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Terrified of induction - please reassure me!

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BabyHaribo Thu 17-Jul-14 09:25:51

Am 40+3 according to scan dates (I know I am more like 39+3 DH works away a lot wink) and absolutely terrified of having to be induced.

I had a long back to back labour ending with ventouse with DS and really want to avoid intervention this time. The ventouse caused severe bruising and exacerbated his jaundice leaving him sleepy and not wanting to feed. This led to him getting dehydrated and loosing so much weight we had to go back into hospital sad.

I am sleeping really badly and worried about not sleeping if I have to go and be induced. I also am worried about ending up with ventouse/forceps I just feel I will loose control and it will all go wrong again sad.

Anyone have any positive induction stories?

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Thu 17-Jul-14 09:46:46

Slightly off topic, but I was in a similar position and my mw was very supportive of me delaying (I didn't say refusing) induction because I wsa totally sure I wasn't 42 weeks when they thought I was. In the end he obligingly came at +13 by their dates anyway.

Parietal Thu 17-Jul-14 09:55:54

I was induced twice - was fine both times. 2nd time is much easier anyway. Don't worry.

tinycassie Sun 20-Jul-14 08:53:48

if you dont want to be induced then just say no!

Induction for post dates is not really evidenced based. They tell you its about stillbirth, if you have a healthy baby and a healthy mum the risk of stillbirth rises at 38wks to 0.3% and again at 42wks to 0.33%. only you can decided if this figure justifies induction.

Some tips for you - stay off the bed, keep moving, keep upright. Upright positions are defined as having force going through the legs upwards into the hips - this opens the diametres of the pelvis. That is not to say you shouldnt rest when you need to , but sitting on a ball leaning on the bed to rest is a good way. Keep eating and drinking, many women dont like eating so try things like lucozade tablets, honey water etc. If baby is back to back try all fours positions with your belly hanging down - this still maintains the "upright" position.

Also look into hypnobirthing for two reasons - firstly it will give you more confidence to labour the way you want, if you decided for induction then it will make the experience more pleasurable and the baby is less likely to become distressed and need Csec. It also has been known to "start" labour due to the increase in oxytocin (this isnt evidenced based, just something i have noticed as a teacher)

This doesnt have to cost a fortune - mindfull mama classes are £99, you can also by CD's etc but they only work for some women.

PM me if you want any more advice!

AntoinetteCosway Sun 20-Jul-14 09:54:34

I had a terrible induction last time which almost ended in disaster and I've told my MW that this time round I point blank do not consent to being induced or augmented with the drip. If it gets to that point I want a C section instead. You don't HAVE to be induced.

I had a fab induction. Fun, relaxed, I had so much choice in what was happening, constantly kept up to date. I ended up on the drip, but it was fine - I was expecting much worse from the way everyone said 'you'll need an epidural the second the drip starts'. My active labour time was 2hrs 45min and I was pushing for 9 minutes.

Obviously as others say, you don't have to agree to it - but I personally wouldn't write it off for myself because of others' bad experiences, especially when so many others have good experiences.

BabyHaribo Mon 21-Jul-14 16:03:43

Had a sweep today. She said things didn't look promising and my bishops score was only 2 sad

Feeling so fed up.

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