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Early labour or Braxton hicks?

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Kitkatchunky86 Sat 30-Aug-14 19:05:42

Hi all.
Not a first time poster but a name change here for "privacy".

I'm 38+6 with DC2. DC1 was a c section so I never even laboured, hence the not knowing.

On Thursday I had some back ache, similar to period pains and some Braxton hicks, but no pain with them. For about 4 hours the it died off.

Had similar yesterday (Friday), but the pains that I though were Braxton hicks were uncomfertable but not pain as such, and lasted about 40 seconds and had them every 20 mins or so from about 5pm and I couldn't get comfy all night and bary slept, I remember seeing 3am come and go.

This seemed to die down again but about 2ish today it started again, and now no matter what I'm doing I have the pain, back ache and belly ache and stabby pains near my vagina (sort of behind the part where pubic hair grows blush). I had a warm bath which eased it all a bit but then they came back when out the bath. Walking around hurts and it eases for a few mins to half hour when I sit, but then starts again, so I get up to walk and a similar pattern starts of hurting again after 10-15 mins.

Also feel like I need a poo continuously

No regularity to them but bloody uncomfortable.

Think I may have had a show but it's not bloody, but sort of snotty green, similar to ovulation mucus consistency.

Would feel like an idiot calling labour ward querying if I'm in labour, especially if it's not regular. But does it sound like it and could it go on this long with no progress?

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