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Losing sleep with lots of worries!

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smidge1717 Tue 15-Jul-14 10:09:59

Hi ladies

I'm 38+3 and have had, touch wood, a straightforward pregnancy, a couple of weeks ago my midwife was concerned about size of baby so was sent for a growth scan. I was told baby's size was perfect and saw his strong heart beat which is always amazing. I was told that he was breech despite being told in all previous appointments he was head down! A bit of a shock as was planning a home birth but I was always realistic and knew that there was a chance that it would change and I'm fine with that; as long as my baby arrives safely!

I declined ECV (I put a post on here last week how dr made me feel rubbish and declining) and am booked in for elective section next Friday.

I am sure it's just last minute panic that most mums to be get; but really struggling to sleep as keep thinking of worries. I am worried about health of baby; in 12, 20, & 36 week scans I was told that everything looked fine but I still worry that something may be wrong with him?? Just getting so panicked. I worry about going into ward with other new mums for recovery of c section; I can just imagine being left alone and being upset on the ward! These are the silly niggles that I have about the ward; I'm not breast feeding, so have bought pre made formula, I have read that as I can't sterilise bottles in hosp I won't need to bring bottles with me as they will provide disposable ones, so I can put pre made formula in them,is this true? Don't want to look bad by not bringing bottles in! Also will there be somewhere I can warm the milk? Will midwife help me? Do I change baby on the little stand they put the cot on? In regards to me washing, baring in mind I would have had c section; will there be somewhere for me to shower?

Will there be curtains around my bed so I can have privacy or is that not the case?

I know these seem like silly things to worry about; but feel utterly losthmm also is it worth me bringing baby car seat on the day I know I can be discharged opposed to me bringing it on the day of c section?

Sorry for so many questions--- any help is always greatly appreciated. Xx

ThinkIveBeenHacked Tue 15-Jul-14 10:19:25

Last minute anxiety is totally normal and pretty much everyone worries before the birth as the stakes are so high, tbh. You will be in safe hands, and yours and the babys health will be absoloutley paramount to the team working with you.

Ill try and answer your q's:
Ward: visiting hours for fathers are really generous so he can be there most of the day with you, and in the night there will be nurses working who will come when you buzz
Bottles: not all hospital provide disposables so check with yours what the bottle situation is. Sma do small glass ready to go teated bottles of milk in boxes if youd rather take them for ease. Also, premade milk doesnt mecessarily need warming. Dd has never had a warmed bottled - always room temp to make it easier to ff (imo). They will let you know if they have warming facilities (call ahead and ask)
Changing: yes change baby in the little plastic cot they sleep in or pop them onto your bed to change. Theres storage under the cribs for nappies etc so its all to hand.
Showering : there will be facilities for a shower on the ward. You could shower while dh is there so he can sit with the baby or wheel baby into the bathroom with you.
Curtains: yes to curtains, unless you are in a room on your own.
Carseat: you could bring it but leave it in the car or get avisitor to bring it onece you know you are going to be dishcharged..

smidge1717 Tue 15-Jul-14 13:10:16

Thanks so much!

I had been feeling so positive about everything but with the surprise of finding out he was breech it's just got me all worried!

Feel like I don't know anything but I am sure I will learn!grin

Hippopotamousse Tue 15-Jul-14 13:28:22

Hi, I was quite worried about all the practical stuff before going in for my ELCS but the midwives who looked after me when I arrived were really helpful. My answers to your questions are pretty much the same as the previous reply. Other stuff that might be helpful:

Ward - you'll probably find on the first night people keep popping in to take your blood pressure etc. It hadn't occurred to me that this would happen, and although it made sleeping a bit difficult, it was quite nice to have someone pop in when DH had gone home. Also, I was not mobile on the first night so had to buzz for help when I needed to pick my baby up for a feed or a nappy change. I felt bad about buzzing so much but was never made to feel like it was a problem.
Food/Water - On the first night, DH left me with water and snacks within reaching distance which was great when I woke up starving at 5am!
Milk - I started breastfeeding but the hospital provided ready to use formula when my DS lost too much weight. They did not heat it and I continued with this so DS now happily drinks formula at what ever temperature it comes. I agree with previous reply that this makes ff much easier.
Bags - We initially left most of our stuff in the car apart from bits we'd need straight after the section. DH then bought the rest in when I had my bed on the ward. I also left extra nappies etc in the car so if I ran out I could just get DH to get them from a bag in the car rather than trying to get him to find the right ones at home.

All the best for next Friday.

Showy Tue 15-Jul-14 13:37:00

Some of this stuff depends on your hospital so ring and ask or ask your midwife or check the hospital's website. Here, for example, there are two hospitals with maternity units. One has all day visiting for partners, one has a 2hr morning slot and 2hr afternoon slot. Both have variable set ups for ff too.

Please don't worry. I've had 2 cs and they were fine.

smidge1717 Tue 15-Jul-14 13:42:27

Thanks so

Been driving myself mad. Checked hospitals website and hubby can pretty much be with me from 9am-9pm and other visitors just from 2-3 and 6.30-8.30, which suits me perfectly as I don't want loads of visitors especially as it will be all of dh's family as my parents live in the states.

Fingers crossed I make a good recovery and just have to stay in over the weekend; have such a bad phobia about hospitals they give me anxiety just being in there!

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