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Successful stories: Induction with very posterior cervix?

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Collie1806 Thu 17-Jul-14 07:26:24

Hi ladies,

I'm 40+12 with first baby. Booked in for induction on Saturday with no signs of impending labour. Two unsuccessful sweeps, no show, nothing.

I've (foolishly) been reading up on induction and I've come across all sorts of horror stories about back to back contractions at the start of labour and the need for epidurals and c-section risks being hugely increased and all sorts.

A far cry from my plans for a chilled out water birth. Midwife says I'll most likely need drip as cervix is very unfavourable; very posterior and very high. My hospital does three lots of pessaries then offers c-section or start you on a drip.

Does anyone have any positive induction stories? I've gone from being completely fine to being in a state of crippling fear and I don't know what to do.

LucyB1 Thu 17-Jul-14 08:54:14

Watching with interest as in exactly the same boat. Ahhhhh!!!!

Angelina77 Thu 17-Jul-14 09:16:18

Hi collie I was induced at 40+12 two weeks ago. I too had a high cervix and several failed sweeps prior to going in. I had the pessary put in at 3pm, contractions started about 7pm and my waters broke at 11pm. I had pethadine prior to waters breaking but it didn't help much. Once waters broke they took me to the labour ward where I asked for an epidural. It took a long time but by 3.45 I was pain free.

I then slept on and off until I was examined at 8.30 when I was fully dilated. I pushed for an hour but with the epidural it wasn't effective so I ended up with a forceps delivery. I was dreading this eventuality but it was actually fine and my boy was born in 2 pushes. I had an episiotomy which is healing well.

I was really happy with the way it went, as I was also dreading being induced.

Good luck, you'll have your baby soon smile

Collie1806 Thu 17-Jul-14 09:42:27

angelina congratulations on your little boy! I'm glad to hear that it all went as well as it could; what was the epidural like? I'm seriously considering this but worried about limited movement during labour. Feeling much more positive that there are at least some successful stories out there!

lucy have you got an induction date booked? Fingers crossed all goes well for you too grin

Angelina77 Thu 17-Jul-14 09:52:19

Thank you smile

The epidural itself was fine, local anaesthetic followed by the canular thing which was then heavily strapped to my back so I could lie down on it. It was tough having the contractions while sitting still in the edge of the bed for so long while it went in but the relief when the pain stopped was unreal.

It was several hours after the birth before I could stand up so I had to wee into a bedpan and be washed by the nurse which was a bit undignified but after the birth I didn't really care.

Collie1806 Thu 17-Jul-14 11:35:44

Thanks angelina, I'm leaning towards getting one I think. After giving birth who cares about dignity anyway! The midwives have seen it all before I imagine blush

LucyB1 Thu 17-Jul-14 12:27:29

Hi collie. Yes I'm booked in for Monday. Still got a few days hope I suppose. Got another attempt at a sweep this evening but they couldn't do it last time at all as curvix was too far back. I have definitely decided that I will have epidural if I am induced all my lovely ideas of a nice natural birth would have gone out the window anyway so why put myself through anything more than I need to. Lots of concerns though ie catheter, pethadine having effect on baby, etc etc. hope all goes well with you.

LucyB1 Thu 17-Jul-14 12:28:06

Ps congratulations angelica.

Gen35 Thu 17-Jul-14 17:22:48

I was induced, have posterior cervix and they had trouble finding it! I had an epidural and it made it all much more bearable, it was too painful for me otherwise although I'm not tough with pain. Apart from my legs swelling up, no side effects and that went after a few days. Actual pushing part was 20 mins.

Fitzers Thu 17-Jul-14 17:31:04

I was in a similar situation, induction began at 40+13 after unsuccessful sweep week before, there was just no shifting him. Two gels at 12hr intervals day 1, ARM morning of day 2 and finally 1cm dilated at 8am day 3. Down to labour ward and put on drip and given epidural. It went fairly quickly after that but needed forceps in the end which wasn't as bad as I would have feared.

Hope all goes well for you!

Gen35 Thu 17-Jul-14 17:44:08

Ps yes, after they've been rummaging around for several days trying to find your cervix, the birth, stitching you up etc being helped to wash won't really feature as terribly significant. My baby was fine and bf fine, not sleepy post birth etc. if you get there you get there, I reckon inductions like every other birth related event can vary hugely, you hear terrible stories about completely natural births too. Try not to worry too much.

Kim82 Fri 18-Jul-14 12:07:36

I've had 3 inductions and am being induced with baby number 4 tomorrow.

All 3 inductions have followed the same pattern - my cervix has been high and posterior but after 3 pessaries they were able to break my waters. I was then put on a drip to start my contractions (they have never just started up on their own). I had an epidural with my first baby and ended up with a ventouse delivery and episiotomy but with the next 2 I managed with just gas and air, needed no other pain relief, no stitches and recovered very well after the birth.

The births were super quick - 4hrs 15 mins, 1hr 5 mins and the last was only 35 mins start to finish - but they were manageable and I found them all to be a good experience, so much so that I am not nervous about my induction tomorrow in the slightest.

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