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When were you asked about birth plan?

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CaleyThistle Wed 20-Aug-14 23:17:11

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and just had my 2nd appointment with my local midwife and I was a bit surprised not to be asked where I'm planning to give birth. My options are 1) at home 2) in local midwife led birthing unit or 3) in local hospital labour ward. Am I expecting too much too early? When did you first discuss your birthing options?

Heels99 Wed 20-Aug-14 23:22:15

At the booking in appointment for me

FruitBadger Thu 21-Aug-14 07:36:33

At my last MW appt, I was told "we'd need to start thinking about it next time", that was at 24 weeks and my next appt will be at 28 weeks.

NorwaySpruce Thu 21-Aug-14 07:47:01

They wanted a vague idea at the booking in appointment, as there were two different hospitals/midwifery teams to refer to, according to which hospital I wanted (or homebirth).

When I lived in an area with only one local team, they didn't make homebirth or hospital plans plans until after 28ish weeks, I guess because anything earlier would be an emergency, with little choice involved.

Acorncat Thu 21-Aug-14 10:24:58

I was asked whether I wanted home birth or which midwife unit I wanted to go to, at booking in. I got the impression it wasn't set in stone, though it hasn't been discussed since. At my most recent appointment (36w) she asked if I'd done a birthing plan, I said I wasn't planning too, she said that was fine and left it at that. Not sure they're too bothered really!

eurochick Thu 21-Aug-14 10:26:51

Where was at booking in. The birth plan would have been at 36 weeks but the baby had already been delivered by then.

Heatherbell1978 Thu 21-Aug-14 16:05:18

I was asked where I wanted to give birth at my first appointment (8 wks). As far as birth preferences go, I'm 40+6 and no mw has ever asked me!! Assuming I can have that chat when I'm admitted in labour...

splendide Thu 21-Aug-14 16:19:19

I'm 32 weeks and haven't been asked yet

crazykat Thu 21-Aug-14 16:30:31

I chose my option at either 28 or 32 week appointment for my first three DCs, didn't have a choice for my last as I was under consultant care.

crazykat Thu 21-Aug-14 16:31:45

I also changed my mind for dc2 as originally I chose the local midwife led unit but once in labour I panicked and went to the hospital instead.

squizita Thu 21-Aug-14 21:38:39

It was only raised at 34 weeks with me. But I am consultant led with a risk which falls gradually so maybe they hung on until everyone was happy.
My MLU is inside the hospital so I chose that as it's a calmer environment should all go well but is literally moments from the ward should I need extra pain relief or intervention.

soundsystem Fri 22-Aug-14 17:11:34

I was asked at my first appointment

ohthegoats Fri 22-Aug-14 18:46:49

I was told at my booking in appointment - no choice.

CordeliaScott Sat 23-Aug-14 07:53:14

I was asked at booking in but got the impression I could change my mind. The full birth plan they don't do here until 36 weeks as if you give birth earlier than that the plan goes out of the window as the baby is too premature

daphnehoneybutt Wed 27-Aug-14 12:03:35

I was asked at 9 weeks booking and had the choice of three hospitals all in three different trusts (and home obv) - don't think it would be easy to swap after this choice but maybe it is. They needed to know before the appointment as they all have different note books / want different info...

Noone has mentioned the actual birth yet at 32 weeks.

Pinkie2103 Wed 27-Aug-14 13:10:28

I was just asked at 31+3. I am hoping for a VBAC and looking to have a home birth so they have scheduled in a meeting at home with community midwife and SOM in 3 weeks time (will be 34+2)

Will probably have about 3 'plans' in place though

SlideIn Thu 28-Aug-14 19:44:40

Am midway between two hospitals and was asked my preference for which one at booking-in appt; not been mentioned since at 34+2. MW on Monday, will mention if she doesn't bring it up.

CaleyThistle Thu 28-Aug-14 21:02:54

Thanks for updating everyone. A big mixture of experiences. I'll bring it up if it's not discussed around +30 weeks.

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