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Did you go into labour at night?

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LucyB1 Thu 10-Jul-14 08:56:17

I know it's more likely that you will go into labour at night as it is dark etc but has anyone out there hint into labour during the day?

JuniperTisane Thu 10-Jul-14 08:58:42

DS1 labour started late evening, DS2 timed it nicely to start after breakfast on saturday morning. He made an appearance by mid afternoon.

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs Thu 10-Jul-14 08:59:15

Why would darkness make a difference? Never heard that before. I went into labour at around sunrise, 6am.

Norfolknway Thu 10-Jul-14 08:59:46

No. Afternoon and early evening for me.

Slh122 Thu 10-Jul-14 09:00:17

Nope. Waters went at 10.30 am and contractions started immediately. DS made an appearance 9 hours later.

AtSea1979 Thu 10-Jul-14 09:01:18

Why when dark? I never knew darkness affected labour. Was about 6am in summer for me.

IHeartKingThistle Thu 10-Jul-14 09:01:50

2am and 1am. So yes.

They also say more babies are born when there's a full moon.

LucyB1 Thu 10-Jul-14 09:02:30

Homeiswheretheheartis. Apparently it encourages the release of the right hormones. Means you'r extra relaxed etc etc. just what I've read. Hoping mine will come soon. Can't bear to think that I have to wait till night!

Itsfab Thu 10-Jul-14 09:07:55

Baby 1 was a emergency caesarean but I went into labour with DC2 at 9.25/9.30pm and with Baby number 3 at 9.25pm which was rather funny.

I have heard that more labours start at night but I can't remember why.

beccajoh Thu 10-Jul-14 09:10:00

Hmm kind of. Started early evening both times so things were really ramping up over night.

beccajoh Thu 10-Jul-14 09:11:08

Other mammals labour at night because it's safer - less chance of being noticed by predators.

MildDrPepperAddiction Thu 10-Jul-14 09:11:24

Early hours of the morning. About 5am ish.

privetandpetunias Thu 10-Jul-14 09:16:47

Out of 4 DC's only number 2 was born during the night labour started late eve. No's 1 & 4 labour started on waking in the morning and No.3 labour started mid afternoon. I labour quite quickly so with my 1st total time was 7 hours and by No. 4 it was down to just over 1 hour.

CitronVert Thu 10-Jul-14 09:16:47

dc1 was induced so can't say. DC 2 went into labour at 11pm, had mild contractions overnight (was a full moon too!), went to hospital at around midday and he was born at 4.30pm.

JustAShopGirl Thu 10-Jul-14 09:21:54

I had one night, one day.....

1am waters broke first time after I had rolled over in bed.

The day I thought sort of knew I was going to have second (after same sort of "show" and with grandparents who were taking DD1 when I went in to hospital) I deliberately rolled over on the floor in the afternoon and waters broke....

BakingBunty Thu 10-Jul-14 10:01:40

I really can't remember where I heard this (so not exactly, erm, scientifically sound) but apparently you're more likely to go into labour when your partner is around. So more likely evening/night or weekend if they work regular hours.

My labour started just after I got into bed so theory held true for this sample of one!

Itsfab Thu 10-Jul-14 10:47:27

We had just gone to bed too, Baking Bunty. DH slept through 3 hours of me labouring hmm.

dizhin79 Thu 10-Jul-14 15:47:38

ds1 engaged overnight, then people contractions started 9:30am, he was born at 6pm that evening at home. midwives actually said what a convenient timed baby lol!

BioSuisse Thu 10-Jul-14 15:54:26

Waters broke at 11.00 am, DD born 12.17

dustingfree Thu 10-Jul-14 15:57:25

First started early morning, second early evening. Third about breakfast time.

Misspilly88 Thu 10-Jul-14 16:03:21

Most mammals labour at night as its generally safer from predators makes sense about wanting your partner to be there too. Currently waiting for mine to start....please be tonight!!

ClarrieSam Thu 10-Jul-14 20:10:10

Yup 3am- cue frantic bike ride home for dp who had decided that was the night shift to start cycling to work!

VisualiseAHorse Thu 10-Jul-14 23:33:22

2am waters broke, but was another four hours before contractions started.

Fairypants Fri 11-Jul-14 16:47:55

Both my labours started at 12.30 at night. I'm not sure what I'd do if contractions started in the day with this one- be totally shocked I guess!

Stillnoidea Fri 11-Jul-14 16:52:04

1st started 1am
2nd started 8am
3rd started 9pm.

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