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Physioloigcal afterbirth?

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mrsnlw Tue 29-Jul-14 12:08:49

We have decided to go down the route of a physiological rather than medically managed afterbirth as I am hoping to only have gas and air when we have our LO.

Just wondered what people's experiences of a physiologically managed afterbirth/third stage is?

MissHC Tue 29-Jul-14 12:11:39

I did this. It took 1h15 for the placenta to come out. I would NEVER do it again; you keep having contractions and I felt it really stopped me from enjoying those first moments with my PFB. I found it worse than the pushing stage pain-wise.

callamia Tue 29-Jul-14 12:16:00

I had a gas and air delivery and a quick jab in the leg to speed up the final stage. I discussed a physiological final stage, but I couldn't quite see why it would be 'better' than an assisted stage.

strongandlong Tue 29-Jul-14 12:21:17

I had a physiological 3rd stage with both my labours. The midwife at my 2nd had never seen one before, so she was slightly nervous, but no problems either time.

My main reason (IIRC - this was a few years ago now!) was that in a managed 3rd stage, the cord is usually clamped as soon as the baby is born, and I wanted the babies to get that additional blood after birth but before the cord stops pulsating.

If there had any been any problems I would have happily had the injection.

Trinpy Tue 29-Jul-14 12:30:03

I did this. Would definitely do it again. Placenta came away really quickly. After the baby had been born he was placed on my tummy for skin to skin (I didn't bf at this point but it's supposed to speed the third stage up if you do). Then while dh got to have a cuddle with the baby while I pushed the placenta out. I had gas and air and I didn't feel any pain.

The deciding factor for me was that I was told I could change my mind and have a managed third stage if I was exhausted and it was taking too long. If it's something you're interested in doing I would definitely recommend it.

PickleSarnie Tue 29-Jul-14 13:07:59

I had one. I completely forgot I still had to get the placenta out actually. Had been holding baby, feeding him I think. Then the midwives got me to squat and the placenta literally fell out. No pain. No contractions really.

5madthings Tue 29-Jul-14 13:13:51

I had one for ds4, had a water birth and stayed in the pool holding ds4 whilst I delivered placenta. It didn't take long and was no more painful than the managed third stages, less so as I didn't get the stab of the injection into my thigh!

BunnyLebowski Tue 29-Jul-14 13:19:59

Same as callamia.

I only had gas and air for the birth. After 45 minutes of waiting for the placenta to come naturally I said ok to the injection.

Am due DC2 any day now and have said to just go ahead and give me the jab straight away this time. I don't really see any benefit to waiting. The hard bit is over - time to fully enjoy the newborn cuddles!

maxbear Wed 30-Jul-14 16:27:53

I have had 3 physiological third stages, first was painful but out after 20 mins, second shot out ten mins later no pain and third also pain free took nearly an hour. For me the benefit was not having a drug that can make afterpains bad and make you throw up. Although i had some afterpains with all 3, was no worse with second and third than with the first, I'm sure it would have been had I had the injection. It is worth having it if you have any complications or a long labour though as not worth risking excessive blood loss if there are any added problems. You can always see how you feel at the time.

rachyconks Wed 30-Jul-14 18:53:07

Have done it twice. Both times it took 4-5 mins and came out after the next contraction or two (which where like period pains as worst over when baby born). This time, with DS, I had a water birth and left cord attached until it stopped pulsing. Midwife got me to feel it too - was amazing! Then delivered placenta in a few mins. Would definitely go down this route again.

mowmylawn Thu 31-Jul-14 00:29:55

I was all set to do that but after nearly three hours of pushing I just wanted the whole thing done and dusted so asked for the injection. I don't even remember delivering the placenta to be honest. I'd keep an open mind about it - put in your birth plan what your preference is but bear in mind that on the actual day you may feel completely differently about it!

Chipandspuds Fri 01-Aug-14 05:57:49

I had a water birth with DS with gas and air and had planned having a physiological third stage. After DS was born we had our cuddles and I was sat on a potty type thing but got bored waiting after 45 minutes with no contractions so I asked for the injection to speed things up! My midwife said that was fine and they'd only wait up to an hour before suggesting the injection.

I'm pregnant again and this time I've put in my birth plan to have the injection!

littlejohnnydory Sat 02-Aug-14 16:59:39

I chose a physiological third stage for dc2 and 3, as the injection made me very sick after dc1. It was fine, little difference for me from the first time, placenta delivered in under half an hour (breastfed during the third stage so maybe that helped) - I'll definitely do it again with dc4, due in November. There is always the option to have the injection if it takes a while or bleeding is heavy?

The midwife who delivered dc3 at home was very hesitant about it, and had to be told by the other midwife not to pull the cord, so be alert to that - I know someone who ended up admitted after giving birth at home because the midwife pulled the cord during s physiological third stage.

scrivette Sat 02-Aug-14 17:06:12

I had one, I gave birth kneeling down and for the third stage they sat me on a commode style seat whilst I held DS. It didn't take very long at all (but had a quick 4 hour labour) and it wasn't painful at all. I had a good look at the placenta when it came out, then they helped me onto a bed and gave me a couple of stitches. I would do it again.

Rooflesstoofless Sat 02-Aug-14 20:01:53

I had pshysiological third stage with both. I found having the placenta still inside quite unsettling with ds 2 - and was utterly desperate to get it out. Midwives encouraged me onto the toilet where they put a bowl to catch it and it came out, took 20 minutes. Not painful at all, but I was so aware of still feeling 'full' and as though the labour was not complete and the relief when it came out was amazing. I would have accepted the injection of course if it took longer or there were other risks.

BBQsAreSooooOverrated Sat 02-Aug-14 20:13:25

I've had 3 physiological 3rd stages.

The last time though I had a homebirth, the placenta hadn't separated after an hour and the midwife was getting a bit twitchy and was mentioning hospital, the cord had stopped pulsating anyway so I just had the injection and it came away. Although, it might have just came away anyway I just wanted to get it over with.

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Sat 02-Aug-14 20:14:43

I tried this with DC2 and did it with DC3.

My reasons were that I wanted delayed cord clamping. In both areas (we moved in between children) they did not allow you to plan a managed third stage with delayed clamping because of the increased risk of retained placenta. However, with DC2 I did end up with the injection because the placenta still wasn't coming away after an hour.

With DC3, the cord pulsated for well over 20 minutes whilst I had cuddles. Then we cut the cord and the contractions did build again. Pushing it out was no bother though. As the midwife said to spur me on 'go for it. It doesn't have bones!' Whole process again took over an hour.

divingoffthebalcony Sat 02-Aug-14 20:21:31

I chose a physiological third stage, but in my case it just didn't come, so I opted for the injection. It was a bit of a struggle actually: I had no contractions and couldn't feel anything to push out. But it was fine in the end.

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