-Oct-09 14:17:59

If your c-section is pre planned and you have a date, make sure you wash your hair before. My c section was an urgent one, I went into hospital for a routine scan at 37 weeks (no bag packed at this point!!!) and ended up being bundled into the lift to go upstairs for an immediate c-section. In all the pics my hair looks really greasy and I REALLY REGRET THAT!!! (yes, very vain!) One thing I did do was go and get a leg and bikini wax and manicure and pedicure a couple of days before (yes but still forgot to wash my hair properly!) and I was glad that I did, however tip for the bikini wax - get them to wax that little bit lower than usual if you know you're to have a c-section as otherwise you get a lovely midwife shaving you with an awful bic razor (not very nice!) Oh and PACK YOUR BAG!!!!!! I didn't and my husband had to do it for me whilst I was waiting to go into surgery. He rushed home, threw a few (unhelpful) things into an overnight bag (like silk pymamas?!!!) and of course I had to send my mum to my place to go and get all the stuff I needed. One further tip - ask your partner to make sure there are lovely clean sheets on your bed at home waiting for you when you get home from hospital. Even though I was very well looked after in hospital, it was lovely to sink into my divine clean bed at home with fresh sheets once I got home. Stuff your freezer with food as you really won't feel like cooking for ages and don't feel guilty about formula if the breast feeding is not working for you. Good Luck!

Rubyshoos Wed 14-Oct-09 14:22:43

Sorry one other your bag which you will efficiently pack (before 37 weeks!) put in some maternity bras for when your milk comes in. No one told me about this so when my milk did come in, I was in agony until I could get a bra on me and then it was instantly better. I ended up sleeping in said bra for at least a month after...

selebi Sat 17-Oct-09 21:11:04

Caesarean Birth meditation relaxation CD I bought of ebay brilliant I think that helped me to remain calm for my CS.

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