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Pregnantagain7 Sun 20-Jul-14 12:12:27

I'm currently pregnant a with dc4 and am starting to panic about the after pains, they were really bad with dc3 and I know they will be worse this time. Those of you with 4+ children how bad was it with number 4?
Please be honest I would rather know the truth!! Last time the midwife on the post natal ward gave me ponstan and said that was the best thing to take when I got home I took nurofen plus (the one with codeine)
What the best thing to take? I'm unlikely to be breast feeding, just wondering if the gp might prescribe me something before I give birth so I've got it ready at home last time there was no way I could have got to the surgery to see him/her.

slightlyinsane Sun 20-Jul-14 13:14:47

Ivegot 8 wk old dc 4&5 and lilike you was dreading the after pains. They were awful after dc 3. I stocked up on co codamol as it was my life saver after dc 3. Very bizarrely I hardly had any, I was taking paracetamol for my battered bits and that was more than enough. You never know you might be lucky too. But I'd stock up on cocodamol just incase, safe to take if you do decide to bf

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