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who's the best doctor for c section at portland ?

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Nesrine Sat 30-Aug-14 20:55:07

Hello moms smile
i'm gonna give birth by c section because my baby is in the breech position and i'm planning to give birth at portland hospital so i'm looking for a good doctor but i'm really so confused between these doctors
Mr. Karl William
Mr Kevin Harrington
Dr Paul Armstrong
Dr Donald Gibb
who's the best one ?? pleaase help me by your experiences

thnx in advance

ozmum23 Sun 31-Aug-14 09:16:02

I've had two elective c sections at Portland. Both went like a dream and my obgyn is miss Mellon. She has rooms at Portland and London clinic. Google it.
She is the most amazing doctor I've ever had. Long story short, I had a very complicated first pregnancy and needed surgery when I was 5 months pregnant. She operated on me. She's caring and has excellent bedside manner. Can't say enough how much she's helped us.
Good luck with your choice.

Nesrine Sun 31-Aug-14 10:54:05

thanks for your reply :D you've encouraged me to choose her ^^
i really hope that my surgery will be easy as yours smile

ozmum23 Mon 01-Sep-14 12:02:02

Hi nesrine my delivery was excellent. It was scheduled for 8am. DH and I arrived at Portland at 5am, was checked into my room and the paperwork done etc. I was taken down at around 7.30am. DH got changed into hospital gown. I was wheeled into prep room where I met the anaesthetist. She was lovely and reassured me. The worse thing was having to try bend and curl up like the letter C so the epidural can be put in. It was v hard to curl up as my tum was so big!
My DS1 was born at 8.20am. I was back in my room at 10.30am. DH saw DS first though cos he stood up and looked over the curtain. I got to hold DS pretty much straight away. Then we were moved to recovery room. All done!

My second elective section went the same way. There was also lovely music in the theatre. It was all v calm. No screaming painful labour. I stayed for a week just to get as much rest as possible. The nursery was great as they looked after DS when I needed a rest. He was brought to me for feeding time. They also showed us how to give him a bath etc. it was v supportive which we needed as he was our first. The food was excellent and freshly cooked.

I had a room with an adjoining room where DH slept.

Is this your first baby?

Nesrine Wed 03-Sep-14 10:39:52

ozmum23 thank you so much for sharing your experience thanks
yes it's my first baby and i'm a bit scared lol :p
btw, you're so lucky because your delivery wasn't painful and everything was so comfortable grin please tell me who was your doctor ?? smile

ozmum23 Sat 06-Sep-14 12:14:23

My doctor was ms Claire Mellon...

Good luck to you! How far along are u now?
Also one thing we did was to have a photographer come and take baby photos at the hospital. From memory a company called Imagethirst did our photos. We were very happy with them. The photographer came on day 4.

Another tip: if you're planning on breastfeeding, I can totally recommend Clare Byam-Cook. She came over and helped me how to breastfeed my baby properly- including how to help baby latch on properly. I'm not sure if she's still consulting new mums at Portland hospital. Worth ringing up the maternity floor and ask one of the nurses there. I wish I knew about her with my first. Would have saved me a lot of pain with painful breastfeeding!
I think she will also visit you at your house.

Talking about all this brings back so many beautiful memories...making me clucky! But our family is complete and DS2 is now 5. And I'm too old! Lol

ozmum23 Sat 06-Sep-14 12:17:35

Ps it would be a good idea to book photographer before your scheduled section so you get the day you want, hopefully. We didn't and had to wait till day 4. Would have been nice to have professional day 1 photos...

Nesrine Sat 06-Sep-14 22:07:12

i'm in 17 weeks ^^' but i think that Ms Mellon is really an amazing doctor i'm going to choose her for sure grin
Thank you so much dear for the informations about breastfeeding because i'm planning to breastfeed and i'm a bit worried about it :/ i heard it's difficult and painful for the first time ><
I was also thinking about the photographer smile it seems such an original idea ! i'm gonna def book early for a photographer
Thanks a lot again for helping me thanks may god bless your lovely family ^^

extraneous Sat 06-Sep-14 23:41:41

I would do a MN search for Clare Byam Cook before you commit yourself to anything. Many in the breastfeeding community don't always agree with her approach and point of view. But very best of luck with your pregnancy, delivery and beyond.

ozmum23 Sun 07-Sep-14 10:01:06

You're very welcome nesrine all the best and enjoy every moment smile

TooSpotty Sun 07-Sep-14 10:31:47

I think you should have exactly the birth you want, but breech at 17 weeks is a bit meaningless. Most doctors wouldn't start to consider a breech positioned baby an issue for birth choice till 36 weeks.

Branleuse Sun 07-Sep-14 10:36:17

babies are often breech at that stage.

Nesrine Mon 08-Sep-14 21:52:40

thank you extraneous, ozmum23, TooSpotty & Branleuse ^^
That's really great!! i thought that all babies are in their normal position at that stage :p
hope my baby will return to her normal position soon & i'll have a natural delivery grin

Branleuse Tue 09-Sep-14 12:06:05

Not necessarily. Its good to keep an eye on it, and have options in case baby stays breech, but baby can change position right up till pretty late, and there are all sorts of things you can do at this stage to encourage turning

TooSpotty Wed 10-Sep-14 08:14:58

My second baby was head down at 22 weeks, breech at 32 and head down at 36. It's pretty common. At 17 weeks they are still so small they're pretty much spinning around in there. Look at the website Spinning Babies to see what things you can do to try to get your baby into the best position for birth when the time comes.

BeginnerSAHM Wed 10-Sep-14 11:14:53

Hi - just to add, I just had a scan at 23 weeks (Kings do them a bit later) which lasted over an hour... It was thorough and all fine but the baby moved from being transverse one way to transverse the other way (i.e. a complete 180 degrees turn) then to being head down and then to being breach. Every possible position! So I wouldn't make any definite c section plans solely based on breach position at 17 weeks!

Nesrine Wed 10-Sep-14 20:38:57

Thank you ladies for helping me thanks

Rufus200 Thu 11-Sep-14 12:10:00

I have had other gynae surgery with Miss Mellon and I personally didn't get on with her. I found her dismissive and slightly cold. I went as DH didn't like the idea of a male gynaecologist.

I've gone back to Mr Peter Mason who looked after me since I was 15 and has a really gentle nature and makes you feel completely at ease. He is also at the Portland.

squizita Fri 12-Sep-14 20:25:22

At 17 weeks they are far too mobile to be considered breach or not. smile

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