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PTL at 30 weeks or just paranoia??

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LH1981 Thu 10-Jul-14 18:12:32


I'm currently 29 weeks +4.
Since about 20 weeks pregnant, I've had a weird feeling that this baby is going to come early. I have two other DS's and had the same feeling with DS#2, and predicted he would be born at 37 weeks, which he was - exactly to the day.

It's been 6 years since I was last pregnant and tbh, I can't remember much of the run-up to labour. It was different both times previously (one with waters going first, the second with cramps etc and waters going much later).

I thought a little while ago, I might have a rupture as was experiencing (and still am) general wetness, with sticky liquid sometimes running down my legs (although not loads) - went to hospital to get checked and they confirmed it was NOT amniotic fluid.

For the last two weeks or so, I've had quite severe BH. Not painful, just very strong tightenings, and lots of them - about 10 in an hour.
Walking about, drinking water etc alleviated them.

Yesterday evening, I started getting painful cramps, like period pains. Plus have been going to the loo with (sorry for tmi) dodgy tum a few times. The cramps literally kept me up all night last night, painful enough to wake me from my sleep when I did manage to drop off. I got up for a few hours and timed them and they were every 30 mins.

Finally managed to get to sleep about 5am and when I got up in the morning, they were gone. It's about 6pm now and they seem to be starting up again, plus I can feel I need the loo again.

Is this early labour, or braxton hicks do you think?? I'm thinking I should hold off going in to get checked unless something changes and I am more sure. I feel a bit silly, like I might be being a hyperchondriac!

Any advice really gratefully recieved - especially if anyone has experience PTL first hand and can tell me what it was like for them?

Thank you - and sorry for long post! x

VisualiseAHorse Thu 10-Jul-14 23:40:47

I think you should get checked - if you've had BH bad enough to keep you awake at night I don't think anyone will laugh at you.

I suffered painful BH, but rarely had any that woke me and kept me awake for hours.

LH1981 Fri 11-Jul-14 12:29:06

Thanks, I think I should get checked - just hate making a fuss.

Mumof3xox Fri 11-Jul-14 12:31:28

I would get checked out

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