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baby given wrong breast milk

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Poppet77 Tue 26-Aug-14 13:28:13

I am slightly concerned about an incident at the hospital where I gave birth to my baby by c section 3 weeks ago. I am sure my baby was syringe fed the wrong colostrum from the fridge (taken by the midwife) on the night after my c section. I was not really with it and didn't realise at the time, but only the next day I realised that the label was different (wrapped around the syringe where mine was in a labelled bag with no label on it). The hospital have admitted a mistake may have been made but have sort of just shrugged their shoulders and said there was nothing they could do and that I should make an appointment with my GP if I have health concerns about my baby ( ie get her tested for infection!). I know the probability is low but I am a bit worriedand feel that the hospital needs to be held more accountable for a potentially dangerous error. But not sure where I stand or what I can do. Anyone have similar stories or suggestions of a way forward?

donkir Tue 26-Aug-14 13:31:36

I would be kicking up a right stink if that was me. If babies are to be given someone's else's milk then there are very strict guidelines for doing this. The mother and the milk have to be tested for diseases and infections. Mistakes like this should not happen I don't care how busy they are. I would take it to the highest people you can and complain.

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