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Can / should I request an ELCS?

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ilovechops Mon 01-Sep-14 17:21:18

I am 11 wks pregnant with DC2.

Birth of DC1 was long (52hrs), back to back, no pain relief until 28hrs in and ended in natural birth with 2/3rd degree tear. It healed but took approx 4 months to fully heal and I basically couldn't walk or sit for a week. The labour was distressing mainly as back to back and intensely painful but also the pushing was for 2 hrs. My daughter was small (6lb5) but has a massive head (99th cantile at birth). We actually were advised to have her checked out after birth as the GP said her head was abnormally large (!!) obviously it's fine as we discovered it runs in my partner's family and she's ver smart but it's obviously likely DC2 will also have a large head!

Also during birth the midwife told me that DD1 had a very short cord and possibly caused issues for her getting out.

I am sort of up for a second vbac mainly as I hope it would be easier second time and the feeling afterwards was so amazing. My DH is also very pro Vbac. But now it's becoming a bit more real I am worried that the head size / cord issues are likely to happen again and leave me with a worse tear. I'm nervous and am worried how this will affect labour.

I'm considering asking for a ELCS but would anyone actually discuss this with me or will I just be pushed into VBAC? I genuinely want advice and I suppose really I want them to check the head size before birth and allow me to choose then but am I better stating my case now or waiting until a late scan?

ilovechops Mon 01-Sep-14 17:22:21

99th centile not cantile!

lotsoftoast Mon 01-Sep-14 17:29:47

You haven't had a section though so it wouldn't be a vbac?

If you had a third degree tear yes you can have an elcs

Even if you didn't you can still have an elcs if it's what you really want, you may have to fight for it though

ilovechops Mon 01-Sep-14 17:47:17

Lots of toast you're totally right! Haven't had a c section so it's not after vbac at all it's just after VB!

fatpony Tue 02-Sep-14 13:47:01

Just ask and discuss with them! I don't think you have to make a decision until much later anyway - I got approval around week 24.

I asked for one and the very kind consultant just talked through everything with me re risks of a CS, then popped out the room to talk to another consultant, was back in ten minutes with approval. It was all very calm, I didn't need to argue my case or get upset or anything. I also brought DH along for support as I tend to get a bit teary sometimes when talking about the issue that made me ask for one. I also had all my medical notes from previous treatment which he scanned through.

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