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VBAC - is there anything I can do in the last weeks to help?

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Kato76 Mon 11-Aug-14 11:55:59

I am 21 weeks and I REALLY want to have a VBAC. Is there anything I can do now to try and get myself in the best shape to have a sucessful VBAC?

My last birth - December 2012 - snapshot. 24 hours at home in labour, went to hospital and was told to go home as I was just 1cm. Another 18 hours at home and then back to hospital - 2cm. Refused to go home again and was admitted to the Home from Home unit. Another 12 hours on gas and air, waters broke naturally and got to 3cm. Was so shattered I then opted for an epidual (and was given syntocin automatically). Another 12 hours and I managed to get to 5.5cm, but she was back to back with her head deflex and they were worried about my bladder in the end. I asked them to give me more time but they refused as my bladder was in danger. Thus emergency C section. 8.5lbs.

Is there anyone in London who can get your baby into an engaged position as I am sure that is partly to blame for my slow progress? Did all the yoga and bum girating last time for weeks before and nothing happened.

Thanks in advance for any help I can get on this one xx

DIYandEatCake Mon 11-Aug-14 19:19:32

I think a lot of it is down to luck. My first baby was breech and I very reluctantly had an elcs - I was terrified of my next being in the same position, but he wasn't and I had a very quick and straightforward vbac. I tried everything to turn my breech baby, sometimes babies are just in the position they're in through nobody's fault. There's every chance things will go so much better this time - especially as you have laboured before. Try to stay positive and keep yourself busy and active.

theborrower Tue 12-Aug-14 14:19:57

I agree with DIY that a lot of it is down to luck. I had an EMCS with my first baby as she was undiagnosed breech. I had a good pregnancy, no problems, went into labour spontaneously, regular as clockwork contractions etc, but only on being examined in hospital did they realise they couldn't feel the head, did a scan, and she was breech. I don't kniw if actually she was breech all along and they made a mistake or the wee menace turned at the last minute.

I've just had a VBAC for baby 2, all went well, and I think I was fortunate that baby was a in a good position, I went into labour spontaneously again etc. These are things you can't really control.

But there is a website called Spinning Babies that may help turn awkward babies, it's worth a read at least. Staying active can help baby to descend. But sometimes these things are just out of our control.

There's also a good informative book called The VBAC Handbook on Amazon that you might find worth reading.

Good luck, I hope all goes smoothly this time for you.

Kato76 Wed 13-Aug-14 15:48:24

Thanks both.

I've already been onto Spinning Babies - great website and starting to do the exercises already. Going to trade my chair at work for a ball and off to see a chiropractor on Friday to see if she has any bright ideas.

Cross fingers for a well behaved, small headed baby!


dylanandnoahsmummy Thu 14-Aug-14 17:41:20

Hi i am 39+1 and am hoping for a vbac this time. My first was a natural birth although induced and my second was breech after unsuccesfully trying to turn him. This time i really want a natural but my consultant has being trying her hardest to persuade me to have another csection. I must admit im quite scared of both options right now as i dont no what ti expect with a vbac

theborrower Thu 14-Aug-14 21:12:00

Hi, there is a Facebook (closed) group called VBAC support group UK, there are lots of women on there with stories if VBAC and attempted VBACs after 2 CSs. Also, the book I mention above has stories of VBACs. There are risks and benefits to both repeat ELCS and VBACs so I suppose it's about being informed and weighing up the risks and deciding what you're comfortable with. Continuous monitoring is recommended, but not mandatory, and some women still go for home births. If it's too late to get the book, joining the Facebook group might be an idea? Good luck, hope things go smoothly, whatever happens smile

dylanandnoahsmummy Fri 15-Aug-14 02:56:40

Thank u thats very helpful, cant help worrying over every little thing at the moment lol midwife said i cant be induced if i go over so ive got my fingers crossed she co-operates and comes when she is meant to. This is my third baby but have never gone into natural labour so still not sure what to expect or know if any of the things that are happening are the start of labour or not.

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