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Ninewells (Dundee) or Forth Valley (Larbert)

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rlg43 Sun 13-Jul-14 09:05:51

Hi all,

Looking for some advice/experiences.

My first two experiences of childcare were in Edinburgh. I lost my first son after a complicated pregnancy and poss genetic condition. My second son was born healthy but we had a lot of scans and care.

We have since moved and I am very early on in my pregnancy. We have the option of Ninewells or Forth Valley. Looking for any experiences in general but also if anyone has experience with consultants and specialists with either hospital? There is also a chance this may be a C-Section, previous experiences were natural, so thoughts on experiences of C-Section at either would also be helpful?!

Thank you ��

Waggamamma Sun 13-Jul-14 21:59:49

These hospitals are about sixty miles apart and over an hour in good traffic, so I'd really be considering which is closest to home.

I can't offer much advice but Forth Valley did win the UK maternity service of the year, this year. So that's reassuring.

lp2014 Tue 15-Jul-14 20:15:24

Hi, i have friends who delivered at the new forth valley and are full of praise. I have been there for dh gettin an op and the staff were wonderful x

Heatherbell1978 Wed 16-Jul-14 08:04:36

No experience of either but I agree it depends where you live. Although if that isn't a factor, the Forth Valley is a brand new hospital so I imagine their facilities will be top notch. I saw it a few times when it was getting built (due to my job at the time) and was very impressed.

rlg43 Wed 16-Jul-14 18:54:32

Thank you all!

I live almost exactly in the middle of them both... To the mile!

Have left a message for my old consultant in Edin and will see if she has a person/hospital that she can recommend knowing the history.

Thanks again x

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