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2 weeks post birth - lower abdo cramps

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SellyMevs Sun 24-Aug-14 00:11:08

I was induced and had a normal vaginal delivery 2 weeks ago. No forceps etc, but was a very quick labour. I had some blood loss, apparently slightly more than the expected average but not enough to be overly concerning. A few stitches, but again, nothing too concerning or severe.

I had some after pains in the first week, especially when breastfeeding. These had resolved and for the last 4 or 5 days, I've had pretty much no discomfort. Even my stitches were beginning to feel "normal" again. Blood loss has been minimal since about day 4.

Today I have had increasing lower abdo cramps. It was on and off this morning, but tonight it's pretty constant. I also feel like I have discomfort deep inside my vagina, not where I had pain with the stitches. No red blood loss, it's more of a brown watery discharge. Some lower back ache as well.

Is it normal for these cramps to return after so many days without? I've taken paracetamol but it's not really helped. I did expect some discomfort as everything shrunk back to where it's supposed to be, but I didn't expect it to suddenly get worse!

Nevertriedapickledegg Sun 24-Aug-14 15:14:07

Could be your uterus shrinking back to pre-pregnancy size. Hormones released a few days postpartum cause these contractions and some people feel them/some don't.
I had this after both pregnancies - are you bf? Does it get worse when bf? If so I think that's the most likely cause as the oxytocin release increases during suckling.
If you're worried mention it to your health visitor.

Nevertriedapickledegg Sun 24-Aug-14 15:17:16

Sorry - just re-read your post and see that it does worsen when bf. That ties in with uterus contraction. Have you recently become more active/mobile as this too can spur contractions along - I felt it when walking with pram.

Mrsgrumble Sun 24-Aug-14 15:24:10

I had a kidney infection after birth and that was resolved with antibiotics but i also had after pains

Maybe send a sample in

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