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Annoyed at consultants ignorance...

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prawnsmummy Sat 05-Jul-14 20:36:16

I'm 39+5 with second child. I have posted on here before but basically I suffer from a bone condition called x-linked hypophosphatemic rickets (body doesn't hold on to phosphate and calcium so causes weak bones). Had corrective surgery in my teens (now 25yrs old) to correct bowing to my legs. Also have arthritis in one knee. Under consultant care in this pregnancy to 'monitor' things.

I am basically in agony due to the weight of carrying this child. Arthritis is flaring up, cannot dress & get into bath without the help of my partner, don't even get me started on walking. Also have SPD.

Consultant did give me a sweep at 39+1 which has been unsuccessful. Pains have gotten worse over the last few days so I have tried to get in touch with consultant via triage midwife. Was told the consultant would ring to speak to me last night. The consultant didn't ring me back, the triage nurse did saying she had spoken to the consultant and all she can do is see me next Thursday at antenatal day ward. To be there for 11am and to 'bring a book' as consultant is very busy and doesn't know when she will get to see me.

Totally feel as though I've been brushed under the carpet. The whole reason for me getting in touch with the consultant is because I feel I can no longer carry on with this much pain! It seems as they are not considering the impact this is having on my bones, I would not be in this much pain for nothing I'm sure. I am starting to feel depressed and I spend the majority of each day in tears feeling as though this is ruining my pregnancy. Is there anywhere else I can turn for help? I feel so lost. It seems people are induced for a lot less than what I'm going through, I'm sorry if that offends anyone but it's the way I feel. I understand there are things to take into consideration before being induced and my body may not be ready. Just hate thinking I may have to face another 2 weeks of this if I don't go into labour naturally.

FannyFifer Sat 05-Jul-14 20:40:23

Can you get your GP to contact hospital and chase appointment maybe?

FannyFifer Sat 05-Jul-14 20:41:14

Or just go to maternity unit & cry?

You poor thing, sounds awful.

AuntieStella Sat 05-Jul-14 20:45:51

Are you under consultant care for obs/gynae only, or are you also with orthopaedics and/or rheumatology?

prawnsmummy Sat 05-Jul-14 21:03:30

Should have mentioned I am also under a specialist consultant for my bone condition. Not scheduled to see him until end of the month, wondering if it would be worth discussing my worries with him if possible.

HaPPy8 Sun 06-Jul-14 20:53:28

Would it be better to see the specialist consultant for your bone condition to get your pain management sorted?

rightsaidfred Mon 07-Jul-14 14:38:42

Agree with Happy above- you need pain control. Your normal consultant should be able to help and if they are worried about prescribing while pregnant they could have a quick chat with the Obs consultant and get sorted really quick.
I was in a similar position a couple of years ago (different underlying condition) and there was a lot of chat about me delivering early- the consultant persuaded me it was better (safer for baby) to try pain control first rather than delivering early and with hindsight I would say he was right. Good luck x

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