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Quick labour stories please!

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peanutbutterlove Tue 02-Sep-14 08:04:21

My daughter was born 3.5hrs from first contraction. I'm now 35 weeks with second baby and told by consultant and midwives to expect a faster labour. I know I'm lucky, but I'm terrified I won't get to hospital in time. Any stories of (natural not induced) fast labours would be appreciated! Thanks...

Munchkin08 Tue 02-Sep-14 08:11:54

Hi I had my 2nd and 3rd very quickly. When I arrived at the hospital with my second I was examined and they said I was 1cm and wasn't in labour it was braxton hicks and I had him 20 minutes later. The 3rd was the same - as soon as they examin me I go from nothing to 10cm. I usually get some slight pains during the day but not regular just get to the hospital quickly to be on the safe side, you can always go back home. Good luck x

addictedtosugar Tue 02-Sep-14 08:29:46

DS2 was born 3 hrs from first contraction.
The paramedics who delivered him on the bathroom floor were amazing. We called, they rocked up 6 mins later, and DS2 arrived 30 secs after that.
We were waiting childcare for DS1, hence not going sooner. So think about childcare for your oldest.

Have you considered a planned home birth? If I was to have another, and was low risk, thats what I'd be pushing for. Tho you mention consultant, so maybe there are other factors which would make this unsuitable.

Whether a home birth is something you'd like or not, consider getting a big stack of towels out so DH doesn't get the new white ones out of the cupboard and thinking about what you'd do if you did end up with a suprise home birth.

The actual labour was fine - I was wandering round, packing last bits of hospital bag, and then suddenly I needed to push, which was when DH called 999 (apparently we should have gone through labour ward, but we a) I would have delivered without medical support and b) DH didn't have the number to hand). DS2 was fine, I was fine. No problems, just a bit of a shock. Everyone was eating cake at 8am after it was all over.

Artistic Tue 02-Sep-14 08:39:10

5 hours here with DC1. For DC2 am at 35 weeks too & am being told (over & over) that its going to be quicker this time. Not reaching the hospital is my biggest fear too! And my hospital is 15 miles away to make things worse. Also the pain is just too quick & sudden giving me no time to adjust or cope. Am so afraid now that I don't want to think about the birth (& foolishly haven't packed my hospital bag yet!!!)confused

allisgood1 Tue 02-Sep-14 08:56:59

I had my third last week in just under 3 hours. Water gushed at 10am and contractions followed about 20 min later. Had to call neighbor to look after dc as there wasn't going to be time. Got to the hospital shortly after 11. Was 5cm, begged for gas and air. The rest is a blur but he was born at 12:55. I had two epidurals previously and was so scared this would happen but it really wasn't bad as the gas really helped and it was over so quickly.

peanutbutterlove Tue 02-Sep-14 09:09:03

Thanks everyone. Artistic - you sound the same as me! In theory I could have a home birth but I'm a massive worrier and would worry about something happening to baby or me..

DwellsUndertheSink Tue 02-Sep-14 09:12:54

3.5 hours DS1
1h45min DS2. WOuld have been quicker but MW asked me to change positions....

BeginnerSAHM Wed 03-Sep-14 06:47:03

Hi peanutbutter - think carefully about a home birth... I live 10-30 mins drive from hospital (London - depends on time of day) and did for DCs1 and 2 as well. DC1 arrived 20 mins after getting to hospital (2 hours 35 mins after waking up) and I was fully dilated when i arrived. I was advised to have a home birth with DC2 (just in case I didn't get to hospital in time) but then it transpired the midwives would take about an hour to get to me after I called. Not ideal and I was worried about having DC1 in the house if it was nighttime. So, for me, childcare was key. Had my parents lined up to stay from 37 weeks (to look after DC1 while we dashed to hospital) as DC1 was born at 38+2.

DC2 arrived 1 hour 20 mins after first tiny tiny twinge so thank goodness I was awake when it started as it wouldn't have woken me up for about 15 mins. Luckily a friend was staying - I was 36 weeks.

I can't tell you about DC3 yet as I'm only 23 weeks...

Midwife advice this time (common sense really) is:

- have really close childcare lined up
- call 999 if it feels really fast (and don't hesitate)
- remember to have phones charged at all times
- leave door open if I do call 999
- get to hospital straight away at first sign of labour (if not calling 999!)

Luckily, I have lovely neighbours on both sides who are very happy to look after the children.

Good luck!

TheGirlOnTheLanding Wed 03-Sep-14 06:59:41

I agree, have childcare lined up, ideally several different options. DD2 I was under 2 hours from first twinge to her arriving. She nearly made her appearance in the car. I had to have a friend take DD1 until my parents got to our house as they're an hour away but I'd lined up friends and neighbours to be on standby for this reason (including one lovely neighbour who put a note through the door saying she'd be happy to take her any time of the day or night.) Knowing that was in place helped.

Chipandspuds Wed 03-Sep-14 07:20:59

I started a thread like this not so long ago, DS was born in 5.5 hours and I'm pregnant with dc2.

DM is going to come and stay with us a week before my due date to help look after DS as she lives hours away. I'm going to ask one of my neighbours if I can call her if I'm early and DM isn't there if she could look after DS.

I asked my midwife and she said to call the hospital and tell them I'm on my way - don't ask them if I can come in.

I'm going I'll know how far along I am this time around as I didn't realise with DS and arrived at the hospital 9cms dilated and saying "I hope they don't send me back home again"!

Linus33 Wed 03-Sep-14 07:35:40

Hi Peanut, our experience was 2 hours from waters breaking and recorded as 20 minutes for phase 2. Arrived at hospital fully dilated and baby born quickly thereafter. Of course feel v. lucky but speed was shocking!

As a result with DC1 being very close to a car park baby, I didn't want to risk it with DC2 so we planned for a home birth. Hospital is 20 minutes away without traffic.

Called midwife as soon as waters broke because of the speed with DC1. Speed with DC2 was similar with DC1.

I can't recommend home birth highly enough. We had a lovely experience and didn't need to worry about child care for DC1 so didn't have to disturb my dad at an ungodly hour grin Biggest plus for me was getting into my own bed following the birth to grab a few hours kip. DH was as asleep on the sofa before the midwives left (I don't know how he does it either blush)!

Dontforgetyourbrolly Wed 03-Sep-14 07:49:06

My baby was born 2 hours after the contractions started, took us all by surprise as I was a ftm aged 38 and he was 10 days overdue.

I had so many false alarms my dp asked if we had time to stop for a Chinese on the way to the hospital !

We got there just in time , it was valentines day and I was all dressed up for a night out ha ha

Mmolly2013 Wed 03-Sep-14 08:44:55

My labour wasn't quick it last 15 hours but it went at a lovely manageable pace and bearable contractions I've no recollection of time it went by so quick

AliceInGallifrey Wed 03-Sep-14 08:56:04

Dd from first contraction to delivery was around 3 hours. That was a monitored induction so I couldn't move just literally lie on my back which probably slowwed things down.

With ds I had a bath at around 3.45 as I had a midwife appointment and I was dirty off doing messy play with dd. I got out the bath at 4 and felt the first contraction. Rang hospital as I wanted a planned home birth, was told to wait an hour or go to hospital to get checked but I explained I had a midwife appointment at 4.30 so they said I could go to that if I wanted and she would check.

I was 8-9cm when I got to the docs I literally had enough time to turn around and get home and have a cup of tea before I delivered -Less then an hour and half start to finish

devoncreamtea Fri 05-Sep-14 20:35:32

Hi, I had my 4th baby in hour! Totally fine, planned home water birth - ummed and ahhed about calling mw's, luckily I told them my last labour was pretty quick (4hrs) so they came straight away. Got in the pool when it was 3cm full and it had just reached the full line when my boy was born!

If I were you i would have a chat about homebirthing, just so you aren't taken by surprise - but if you want hospital birth then just go in as soon as you feel any labour signs - as another poster said, they can awlways send you home!

FloweryBoots Fri 05-Sep-14 21:47:47

My first was fairly fast for a first, and that included 3 hours stuck at 9cm and 4 hours from starting pushing to actual birth, so the first bit was definately fairly speedy! 2nd I had a few iregular contractions in the morning then sudenly every 5 minutes and DD born just over an hour after that, so pretty speedy. Fortunately hospital said to go in when I rang after 3 contractions at 5 minute intervals but only because I said my waters had been leaking for a few hours. I was there less than 10 minutes before DD was in my arms!

Now pregnant with number 3 and my midwife said if I don't want home birth then just call the hospital at first contractions and TELL them I'm going in, and just don't take no for an answer! I think it's wise adivce.

I think I will be making sure there are things at home on hand that we'll want in case we don't make it away from home (like towels/sheets), but I won't point that out to (slightly paniky) DH in advance! And I'll be tapping up anyone I even vaguley know who is local to be a potential baby sitter. I dont have any close friends or family very near by but we're going to have to just ask people who are local who we at least know a bit (and perhaps embark on some biging up of local friends between now and February!).

Jims Fri 05-Sep-14 21:56:17

5 hours for ds1 (4 of actual contractions) waters broken as method of inducement but no drip.

Just under 2 hours from slight 'ping' of hindwaters going at home with ds2. The midwife made it with about 20 mins to spare after we called and asked her not to go to the hospital to get the drugs first! The hospital was 10 mins away. I am a worrier but was pretty convinced ds2 would end up being induced for being late too so was a tad surprised. Had a fab waterbirth and the experienced midwives did my stitches at home too (ds2 was 9lb10 and I am only 5'4). Loved being in my own bed afterwards

Happydutchmummy Fri 05-Sep-14 22:17:58

My first labour I went into hospital at 3cm, insisting they admit me and gov me the lovely gas and air, two hours later contractions got worse, I begged to be examined and I was 6cm. 10 minutes after being examined my waters broke and 10 minutes of pushing later dd was out. So a quick first labour!

With ds I was warned it might be even quicker! So I wrote one or two sentences at the top of my birth plan about having a quick first labour and basically said please admit me when I come in even though I may not be "in full Labour" as I have a history of a fast birth.

I had mild contractions from about 4am, by 7am they were regular (ish) so got dd up and took her into nursery a bit earlier than usual (luckily they accepted her). Drove to the hospital and I was only 2cm so they suggested I choose whether to go home or be admitted. I chose to be admitted and sat around for 3 hours with just mild contractions, so decided to have a little walk around. Suddenly my contractions felt like they were getting serious and I was examined and had gone up to 5cm. Then went from 5cm to waters breaking and ds being out in 35 minutes.

So if you do choose to have a hospital birth then I'd really recommend putting a short paragraph about your previous fast Labour at the top so the midwives/doctors are aware as soon as you come in. Also get yourself to a hospital (if you choose to have a hospital birth) as soon as you feel you need to and get yourself admitted. That way if things do suddenly go whizz bang you're already where you need to be.

Good luck

Stripeyfeet Mon 08-Sep-14 00:54:55

I had fast labours, ds3 was born about 30 minutes after I realised I was in labour. The trouble I had wad that it only hurt when I was ready to push so the midwives were a little bit sceptical. I insisted I was coming in to the labour ward with ds4 and got put in a side room (obviously wasn't screamy enough!) - dh got sent to find a mw about 3 minutes later as I was starting to push. If I had listened to their advice instead of my instincts I would have had 2 unplanned home births - so go to the hospital when you're ready and TELL THEM it's going to be quick!!

catherinemm Tue 09-Sep-14 22:28:09

At least you can plan on it being fast! I gave birth to my second chd (dd) on Sunday morning at home - unplanned and no midwife here. I didn't expect a fast labour as Labour with my first (DS) was very long indeed (44 hours or more). I think in total labour was about 8hrs from first contraction til birth which maybe isn't that fast but from contractions being every 5 mins to birth was only just over an hour and when I called midwife she still thought I shouldn't go to hospital (was with caseload team) hence the unplanned home arrival. If you know it's gonna be fast you can go in at first contraction I guess? Overall thought the birth for me, though a but scary at the end, was fab compared to DS - so empowering. Obv this only because DD is fine,

boobyooby Tue 09-Sep-14 22:33:17

DS1 about 4 hours start to finish, there I was at home thinking oh it'll be like this for ages but was fully dilated when I was examined at the hospital. He was born about half hour later.

DD1, woke up having a contraction, next one was pretty strong too so decided to get up, arrived at hospital, examined 10 minutes later and had her 6 minutes after that ...... I've been told should we decide to have another it will be a homebirth whether I like it or not smile

Artistic Wed 10-Sep-14 09:00:48

Am so terrified of a super fast labour combined with past (childhood) medical complications in my bowels - that we've decided to go private.

Just need to reach the hospital in time when it all starts!!!

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