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Anyone had pre pregnancy counselling before TTC#2?

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WillowB Fri 01-Aug-14 14:24:49

DS was born 2 yrs ago by EMCS as his heart rate was dropping each time I had a contraction. When they operated they found a tight band of muscle around my uterus called a uterine constriction ring which was squeezing him really tightly. The whole experience was really scary as we thought we were going to lose him.

Post section I wasn't given much info on what had caused it or whether it might happen in my next pregnancy. The consultant said that uterine rings are incredibly rare and no one at the hospital had seen one before confused. If they hadn't got DS out as quickly as they did then my uterus would have eventually ruptured.
We've since found out that DS also has hypotonia (low muscle tone) and hypermobility which may or may not have been caused by his traumatic birth.

We're now thinking about possibly TTC again but I have so many questions about what happened last time. I don't think I can face another labour like the last one and I would definitely want an ELCs. If it is likely to be high risk then we may just decide to stick with one child.

GP has referred me to a consultant to discuss my concerns. Has anyone else been to see referred before getting pregnant again? Did it answer your questions? I'm so anxious, I think I'd be a nervous wreck through 9 months of pregnancy!

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