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More Lindo Wing Consultants Advice- The B Team?

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Ucledu Fri 08-Sep-06 17:39:37

We're trying to find a good consultant at Lindo/St Mary's. The Mumsnet Superstars (Karl Murphy and T Teoh) are long booked up, 8 months in advance. . St Mary's has suggested some of their other consultants. Please could we hear from anyone who's had experience or heard views on any of the following:

Mr Charles Wright
Mr Raj Rai
Ms Lorin Lakasing

We are also looking at C & W, even though it's quite far from us, and have some good names there.

Thanks a lot.

slinkstah Fri 08-Sep-06 19:23:34

raj rai is fantastic, he is a lovely bloke and he knows his stuff too. he doesn't patronise you and explains everything well and seems to have time and patience with you too.

sparkle38 Thu 14-Sep-06 14:54:45


I was under the care of Karl Murphy for the birth of my daughter at the Lindo Wing this year but I was refered to Lorin Lakasing ( by Mr Murphy )on three occasions. I can highly recommend Ms Lakasing. She is very easy to talk to, is very understanding and also pays a lot of attention to medical detail which was reassuring for us. I also know Mr Murphy holds Ms Lakasing in high professional regard.

Good Luck

alexh Fri 15-Sep-06 10:38:57

Raj rai backs up Lesley Regan who is my consultant. she is fabulous and so I would be extremelynhappy to have him

oinker Wed 27-Sep-06 08:28:39

Raj RAI is mine too.

He is a lovely man and very straight to the point. He has been really helpful and is very expereinced. i have searched the web for all his previous expereince.
I am seeing him at St Marys in the Recurrent m/c clinic.

Taz101 Thu 21-Jun-07 09:12:48

We're trying to find a good consultant at the Lindo Wing St Mary's. I've read the messages about Raj Rai but also wanted to know if anyone has had any experiences with Guy Thorpe-Beeston or Vik Khullar?


VictorVictoria Thu 21-Jun-07 09:14:51

I am at the Lindo wing under Lesley Regan. she recommends Raj Rai, Mr Teoh (vv busy) or Lorin Lasaking. A friend of mine is under Guy thorpe-Beeston and seemed pretty pleased with him

Taz101 Thu 21-Jun-07 09:56:09

Thanks for the recommendation. I've also just been advised of another consultant called Tarik Miskri as Guy Thorpe-Beeston is actually not available. Has anyone heard of him? I feel under pressure to make a decision as everyone is getting booked up so quickly but I want to know that it's someone I'll feel comfortable with.

VictorVictoria Thu 21-Jun-07 09:57:59

Yes a friend of mine has just ahd a baby under Tariq Miskry and raves about him. I think he sounds great. she had a vaginal delivery of an 11lb baby. amazing and she said he was fantastic

Taz101 Thu 21-Jun-07 10:06:46

Thank you that really helps!

Ucledu Tue 10-Jul-07 10:20:06

Hello. May be too late to help the person who originally asked, but -- We had Guy Thorpe-Beeston as our consultant, but when he took us on he warned us that he would be on holiday 2 weeks before our due date, with coverage by another doctor during this period. In the event, we liked Guy a lot during the entire pre-delivery phase, but in fact our DS came early. So early, in fact, that he came before the appointment Guy had arranged for us to meet Tariq Miskry, his coverage colleague. So, we met Tariq for the first time in the middle of labour.

As it turned out, Tariq was fantastic. He handled the fact that we'd not met very well, immediately putting us all at ease (to the extent possible in mid-labour, that is). He then went on to do a great job with the delivery. He was very much part of the team - giving lots of encouragement along the way. In command, but not stand-offish as many consultants can be. Just what we needed with our first child.

The delivery itself was fine, and we got great care from 95% of the midwives at Lindo. We would go back. Our most difficult decision would be whether to use Tariq or Guy - I think we'd be very happy with either.

annie4 Fri 20-Jul-07 18:47:53

Hi - a really useful website, thanks.
I am under Lesley Regan at the Lindo Wing and would be interested to hear other people's views on her. We are struggling a bit and wondered what others thought of her 'bedside manner' ie her approachability and manner....any thoughts positive/negative gratefully received.

adele1 Sat 21-Jul-07 00:28:27

Has anyone taken an independent midwife for a NHS birth? My 1st birth was quite traumatic and I would like to have a professional that I know at the birth??

adele1 Sat 21-Jul-07 01:21:14

Sorry I butted into your thread, I'm new to posting and was meant to start a new one oops... Sorry again...

VictorVictoria Sat 21-Jul-07 07:22:46

Annie I too am under lesley regan. Have been for 10 years. Having second baby in jan. For whay tis worth, I thjink she is an outstanding doctor and gives the best advice but is prob best suited to those who have had difficulties conceiving and holding onto babies. Her medical advice is spot on although she can be a little scary. If you want smooth bedside manner amd hand holding she probably isn't for you.

Magi Fri 11-Jan-08 18:27:45

hi there, is the lindo wing very good? i am 20 weeks pregnant at the moment and i just booked the tour over there to see the lindo wing. Is it too late to book now? Does any one can tell something about the lindo wing? thank u

Magi Mon 14-Jan-08 10:38:02

i went to Lindo wing on Saturday on the Tour , and i was so dissapointed shockThe lindo wing is terrible! The standard in Lindo wing is the same as the NHS , stuff are not really nice and pleasent. I dont understand why people go there. We went after wards to Cheales and westminister hospital in Fulham Road and the standars wasnt as poor as in Lindo Wing and stuff and midewifes were so nice and helpfull. I am going to view two oder privet wings in different hospitals. Is such a shame that the service in UK is so poor. !!!

SazzaK Mon 14-Jan-08 14:39:45

The Lindo Wing was good enough for Princess Diana so you must come from somewhere where the hospitals are pretty special Magi!
I'm going to Chelsea again but I think they will be in the middle of renovating when you are due. If I were you I would worry more about getting a place with a recommended obstetrician as a lot of places book up very early on.

irini Wed 14-May-08 12:36:07

I am 16 weeks pregnant and decided last week the Lindo was the place to go if private birth is what you are after in a big hospital with also NHS backing - so no Portland thanks! Then after calling all the doctors whose names are mentioned here, i.e. Theo, Murphy, Lakasing, Thorpe-Beeston, Miskry I ended up finding out that they are SO popular women book then from day 1 of their pregnancy so obviously at week 16 they are all full for October/November when I am due and they have no spare bed allocation!!! They only deliver between 9-15 babies a month! once this slot is full thats it! So now I was advised to go to a doctor with less experiece and that has been in the Lindo for fewer years and is not such a well known name. Have any of you heard of Mr. Khular? Or Mr. Fernando? Or Mr. Horner?

Any advice please would be gratefully received!

I cant believe that to get a good reputable doc you have to "book" him from your first month! I didnt even know I was pregnant then!!!


Anagram Wed 14-May-08 13:49:42

Try the private ward at Queen Charlotte. I was able to switch at 36 weeks after getting thoroughly disgusted with the NHS. The level of care on the private ward at QC approximated the kind of care I had in New York with ds1. The place is clean, calm, well-staffed, and some of their consultants are top-level. I had Dr. Kumar, he did an excellent job.

irini Wed 14-May-08 15:10:02

Thanks!! Might go and have a tour of a few of these hospitals on Saturday as phoning doctors up doesnt seem to be getting me to far!

LadyThompson Thu 15-May-08 15:04:21

I am sorry you have had a hard time getting into the Lindo, Irini. I have just squeezed in with Lorin Lakasing for end Nov/beginning Dec. Anyone had any experience of her recently? I am particularly interested in those who have had caesareans, and also c sections generally on that ward.

kaboju Thu 15-May-08 16:34:41

Hi LadyThompson. Sparkle38 speaks very highly of her in this tread (14/9).

camgirl Thu 15-May-08 21:13:55

Honestly Magi, when you're there you won't give a toss about the decor. It is all about having excellent medical care, and 24/7 dedicated midwife support in your first (for me) week. I had my son with Mr Murphy, and I would book him the minute the blue line came up next time. In fact I may just check his availability before we DTD wink

irini Fri 16-May-08 16:02:16

LadyThompson have heard Lorin Lakasing is brilliant. Friend of mine reccomended her 2 weeks ago for me as she delivered her first baby and was absolutely raving about it..but as i am due end oct/nov unfort she was fully booked - gutted.

Still seems no one has heard of Mr Khullar

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