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Tell me your lovely elective section after hellish 1st birth stories!!

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Passthebiscuitsvicor Tue 17-Jun-14 20:16:38

So yeah... That really please!!
Long story short, almost 3 years ago I delivered my special needs baby girl. She was born at 41+5 and weighed just under 5lbs. I was induced, progressed from 2-10cm in 20 minutes, no pain relief at all. She wAs back to back and getting distressed and pooed. So forceps and out in 2 minutes. No pain relief... I burst in so many directions I had to be stitched up by 2 different doctors and took just under 3 hours.. No pain relief.. The saddist pricks just let me scream and beg them to stop and give me a break, also add in the fact I didn't know my baby was going to be born disabled and I was in shock.
Fast forward 3 years, I'm still traumatised by the whole experience and def want an elective section.
Just wondering how different the recovery was?? How long did you have the bump afterwards?(we have a wedding approx 8 weeks after baby will arrive). My first recovery was around 3-4 weeks and that was a 'natural' delivery.. Eek!!!!

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