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Pre-cs assessment on Friday - what to expect?

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starrynight123 Mon 21-Jul-14 14:03:07

Hello, I’m having my first baby by elcs and have a pre-cs assessment on Friday at UCH, but have no idea what to expect. Could anyone tell me what happens and what sort of questions you might have asked? I’m pretty nervous, so would appreciate any advice!

Thank you!!

mrsboyder Tue 22-Jul-14 01:13:46

Congratulations! I had my ds in June 13 by CS as I had pre-eclampsia. I had to fast, then was given a drink to take on my way in on the morning of the section. I was given stockings (attractive) and a quick shave (sorry tmi). A consultant came in and explained the procedure, before, during and after. All the staff were so professional. The anaesthetist popped his head into waiting room to explain to me about spinal. It was all very relaxed. It was a lovely experience. I giggled a lot due to being nervous. If you have any questions, no matter how silly - you ask. I was well informed, well prepared, and very well treated. I asked to see my placenta afterwards (I'm a student midwife). Breathe, relax, and I can't wait for you to see your beautiful baby -- in that moment your whole life changes. Oh I'm getting nostalgic, and perhaps broody. Good luck. Let me know how everything goes. thanks

starrynight123 Tue 22-Jul-14 14:55:06

Thanks so much for your reply - much, much appreciated!!

So glad you had such a positive experience! It has made me feel A LOT more relaxed about things smile

fatpony Tue 22-Jul-14 14:58:39

I was thinking about this very question! I have an appointment booked for about five or six days before the c-section is booked and was wondering what would happen in it. All they have said so far is they'll take some blood (what's new!)...

starrynight123 Wed 23-Jul-14 09:26:14

fatpony I called up the MFAU to ask about this and they said the appointment would be with a nurse who would take blood (as you mentioned!), plus do a nose swab to check for MRSA, and then go through things like what time to arrive, what happens during the cs... and will answer any questions you might have. I’ve already made a list of questions to ask, so hopefully she will have time to go through them all with me!!

Kewrious Wed 23-Jul-14 09:35:02

Bloods. Nose swab. Answer any questions and tell you a bit about recovery. Mine was supposed to be on a Friday at 9 am, I went into labour at 3 am and DS was delivered at 7:40 am by CS. Again v calm, professional, and a v enjoyable experience. Take the painkillers afterwards. No prizes for martyrdom when you have had major surgery!! Also someone suggested putting a pad horizontally over the scar. It really helped in the first two weeks. Made me feel more secure. Do the bare minimum. Sit/lie and feed (if you are bfing) and let your body heal. Everyone has different experiences but I found that I healed from my CS a lot quicker than the majority of my friends/NCT group who had natural deliveries.

starrynight123 Wed 23-Jul-14 10:35:49

Thanks kewrious that’s reassuring!

I’ve now packed my bag and just ordered a dressing gown (completely forgot about this) and some yoga-style maternity floppy viscose trousers from M&S so that they skim over the operation bit. I’ve a feeling I’ll be living in those.

fatpony Wed 23-Jul-14 10:48:21

I'm already plotting which books to put on my kindle to read during the recovery!

So far I have been given the date (booked in when I saw the consultant a few weeks ago) but no specific time - it is two and a half weeks off though. Presumably they will be in touch re the time?


starrynight123 Wed 23-Jul-14 11:46:33

fatpony I hope I am given a time during my pre-cs assessment. I wonder if they will simply give a ‘check-in’ time to arrive at the hospital or whether they will also give an operation time...? I guess I’ll find out during my appointment on Friday. I’ll report back and let you know.

Oh, that’s a great idea about books to read during recovery! That just made me think: there must be books about cs-recovery too!

WeAreAllStarDust Wed 23-Jul-14 12:41:52

I was given a time to come in (6am) and was prepped and ready and was told I was second on the list. I had to wait in waiting room in dressing gown, hospital gown and those attractive stockings. My ds was born at 11:06am so it wasn't too long a wait. Be prepared for emergencies coming in as they will get preference. And I'll second the advice about the painkillers and rest. Get lots of both.

Kewrious Wed 23-Jul-14 12:51:19

I would also recommend the mesh knickers from JoJo Maman Bebe. I used two pads (one for the lochia and one for the wound), then the mesh knickers and then M&S granny knickers. Take some nice soap and shampoo. I was ordered by a midwife to get up and bathe after 24 hours. I hated her at that moment but she was right and having some nice smelling stuff made all the difference. Hospital beds are awesome post CS because you can push some buttons to make it go up and down. Getting off a normal bed is harder. Lots of people get gas as well I am told so take something for that. And if it reassures you I did make a birth plan for the CS and they did stick to it (please clean the baby, I would then like to do skin to skin, yes to Vit K injection and I would like to breastfeed).

starrynight123 Wed 23-Jul-14 14:11:45

Thank you so much for all this information. It is really reassuring and I appreciate it. I’ve added some nice shampoo and shower gel to my hospital washbag.

kewrious do you mean these knickers ?

Kewrious Fri 25-Jul-14 05:17:25

Yes I do! Many hospitals give you one but I liked having my own and these are washable.

Kewrious Fri 25-Jul-14 05:26:48

Oh I had a small ziplock bag with clothes to be born after birth and a big 'for after birth' sign on it. Both you and DH will be a bit overwhelmed and despite showing him the bag he would have been useless. I just told the nurse that there was a labelled bag and she found it and complimented me on my foresight :-)
Right, so what shocked me the most was that I went into labour before my scheduled ELCS. It was not an emergency CS per se but classed as one. I was totally unprepared for contractions because for a few weeks beforehand I was having a CS so had prepared myself for that!! Even if you do go into labour it might take 3-4 hours before they operate and you will get minimal pain relief so just be prepared.
London postnatal wards are particularly manic btw. Mine was born at C&W. So be prepared to ask the midwives for help as many times as you need to including pain relief.

starrynight123 Fri 25-Jul-14 09:56:33

Brilliant idea about the ziplock bags!!! I’ll see if I can pop into Robert Dyas and get some.

I’ve prepared a list of questions to ask at the pre-cs assessment today and one of them is ‘what happens if I go into labour before the elcs day’, so thank you for sharing what happened with you. It’s something I’m particularly nervous about and whenever I get the slightest twinge around the lower part of my bump, I have a moment of panic!!

Thanks for confirming about those knickers. I’ve just bought a pack smile

fatpony Mon 28-Jul-14 14:56:48

starrynight - not sure how your Friday appointment went but I remember the consultant writing on my notes that if I go into labour early then it's an emergency c-section (unless the baby's head is too engaged or there are really serious emergencies taking up the theatre's time).

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