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Hypnobirthing... On the cheap!!

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Bellyrub1980 Sun 03-Aug-14 07:59:09


The whole idea of hypnobirthing really appeals to me. Not to avoid analgesia necessarily, but to stay calm throughout the labour. I really don't handle pain very well and I'm growing increasingly nervous about how I'll cope. I just completely passed out when my Ovary twisted at the beginning of my pregnancy, how on earth will I stay conscious through labour pain??!

I've investigated local hypnotists and whilst they come highly recommended in this area they charge £50-£60 an hour and recommended 3 classes. My partner is happy for me to go but, realistically, I feel we should be saving that money for after the baby is born.

And then part of me thinks this is for the baby, as a calmer me = a calmer delivery = a calmer baby with potentially less complications. So now I feel guilty for not wanting the spend the money.

Anyhoo, is it at all possible to learn the techniques from a DVD or a book and still get the benefits?

If so, can you recommend a book/CD/DVD or would you encourage forking out the cash for the real thing?

Many thanks x

mummybare Sun 03-Aug-14 08:08:47

I used Natal Hypnotherapy for my first birth and it certainly worked to get rid of my abject terror anxiety in the run-up to the birth and I remained pretty calm throughout and got through it using only gas and air.

I would recommend it, although I've also heard the Mongan method is good, so probably have a look at both and see which appeals.

I'm now pregnant again and have signed up for a 'proper' hypnobirthing course, but I'm not sure that you get much more out of it other than the social aspect. The main thing is to make sure you listen to the mp3s on a regular basis.

Hope that helps and congratulations on your pregnancy.

SolomanDaisy Sun 03-Aug-14 08:10:25

The natal hypnotherapy CDs are really good. I did the course as well, but I think I could have managed with just the CDs.

Bellyrub1980 Sun 03-Aug-14 08:32:33

Ok thanks for that. One of the hypnotherapists recommended a book by Sophie Fletcher which has really good reviews. Maybe that an a CD will be enough.

Or at least I will start with that and maybe pay for a one to one session nearer the time.

squizita Sun 03-Aug-14 12:46:30

You often see the natal hypnotherapy CDs in 'baby and child' specialist charity shops for a few quid. I got mine for £2.50. smile

I must say though I am finding the book "Birth Skills" (also 2nd hand) much more calming. It's totally the other angle: yes it will really really hurt and there will be gore and goo, but here are things you can do to prevent yourself feeling frightened (all simple things like pacing, squeezing a ball, having key words etc') plus it's OK to use painkillers.

cloudywithachanceof Sun 03-Aug-14 17:33:17

I did the Mongan method many years ago before the birth of my 2nd DC. I paid a hypnotherapist. Quite expensive. But then afterwards when I had 3rd DC I just basically reread the Hypnobirthing book to refresh my memory of the techniques and listened to the CD every night. I had 2 DCs homebirthed and with no pain relief. I've never used the Natal Hypnotherapy so can't comment on that. Once you've done a course though you never really need to do another IMO.

bakingtins Mon 04-Aug-14 14:37:00

another vote for Natal Hypnotherapy Cds - they have got me through 3 births with just gas and air for 2nd stage. A tenner well spent!

Ina May Gaskin's books are a good read too - not hypnobirthing but very empowering along the lines of your body being able to do this.

TheOnlySeven Fri 08-Aug-14 10:48:34

Another vote for the CDs, in fact the maggie Howell natal hypnotherapy one is now available on iTunes.

MollyBdenum Fri 08-Aug-14 10:51:59

I really liked the Natal Hypnotherapy cds, too. I got mine second hand from a friend.

moggle Fri 08-Aug-14 15:49:29

I have got the Maggie Howell CD set - off ebay, there always seem to be some on there. I paid �25 ish inc p&p for mine but did have to wait a few weeks to get one at that price. I've since bought the book too which is about �10 and I've also got the Juju Sundin book that Squizita mentioned (Birth Skills). I am a little tempted by doing a course too but I think from what I've read online it's not really necessary so I think I'll save the money.

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