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Scared of labour no 3 due to complications

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Ithoughtihadthisdown Sat 05-Jul-14 23:13:22

Hi, I am wondering if anyone can provide advice. I am expecting my 3rd in 2 months, but had very quick labours with my first two, with some complications, which has left me worried about labour no. 3.

My second needed assistance after birth sad he wasn't responsive as the very quick labour stressed him out. I asked my consultant what my options were to reduce risks of the same - she wants me to have a home birth, but I've been advised I am high risk for this and left the meeting feeling she just wanted what was easiest for the hospital. Other option is induction, but this might actually speed things up and cause me more damage too (more stitches already than I care to think about).

I'm really not sure what to do. She didn't give other options, but others have mentioned elective c section. I have had 2 natural births and not sure id be comfortable with this, but don't feel I've been given all the options or information to help make a decision? Has anyone faced any similar issues or could help?

DinoSnores Sun 06-Jul-14 20:50:32

What is easiest for the hospital is for you to have an uncomplicated delivery.

She might be advising a home birth because it is safer for you to have a precipitate labour in a clean, prepared environment with paramedics/midwives coming to you straight off, rather than in a taxi (or outside Primark!).

Induction or an elective C section isn't routinely offered in these circumstances. Induction before about 41 weeks does increase your risks of intervention/section (although after 41 weeks, curiously, the risk of section is lower with induction than it is with spontaneous labour).

I would if you'd find it helpful to chat through the options and their risks/benefits with your midwife or the Supervisor of Midwives.

HaPPy8 Sun 06-Jul-14 20:57:15

I feel for you. I agree with Dinosnores, it might be worth asking to speak to a supervisor of midwives or could you ask to see the consultant again and write down your concerns so you can make sure they are all covered? You still have lots of time. I hope they can reassure you.

Ithoughtihadthisdown Mon 07-Jul-14 01:19:52

Thanks - not comfortable with a home birth as I am allergic to the standard anaesthetic so need a doctor if any is needed, including for stitches etc, plus history of complications. Midwives have said this is not the best option for me, so still unsure why the consultant was recommending this.

However, the more I read and consider, the more I seem to need to avoid anything which might sped up my labour even more - which would include induction. Have looked at details of elcs, but it is a major op and I have 2 boys already to look after!

Basically there is no right answer and I will just have to make a judgement call. Leaning towards just letting nature take its course, in the hope she knows better than me, but it won't stop me worrying up to the time! Any recommendations as to how to slow down labour (I know most don't worry about this) would be welcome

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