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Do any lindo wing consultants do birth only packages?

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bracingair Tue 12-Aug-14 19:05:40

They seem to do antenatal+birth packages but would like to switch my insurance from international to uk. Uk package will not cover antenatal care, and I don't really want it particularly. Has any consultant agreed to birth only package? Thanks

bracingair Thu 14-Aug-14 11:06:20


MrsBobDobalina Thu 14-Aug-14 13:54:06

Yes, I had birth only with Mr Rai - it was £3000 for ecls, including prenatal and postnatal appt. He is on the quirky side but I got on very well with him.

SweetPea3 Thu 14-Aug-14 15:43:58

Hi, I went to the Lindo for my last pregnancy/birth under insurance, but this time I'm self-funding, so like you was looking for a "delivery only" package (albeit at the Kensington Wing this time due to moving house). I rang up a few Obst's but they said they didn't do such packages. One woman at the Kensington Wing did, but you had to ring up late in your pregnancy (after 34 weeks, from memory) and book in then. It seemed a bit luck of the draw as to whether she'd still be available. I wonder whether this would be the case with most Obst's - i.e. they would take you on at a late stage for a reduced fee if they still had availability. Good luck!

bracingair Fri 15-Aug-14 09:40:14

Thank you for your replies! I don't know anyone who used mr rai so good to hear a recommendation.

I wouldn't want to leave it last minute, much nicer to know all sorted. I hate having c-sect, so at least I can enjoy the benefits of planning it!

I think uclh prob can do birth only package, was just wondering about lindo as nice to be somewhere you have been before (mind you my experience with dc2 post renovation was not that good...)

MrsBobDobalina Fri 15-Aug-14 10:01:17

Yes, the Fitzrovia suite is for private ELCS only. Mr O'Brien did mine at the Portland as the Fitzrovia suite wasn't open then. I can also recommend him, he's very calm and professional in nature. I have also seen Mr Subair at UCLH (I think it was) who has a very friendly and kind nature.

I wasn't super-impressed with the Lindo I have to say. I made a complaint in the end and did receive an apology from the manager. This was nothing to do with Mr Rai though.

bracingair Fri 15-Aug-14 12:57:43

Funny they apologised to me too! I can't fault the medical care, it was excellent and that really is the main thing. But the first time was very nurturing, sort of villagy feel.

I would go back if consultant does birth only, but not at extra expense.

Namedilemma Fri 15-Aug-14 18:53:38

Can I ask you both what your issues were with the Lindo post-refurb? I was there pre-refurb and loved it so will be having DC2 there next month.
Good name MrsBob - thought no one else remembered that song?

MrsBobDobalina Fri 15-Aug-14 20:00:18

OK, here's the Lindo's Could Do Better report:

Breastfeeding support perfunctory (had much better, detailed, and friendly help at the Portland)
Ditto post-natal physio (again, much better support at the Portland)
One midwife denied me pain relief that I had specifically been told I could have by my consultant
Didn't feel welcome visiting the nursery - no comfy chairs there or interest shown by the staff
First room I had had a broken bed and no air-con
No hot breakfast available (food generally a bit meh - think NHS+)
No fold-out bed for husband, only a pretty uncomfortable reclining chair
Some midwives seemed disengaged and too rushed to help (I see there's a recently updated thread in pregnancy describing some of the Lindo midwives as 'nasty')

The key thing that upset me was that on my third day, I had a visit from Liza B, who is the maternity manager (I think). I found she had quite an abrupt manner anyway, and she had already annoyed me by continually ignoring my requests not call me "Mrs" (no, Mrs Bob Dobalina is not my real name...), and she'd cocked up my contact details which meant I came in for a cancelled appointment and then she went through my personal details and medical issues in the general Lindo reception in full hearing of other random patients...and then, she came in and said "Our contract with your insurance co only allows you a two day stay. You have to give me a reason why you were still here!" So, I had to explain, yet again, as my paperwork indicated, that I had been cleared for a three day stay. She was so rude and treated me like a commodity and I think it was a massive error of judgement on her part to approach me about it rather than checking my details or talking to my consultant [For these two latter incidents I received an apology.].

Other issues

They 'lost' the flowers sent by my husband's work - these were later tracked down to a random corridor
They forgot to give me my discharge papers and then insisted my husband come back across London that very evening to collect them (could have sent them to us in a taxi, but no, we had to come and get them)
They mislaid my admission papers and antenatal notes, which included all my scan photos. They did eventually find them and posted them to me a couple of weeks later.
No follow-up letter or report from the paediatrician (unlike the Portland). It wasn't vital, but it's nice to have these things for the baby box.

I had a good experience with Mr Rai though!

bracingair Sat 16-Aug-14 22:29:18

Gosh, that is quite a lot!

I would reiterate that medical care was excellent. Someone stayed me with post c-section till the end of their shift. She wreealllylly lovely but was agency, as was many of the staff at weekend and I think this was a few months post refurb. So lots of faffing around looking for stuff, no continunity of care. Last time was lots of familiar faces everyday.

One day I was feeling a by wobbly and asked for a cup of tea. It came ages later and was col but someone too pity and made me a cup in the upstairs kitchen! not a biggie but was the general air

General lack of keeping me informed.

I also had a mix up so ended up not paying anesthetist before op. I joked to him about it and less then 24 hours after op their office was calling me up to pay!!! Did they really expect me to whip out my credit card when I hadn't even been out of bed yet??? I told her what I thought and she felt really bad so only charged me the older cheaper rate!

I did want to stay more then three nights as I did not feel up to discharge, but they were making out that medically I did not need their care and in the end I left as i did not feel welcome even though I could have done with a bit longer. A far cry from when my mother stayed in a week after having me.

bracingair Sat 16-Aug-14 22:31:52

Sorry so many typos! New phone a bit fiddly

MrsBobDobalina Sun 17-Aug-14 10:16:31

That is terrible, it is not as if they need you to free up a bed! Interestingly, Mr Rai said to me that after the refurb the Lindo Wing was trying to be more like the Portland. It seems to me that they have got the wrong approach, making it all about the money, when actually it should be about providing superior care. I too found the letter about anaesthesia really grabby and aggressive - pay now or no epidural for you, naughty girl! I did wonder how that would have worked with a c-section...

bracingair Mon 18-Aug-14 11:44:24

Funny but I did feel that they wanted my bed. It could all have been in my mind as no one said so, maybe I was just sensitive post birth!

Congrats on your pregnancy namedilema, I am sure you will be fine there!

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