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Big baby birth options after complications 1st time with big baby, confused!

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Feathers1981 Wed 13-Aug-14 21:49:12

My 1st was 10lbs. 2 weeks late after 2 days hard labour. Had shoulder dystortia though thankfully he suffered no adverse effects.

I've read the risk of happening again is higher now (maybe 1 in 8) esp if baby is big. I'm only 16 weeks but I'm big (know it's my 2nd so be bigger etc) but have felling bubs will be big again.

Have been told options are try normally, induction early (if big) or c-sec.

Have ruled out early induction as after reading around it won't reduce risk and could lead to emergency c-section.

Am worried about suffering shoulder dystortia again and terrified of baby having lack of oxygen etc, so concerned about natural labour.

Am also really worried about recovering from c-section, esp with a 2stone toddler at home!

Any thoughts or advice gratefully received ��

MrsWinnibago Thu 14-Aug-14 00:15:13

I had a traumatic birth with DD1 who was also large but only 9lb. I could not get her out and we had to have an emergency section. It was very close as she was in distress and didn't breathe for a while ...I think they left it too long but she's fine now....then for DD2 I did not even consider going through that again and considering my narrow pelvis, I asked for an elective. Like you I was worried about lack of oxygen. Recovery was fine. First two weeks at home were quite bad as DH could not take time off and I had no help.

But I got there by dint of having all I needed within reach and letting DD1 tear the house apart while cebeebies blasted away int he background. grin Do what you feel safest doing.x

StampyIsMyBoyfriend Thu 14-Aug-14 00:18:30

What happened around your first birth?

My DS was 10lbs, waterbirth with no complications.

Just wondered if you laboured on your back or had an epidural etc?

MrsWinnibago Thu 14-Aug-14 00:21:05

just to add op my dd was also 2 weeks late so had to be induced. no chance of anything like waterbirth sad

Floralnomad Thu 14-Aug-14 00:21:17

My first was much the same as yours ( baby 10lb 4 oz) and I had an ELCS for my second ,who turned out to be smallish - if I could go back and do it all again I would have two sections , i recovered really quickly . Had dd on Tuesday ,home on Thursday ,DH back at work on Monday and I was back doing the school run ( driving) at a fortnight . With my first I was in hospital having blood transfusions for 3 days and felt ill for weeks. Good luck x

BendyMum15 Thu 14-Aug-14 18:32:23

My first was 10lb and had a long labour with contractions every 2 mins right from the start. No amount of moving, being upright etc.... was helping so after 26 hours I had an epidural which ended in a forceps delivery as I was exhausted. I was tested for gestational diabetes, which was postive. I was then monitored more closely and had a growth scan which showed that baby was above average in size. Was induced at 38 weeks and honestly it wasn't that bad. I know things can go wrong and that it can take days and end in a c section but I was told that the pessary/waters being broken option is generally successful for second time mums.
I was given the pessary at 10.50am in my induction day, 30 mins later I started feeling small contractions (but ignored them as didn't think it could be contractions so soon and assumed was pain from the internals) and baby was born at 3.53pm on the same day.
They checked how dilated I was when I asked for gas and air and were amazed (and I was too) when I was 7 cm. Baby was born not long after.
I went to active birthing classes which included techniques to get baby into the best position for labour and relaxation and visualisations for the birth.
I also think relocating less than 2 weeks before helped get things going although def would not recommend!! xx

BendyMum15 Thu 14-Aug-14 18:34:34

* With second I was tested for gestational diabetes.
Just realised post was a bit garbled - not so good at typing on phone while also selecting the right Octonauts episode on DS' s DVD!

Feathers1981 Thu 14-Aug-14 20:11:46

Thanks ladies, I did hypno birthing classes before my first. Stated home for first 20 hours, went in and was 5 cms, 18 hours in pool and got to 7 after 2 of them....still at 7 at the end of the 18 hours, even after I eventually let them break my waters 16 hours into pool. In end was induced. So tried hardest to do naturally but he wasn't coming and then couldn't get out! I was totally chilled until the induction and then found it too painful and had epidural which I was gutted about at time but I'd had enough by then!

Never imagined myself having an elective but feel anxious about same again happening...but worse :0/

asellus Mon 18-Aug-14 09:38:12

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