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Any third sweep success stories? Everything is favourable but nothing is working!

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lilacism94 Sun 17-Aug-14 13:39:38

Beware, there is a bit of a life long story coming up, but at least you've got all the details right? Feel free to skip it skim read...

Hey! So as of today I am 40+6 (FTM) and booked in for another sweep tomorrow. After being convinced I was going to have my baby before my due date, still being pregnant is really getting to me.

So far I have had two sweeps, one on my due date (11/8) and another 4 days later (15/8).

At the first my cervix was far back, I was 1-2cm dilated and she definitely had a proper, er.....rummage. Very uncomfortable. I had quite a bit of blood afterwards and a bloody show v early the next morning, after having had cramping and regular contractions that went away after I slept (waaah). They started again later that night (12/8) and were 3 in 10 but not too painful so I went to be checked out at triage, only to find out I was still a very disheartening 1-2cm (even after the absolute shit ton of walking and birthing ball bouncing I had done)!

At the second sweep a couple of days later it seemed that things had actually started to progress - I had been losing my plug since the first sweep, my cervix was central, soft and stretchy and 3cm dilated. My community midwife actually said my membranes were bulging (!!) so it was a fairly short (and nowhere near as uncomfortable) sweep as she was concerned she could break my waters. She was very very positive and thought I would go within the next 48 hours but I've been booked in for another sweep tomorrow (18/8) an induction on the 23rd just in case.

If it wasn't already made obvious by the thread title, it hasn't worked. I've tried everything to make the sweeps as successful as possible (bouncing on birthing ball, walking, keeping as active as poss etc) and was feeling v positive after the last one (I mean really, how long can membranes bulge for before breaking?!?!). I had v painful but irregular contractions but they went away after a bath and have had cramping and back/hip ache ever since, not to mention out my body did in the early hours of the next morning hmm

I know that everything is moving in the right direction, I'm getting all these positive signs, and baby will come when baby will come, but I cannot stop crying and my pre-existing anxiety is through the roof. I honestly don't know how much longer I can handle being in this state of limbo for.

So! TL;DR - has anyone had any success after a third sweep or are are people of the mindset that if sweeps were going to work they would have done so already?? It just seems like my body is so well prepared for labour but it doesn't know how to keep it going...

AndHarry Sun 17-Aug-14 21:55:36

I had DD at 40+12 after a third sweep. I was going to be induced the next day so it was her last chance to come by herself. I was unimpressed.

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