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Induction Prep.

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Mrsfullhouse Wed 27-Aug-14 21:29:18

Hi All,

I'm being induced in 10 days and will be 38 weeks. I've stupidly googled the risks/ success rates/ failure stories etc. and have driven myself a bit crazy with it all.
I've suffered from horrendous pre-natal anxiety and now can barely think straight for worry.
I can't refuse the induction as the risks of going over 38 weeks outweigh the risks if the induction...
So, I guess my question is, is there anything I can do to make the planned induction more successful? Soften my cervix- that sort of thing?
I don't want a cesarean, obviously for safety of baby, I will do anything, but with a toddler, not yet 2 at home and living in the middle of nowhere, I really want to avoid it if possible...
Advise please ladies! X

lisaloulou84 Wed 27-Aug-14 21:50:26

I had an induced birth 6 months ago.

I definitely try as get the baby in the best position you can. Get on a ball, walk loads, sideways up and down the stairs. I was 3cm dilated and fully engaged in a perfect position and have birth in 3 hrs on just G&A, episiotomy as it was so quick so no stretch! Healed very quickly. I put a lot of this down to the fact he was in a good position.

When you are induced though it is very intense very quickly so think carefully about pain relief.
And I guess keeping active in your labour is going to make a c-section less likely.

Mrsfullhouse Wed 27-Aug-14 21:57:37

I can't stay active during labour- which is going to drive me mad!! I've been warned that I will be strapped and monitored, plus have to have iv antibiotics during labour... Just not how I imaged it going!
(also- bouncing on a big black birthing ball as I type grin)
Lisa- were you induced early? I think my worry is that my body won't be ready and they'll have to intervene.
Lovely natural and quick birth last time!

lisaloulou84 Wed 27-Aug-14 22:12:50

No he was two weeks late. Unlikely to happen to you, but also prepare for the fact you may have to wait for a bed, I had to wait 3 days.... Bloody London!

I went on so many walks in the lead up, literally 2-3 he walks through every London park.

I waned to stay active - one puff of G&A and I was gone. Slumped sat upright for the entire thing until the nurse pulled it out of my mouth and was like its time to push now!

Chances are if you had a quick birth last time, with the addition of an induction it will be even faster. Definitely think the best prep you can do is get baby in best position possible.

Induction doesn't always mean intervention. If you can avoid an epidural you're more likely to avoid intervention.

rallytog1 Thu 28-Aug-14 10:28:11

What the others have said.

Also, have a decent, nutritious meal before you go in. It can take a while and you'll be glad that you had something substantial - I didn't really feel like eating once it had all kicked off (which I think is reasonably common) so was glad my body had taken food on board earlier.

MagpieMama Thu 28-Aug-14 10:39:55

I was induced at 38 weeks. They started the process on the Monday morning and I gave birth on the following Thursday morning. I had the tampon thing, then the gel, then had my waters broken and final they gave me the drip. I did a lot of ball bouncing in the week leading up to it and also had clary sage baths. I've also heard of people taking evening primrose oil (and also inserting it vaginally) to soften the cervix but didn't try it myself.
I stayed mobile for as long as I could in labour but by the time they put the drip in, I also had an antibiotic IV and a glucose IV, then a clip on my baby's head so I was pretty much stuck!
This was my first baby, so the odds were against us but I did give birth vaginally.
Best of luck!

Mrsfullhouse Thu 28-Aug-14 19:50:23

Thanks ladies, trying to do lots of walking, but have spd (oh yes, this has been qn 'interesting' pregnancy to say the least!) so feel like I have been kicked in the crotch after about 100 yards.
Read this morning about Evening Primrose Oil, so have waddled to Boots and purchased some... But seeing as I haven't seen my foof for about 5 months, inserting them could be interesting. I would ask DH, but in the interests of ever having see again, I think this one is better tackled alone!
So Magpie- Monday to Thursday!! Yikes! Any tips on what to pack- apart from the obvious, anything that you wish you'd had, or thanked god you did!
Also- clary sage...?

Rally- booked in for 8.30am so will be stuffing down an early morning helping of chicken and veg, don't think Ds' left over rice crispies will quite cut it- thanks for the tip!

So... How long for everyone? Particularly those induced a few weeks early?

Mrsfullhouse Thu 28-Aug-14 19:54:41

*SEX!!!! In the interest of having sex again!
Bloody prudish phone!

TarkaTheOtter Thu 28-Aug-14 20:06:39

I was induced at 38 weeks with both of mine. Both births were pretty similar.
I'll try to give as much detail as possible, incase it'll help reassure you.

I went in to the induction ward at 8am. Was put on monitor. Then examined. Wasn't dilated at all. Things didn't look favourable. They inserted the propess, on monitor for a bit then had to wait 24hrs. In that time I walked up and down hospital stairs a lot which caused light contractions/Brixton hicks. I could have a bath/shower etc and every few hours they'd monitor the baby. After 24hrs they removed the propess and examined me. I was just dilated enough to move to next step (about 1.5cm).
However, both times there was the a wait of about 48hrs for them to have a free bed and midwife on the delivery suite. During this time not a lot happened so I just did more walking up and down steps/tried to rest.

Eventually I went to delivery suite. They hooked up all my medicines and the monitor (effectively strapping me to bed), then broke my waters and started syntocin drip. Couple of hours later contractions painful enough to be considered established labour. I asked for an epidural. Had one with dd but ds came too quickly (was definitely better with epidural!). Both times I could feel to push and delivered after only a couple of pushes. Second degree tear both times which never gave me any pain. Active labour under two hours both times - quick but very, umm, painful intense. All in all very positive though.

RicStar Thu 28-Aug-14 20:20:47

Be prepared for at least 24hrs before any sign of a baby. Though could of course be much quicker. Bring something distracting for all the potentially boring waiting around. I found I needed lots different things as no attention span did quick crosswords, read a book & magazine & watched Tv / listened to music on iPad... But remember you may not be able to charge anything electronic. I also paid for wifi for internet. I bounced a lot on ball (even once on continuous monitoring) so might be possible? This was dc2 & DH went to work as normal until they were ready to break my waters (day & half after going in) so it was a bit lonely & boring (but didn't want Dh to 'waste' paternity leave when there was nothing he could do).

Looserella Thu 28-Aug-14 20:36:41

I was induced at nearly 38 weeks. Had the monitor and the thing up my fanjo. Then they let me off the monitor for a walk around. First period-like pains started after two hours. Another three hours passed and I was in established labour. Got in the pool and had gas and air, also needed iv antibiotics at this point. Baby was born another three hours later in the pool, no problems and no repair work required.

MagpieMama Thu 28-Aug-14 21:06:46

Clary sage is an essential oil that is supposed to help bring on labour. It's probably just an old wives tale but it smells lovely. I used it in baths in the week leading up to induction and also as part of a massage oil during labour (it felt really nice and I found the smell really calming).
As for things I was glad I brought with me, DH for one! wink He kept me really calm and entertained me. It was also worth getting a TV and Internet card (not sure if that's the same in every hospital but at mine you had to buy prepaid cards).
It's worth mentioning that my cervix was completely closed and considered unfavourable when I arrived which is why it took so long.

Mrsfullhouse Thu 28-Aug-14 21:45:26

These are so lovely! Just showed DH all of your replies and we have been greatly calmed and comforted by them.
Unfortunately I have a 'doom and gloom' friend who was induced recently, she was two weeks overdue and had to have an emergency c-section... And has been scaring me witless with tales of failure, dropping heartbeats and resentment against her baby. Very very frightening for a lady who has struggled through this pregnancy with hormonal anxiety!
We are being induced in a saturday morning so DH will be available all weekend, he's a teacher so paternity leave is going to be tricky, so hoping it all kicks off quickly! My DM has taken the next week off to help and be lovely company.
Thank you so much for all if your positive words... Will sleep a little better tonight!
Defo will get the TV package and I've got the last Harry potter to read!
Will get some clary sage oil tomorrow- will literally try anything!!!

Starting to look forward to it a little bit! X

MrsNutella Thu 28-Aug-14 22:02:32

I was overdue with DS (+5) and DD (+12). Both induced, both arrived naturally.
But I think I reached a point with them both where I was also mentally ready. Once it got going I was sort of relieved that they were almost there and I stopped worrying. Before then it was hard to imagine it all going smoothly, or ever happening at all.

The short version is :
DS took almost two days before anything happened. Then 10 hours of labour and a (lovely) epidural he arrived safely. I had a second degree tear but all in all it went fine.

With DS cervix was not at all ready when they examined me, but he arrived the same day.

DD got to hang around for a bit longer driving me crazy and kicking my liver then on the second day of induction my water broke at 4pm and she arrived just before 6pm. I almost had a water birth but they couldn't get the bath to fill fast enough! So I was just kneeling in water in the end. grin
First degree tear.

With DD my Cervix was dilated and effaced (thinned out, ready and soft for delivery) and my body was all ready from just before my due date but no labour.

I hope everything goes well for you! Take plenty of books/magazines/ a kindle and plenty of comfy things to wear.

Mrsfullhouse Fri 29-Aug-14 08:51:03

DS1 was very quick, and i drank raspberry leaf tea from 36 weeks, I swear that helped with the pushing stage, so have been on that!
Tried evening primrose oil last night- as predicted, insertion was 'interesting'.
Woke up this morning all oily, but i feel like my bits have had a good soak... Perhaps this will help prevent tearing? Who knows!
Baby feels a little lower this morning as my heartburn and lungs feel a little lighter.
1 week tomorrow! Off now to crab walk up and down the stairs until my pelvis screams at me to stop!
Thank you ladies for all your tips and stories... Keep them coming!

SpringtimeSun Mon 01-Sep-14 20:21:10

All the above but also laxatives the night before.
1st induction at 40+11 I didn't take anything and because you are not going into labour naturally my body didn't do its own 'clear out' iyswim, lol. I ended up really constipated and had trouble pushing baby out, pushed for 2hrs 30min.
2nd induction at 40+12 I took 2 senna the night before, had 'gentle predictable relief' as the adverts say, in the morning before I went to hospital. No constipation issues and pushed for about 3 minutes.

CaptainSinker Tue 02-Sep-14 20:14:40

I was induce at 38 weeks too.

It wasn't the most straightforward birth (had forceps). However the forceps were due to dd's big head and my small pelvis, nothing to do with the induction.

I found the sudden onset very painful and needed an epidural. Apparently that is pretty common in an early induction as your body is not prepared. If I had my time again I would try any old wives remedy going to prepare (raspberry leaf tea etc).

If you think you might go for an epidural there are options which mean you still have some sensation. Mine was wearing off towards the end which helped with pushing, as did watching the monitor read out and seeing the contraction building.

The advantage of the planned induction was that I wasn't labouring through the night so got a proper rest before and after giving birth!

Although this kind of medicalised restricted birth wouldn't be anyone's ideal, it doesn't feel important. I still have lovely memories of labouring and giving birth, and lying in bed chatting to DP and the midwife.

Mrsfullhouse Tue 02-Sep-14 22:43:29

Thanks springtime... What a tip! I hadn't thought about the 'poop issue'! Oh good god shock
Captain, yours is pretty much what I'm hoping for (??) I'd love a drug free natural birth a la DS1, but totally prepped for the idea if epidural. It seems that people progress better with one as they are not so stressed by the pain- is that how you felt?
On the raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose 'insertions'(!!) and clary sage baths.
Baby feels a little back to back- apparently this is how I carry babies! So concentrating on turning him arse forward so he connects better.

Starting to shit myself get a little nervous now!! 4 days to go!!

CaptainSinker Tue 02-Sep-14 23:44:34

To be honest I was open minded about pain relief but needed the epidural. Don't be surprised if it is very painful!! I think I would have been ok if mobile or in water, but having to lie still, it was hard to manage the very strong, sudden contractions when I went on the drip.

Even though it was painful and didn't go smoothly it was still amazing. I would do it the same again. You'll be fine. Good luck!

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