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did you use the shower while in labour?

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lighteningmcmama Sat 02-Aug-14 15:53:02

I've been advised for various reasons that maybe a water birth is not best for me, so I was wondering if a long shower might be good for pain relief instead?

GingerRodgers Sat 02-Aug-14 17:03:18

Yes I went in the shower at home. We've a big double shower with a bit that comes off the wall, like a hand held bit? 'Twas lovely!

littleducks Sat 02-Aug-14 17:11:51

Yes. No quite as comforting as a bath but i used as shower standing to encourage baby to move down. I had home births with no other pain relief so find it very effective!

lighteningmcmama Sat 02-Aug-14 17:21:47

Thanks, that's encouraging!

SweetPea3 Fri 08-Aug-14 14:07:48

Yes! It felt amazing and made me want a water birth this time round! Best of luck!

FoodieMum3 Fri 08-Aug-14 14:12:49

I had a shower in labour and it made the pain and contractions much, much more intense. Maybe in a way that is a good thing but it definitely did not make me comfortable or relieve pain.

rachyconks Fri 08-Aug-14 14:15:52

I didn't use the shower, just the bath. However I can imagine the shower would be good. I would have needed a seat though, as standing through the contractions was unbearable for me.

threepiecesuite Fri 08-Aug-14 14:18:58

I had a bath in hospital at 7cms to get things moving along a bit quicker. It was ace. The nurse brought me a brew and a banana and I just laid back and relaxed.

PlumpPartridge Fri 08-Aug-14 14:20:24

Nope, but I did fall asleep in the bath during labour with DS1!

MissCalamity Fri 08-Aug-14 15:54:36

I did, when I realised I was actually in labour as I had greasy hair (was going to wash it in the morning, honest!)

It didn't make the blind bit of difference to my contractions, but made me feel so much better going into the birth centre with clean but soaking wet hair grin

theborrower Fri 08-Aug-14 16:00:48

OP- have they said you can't use a bath at any stage at all? I didn't have a water birth but I did have a bath at home before going in and found it really helped with the pain, and was really relaxing except when I kept having to get out to vomit, then I had to get out because I couldn't get out in time I didn't use water at all after that because I was continuously monitored once at the hospital

lighteningmcmama Fri 08-Aug-14 16:12:36

Theborrower, good idea to have a bath at home, I didn't think of that- thanks!

roofio87 Sun 10-Aug-14 21:55:16

I had a bath on the pre natal ward while in labour and it felt amazing! would definitely consider labouring in a pool next time!!

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