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When/where did your waters break?

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Nessalina Sun 03-Aug-14 10:34:58

I've suddenly realised that if my waters go unexpectedly in my house it might get a bit messy confused and we've just had new carpets but then when watching OBEM etc and reading about birth, it seems more common for your waters to go once you're already labouring, maybe even at the hospital already.
The unexpected waters seem to be mostly reserved for the movies!
What was your experience? and did you ruin any fixtures and fittings?!

Mumof3xox Sun 03-Aug-14 10:37:58

Waters broken for me in the hospital with all three births, hall ready well into contractions and fairly well dilated

With my last dc I got to hospital at 7cm and was told "give it half an hour and we will break your waters" I told her there was no point they won't go on there own so she did it there and then

Mumof3xox Sun 03-Aug-14 10:38:15

All not hall, where did hall come from!

ThatBloodyWoman Sun 03-Aug-14 10:40:28

With dd2 it was in bed in the middle of the night 2 days before she finally arrived.
Luckily I had one of those washable bedwetting things on the bed, just in case of this exact event!

jessiemummy28 Sun 03-Aug-14 10:46:12

Waters broken for me in hospital at 9 1/2 cms dilated! I didn't even lose my mucus plug until around 7 cms dilated in hospital.

Hopelass Sun 03-Aug-14 10:48:51

10.30 the night before DS was born at 39+4 just as I had got into bed! Had one of the mothercare mattress protectors on luckily and stuffed a towel between my legs as I waddled to the bathroom!!

StormyBrid Sun 03-Aug-14 10:52:38

Mine went about five minutes before DD's head popped out. I had been a bit worried about them going on my rented carpets!

Holidayfun Sun 03-Aug-14 10:53:25

In bed, baby born 29 hours later . Can't remember how messy the bed was, so I must have been able to sort it pretty easily. Good luck.

callamia Sun 03-Aug-14 10:53:32

At the library. It was a very slow break though, and to be honest at nearly 42 weeks, I thought my bladder had finally given in. They didn't beak properly until I was back at home and was on the phone to the Birthing Centre.

CarbeDiem Sun 03-Aug-14 12:18:47

My back waters went early with ds3 in the back of a jeep. It belonged to my best friends ex smile It lasted a few hours then stopped.
Before actual labour mine have never gone by themselves I've needed the midwife to pop them all 3 x.

theborrower Sun 03-Aug-14 12:27:40

I don't know confused

With DD1, they possibly went while I was in triage (in labour) because I had just been to the loo but felt like I was wetting myself, and the midwife said "could it be your waters?". I had a scan about 10 minutes later, and an EMCS about 20 minutes after that (breech) smile

With DD2, the midwives examined me in triage and said they couldn't feel the membranes and asked when my waters had gone. I said I had no idea. I thought I had weed myself on the shower earlier, but it was a tiny bit. I don't know!

Pocketfullofsmiles Sun 03-Aug-14 12:36:38

Mine went when I was 10cm dilated, stood up from the hospital bed, never known an explosion like it! grin

wingcommandergallic Sun 03-Aug-14 12:39:10

Mine had to be popped by midwife after I'd been 10cm for a while.

I think sudden gushes mostly happen in movies too!

beccajoh Sun 03-Aug-14 12:43:20

First time at home before I had any contractions, but it was a slow trickle rather than a gush. Contained with pads. Second time would have been during the (elective) c-section.

whyhasmyheadgonenumb Sun 03-Aug-14 12:44:04

With DD it was at 1am when I turned over in bed, shocked the hell out of me as she wasnt due for 2 weeks. I had no contractions until about 11am and I had her at 3.19pm so 14 hours after waters had gone.
With DS it was about 9am, i was pulling my trousers on and they just popped, i had no contractions until 6pm had him at 9.39pm.
They were both big gushes with lots of trickling afterwards.

IAmAPaleontologist Sun 03-Aug-14 13:01:13

It is more common for waters to go towards the end of labour, they have a job to do until then. But sometimes yes waters go before. There really is no easy of knowing how things will go. an inco pad on your bed will protect your mattress in case, s pack is handy to have for after birth anyway for blood/breast milk leaks.

Mine went in labour twice and once trickled all day and night before labour started.

QuietNinjaTardis Sun 03-Aug-14 13:04:16

With ds they went after I'd been in labour about 7 hours in a trickle. With dd they went in the pool as I was pushing her out.

divingoffthebalcony Sun 03-Aug-14 13:08:55

Mine went a few minutes before the baby's head was delivered. The midwife warned me the baby might be born with the membranes intact!

CountBapula Sun 03-Aug-14 13:10:38

DS1 - broken for me (induced).
DS2 - in labour. I was in the pool at the birth centre so didn't notice the gush, but felt them pop.

Jenninlw Sun 03-Aug-14 13:42:22

Mine was huge flood gate gush in the kitchen - however if been in labour at home all day and the contractions were getting quite strong -I was just about to get in the car to go to the hospital

2kidsintow Sun 03-Aug-14 13:59:24

With both my pregnancies, my waters started to go a little at a time with each contraction. With dd1 they finally properly went with a gush in full labour when I was being examined.

With dd2 they were going a little at a time but nothing a pad fouldnt cope with. We'd then gone out for dinner and I stood up to go to the loo and they properly went in the restaurant. Thank goodness for black trousers. smile

Iloveonionchutney Sun 03-Aug-14 14:02:51

I heard the 'pop' when driving home from tescos, they actually came out as I got out of the car on my drive! Had to wait 2 days for my daughter to follow though.

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Sun 03-Aug-14 14:54:24

Broken by the midwife in hospital with the first. In the pool with no. 2 and no.3

fairyteepee Sun 03-Aug-14 19:19:11

mothers day at 11pm - my husband accused me of weeing on the floor!!!!

fairyteepee Sun 03-Aug-14 19:19:59

oh in our bedroom!

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