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worried about not getting to hospital on time

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flipflopsonfifthavenue Fri 13-Jun-14 14:12:39

Am 19wks pg with DC2.

my first labour was very quick - first contraction 5pm, DS born 9pm. Midwife joked that "I'd better have a home birth next time as I won't get to hospital!"

Fast forward 2 years and now her words are haunting me. I've chosen the same hospital where I had DS which is about 20 mins drive from home (longer in traffic). This is an IVF pregnancy and so am looking at a delivery suite birth again as am classified as high risk. Am happy with a this, and don't have any desires for a home birth or anything more hands off.

However, I keep having these awful day dreams of giving birth on the kitchen floor at home, while DS look on - traumatised and screaming..!!

Also, my local hospital is grim, and I don't want to give birth there, and my other day dream is that I'll have to call an ambulancs as labour will come on so quickly, and that they'll just take me to that one, rather than the one I'm having my ante-natal care at.

Any other people had fast first labours and even faster second ones....but who got to hospital on time...? and if you didn't - what happened with your DC...? And finally - is it true that an ambulance would just take you to closest hospital or could you insist they take you to your hospital of choice?

Thanks - months yes, but the panic is setting in!

Nocturne123 Fri 13-Jun-14 14:17:15

Could have written this post myself smile I'm 28 weeks with dc2 so shall let you know how I get on confused. I'll be watching this with interest though !

blueberryboybait Fri 13-Jun-14 14:18:49

I spoke to my mw and the delivery suite about going in when contractions first start instead of waiting as we live 30mins from the hospital and my first labour was 5ish hours. I had a couple of contractions 6 minutes apart, got in the car, rang and spoke to mw, who rang delivery suite and we headed in. My 10 mins into the journey contractions ramped up, DH put his foot down and we got to the hospital 10 minutes later, DD was not hanging around! Walking across the car park took 5 minutes and 3 minutes into the ward DD was born in triage - 38 minutes from the first contraction.

She is STILL in a hurry to this day!

Nocturne123 Fri 13-Jun-14 14:24:36

Blueberry shock!! At least you made it ... If only just ! Your dd clearly couldn't wait to meet you smile

holidaysarenice Fri 13-Jun-14 14:30:58

You can refuse an ambulance taking an ambulance where you don't want to go. I have with a different condition. But in an emergency baby situation they may not heed you, as saving baby is upmost in their minds.

I would think about setting off early for the hospital even if you have to walk the grounds for a bit. A second labour may be different too.

Shedding Fri 13-Jun-14 14:31:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Biscuitsneeded Fri 13-Jun-14 14:46:29

Ds 1 was fairly quick for a first birth (Fully dilated in 6 hours from first twinge, although struggled a bit to push him out as he was the wrong way up). With DS 2 I discovered during pregnancy that I had strep B, for which the hospital proposed to put me on an antibiotic drip approx 4 hours before i delivered. I asked how I was supposed to know when was 4 hours before I delivered and they said to ring once labour seemed established.
Well, I am the sort of person who is always early and hates waiting. I woke up one morning at 5.30 am with odd pains in my privates and something that could feasibly have been a weak contraction, phoned them and said I was on my way in. Called a taxi as DP needed to stay home with DS until his nursery opened at 8. Taxi arrived 5.50am and as there was no traffic I was at the hospital by 6am. Didn't have a single contraction in the taxi, thought I would be sent home, but then had a decent one in the car park and decided to head in. Got there, went through notes etc, they wouldn't examine me as I was 'clearly not in labour' but said I could stay for a bit to see how things went as they weren't busy and they would see about the drip later if/when labour was established. Went to provide a urine sample, waters went everywhere and immediately was sure I was in active labour. Didn't like to press the red button so staggered off to the desk to ask for a midwife, she came back, took one look, threw me on my side and delivered a baby! At 6.32am, so one hour after I woke up. They recorded the labour as 32 mins as they said when I arrived at 6am I had said I was in labour even though they didn't believe me!
So my advice would be to call a taxi at the first twinge, so you get to choose where you go but hopefully have enough time to get there. Don't worry about getting your DP or DC1 anywhere, leave them at home if need be, or have a back up friend who is nearby and can take DC very quickly if needed, and skedaddle as soon as you suspect anything!

flipflopsonfifthavenue Fri 13-Jun-14 14:53:00

Biscuitsneeded - bloody hell!! that's quite a story..!! gulp.

we have a plan re DS - BIL will be called as soon as we/I get first twinge, and if we have to leave before he arrives then I will drop DS off at either neighbour and just LEG IT!!

I guess with all this panicking, DC2 will be breach and a lovely well planned C section ;)

bakingtins Fri 13-Jun-14 14:59:56

I was v worried about this! DS1 7 hour labour, DS2 just under 2 hours and barely made it to hospital. Consultant led this time due to previous PPH so desperate to get there and not delivering the ring road. MW told me to phone an ambulance of in doubt. As it was I had a show and a day of feeling labour ish to get childcare (Granny) in place, phoned delivery suite and said I thought I'd be in later.
11.30 pm first contraction, by 2nd one we were in the car, phoned from the car to say we are coming in. Got there at midnight and baby arrived 50 mins later, so although labour was only 80 mins was there in plenty of time.

You need a plan that allows you to drop everything and drive! Hope yourbodygivesyou a bit of warning, as mine did.

Shedding Fri 13-Jun-14 15:05:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Memphisbelly Fri 13-Jun-14 15:12:30

my niece got twinges and called hospital, they said wait until 3 mins apart then come in. she called her mum who left straight away (20 min journey) walked in as ambulance pulled up to find her daughter on the landing with head crowning.
they just called midwife and left her at home one placenta was delivered, no need for hospitalshock shock

Littleoaktree Fri 13-Jun-14 16:24:42

I worried about this too as had 2.5hr labour with dc1.

Dc2 was indeed v quick - 45mins in established labour, only just made it in time, I was in the delivery room for 2 mins before dc2 arrived. Lovely mw was offering me a water birth and I just screamed no he's coming now, they got me on the bed and there he was.

I got a nice book recommended on here to explain to toddlers/small children about home births (sorry can't remember now what it was called) so if I had ended up with an emergency home birth then ds1 (then 3) knew (a bit of) what to expect and that if I yelled it was normal etc. I think he was a bit disappointed to miss it in the end tbh! I also had a bag of useful things - sterile gloves, clean towel, plastic sheet etc easily available so if I was home alone/with ds1 at least I was sort of prepared.

As it happened my waters went a few hours before I went into labour so had time to get my friend over who was looking after ds1. It was also middle of the night so dh was there and journey to hospital (anything from 10mins - 30mins in daytime) was quick.

All I can say is make sure you have a plan and a back up plan and make sure you and your dc1 are prepared in case you are at home.

I would also say that make sure you tell the mw/hosp about quick 1st labour as I found second time around they were much more willing to believe you on timescale/less likely to send you home etc.

Zara8 Fri 13-Jun-14 16:36:08

FUCK this thread is scaring me

With DS I was induced but only had prostin gel. Waters went on their own and suddenly labour (full blown labour) started. Wouldn't have been able to get into a car to come in, too much pain. The MWs classed my labour from that point as natural.

I went from 1cm (waters breaking) to full dilated in 1 hour shock

Chatted to midwife at booking in and she said to come to hospital IMMEDIATELY on first pains, esp as I never had Braxton Hicks. She said to expect a very fast labour, even if I go into labour on my own. Depressingly she also told me to not expect it to be any less painful hmm

I only live 15 mins from hospital, but I want an epidural!!

Fuckidy fuck. I too am having visions of suddenly going into full blown labour at home on my own with DS confusedconfusedconfusedconfused

Zara8 Fri 13-Jun-14 16:39:58

DPILs will be staying with us from when I'm 38 weeks. But still.

Fuckidy crapballs. I don't want to have a baby on the side of the road...

Incapinka Fri 13-Jun-14 16:49:06

I'm worried too!! DC1 luckily gave me some warning as my waters went. We pottered into hospital expecting to be sent home only to be told I was 7cms dilated and at the point the contractions kicked in. Was fully dilated in 40 mins and DC was with us shortly after. This time I am currently burying my head in the sand as to what to do. DH works 90 mins away and also need child care. If during the day that's quite simple. If at night?! Eek!
Must start coming up with ideas as 36 weeks...

Roxie85 Fri 13-Jun-14 19:59:15

I am not even pregnant with my second yet but am very interested in it all. My contractions were all over the place and quite far apart until my waters went so i wasnt sure it was actually labour until then. It was 1hr 50mins later that dd arrived so i will probably be there earlier next time just in case (it took an hour to call the delivery suite, get in the car and get to reception so was only there 50mins)

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Fri 13-Jun-14 21:03:58

AFAIK, in an emergency they will take you to the closest hospital or stay where they are rather than try and travel to another hospital. A paramedic once told me that they'd far far rather deliver your baby at home than at the side of the road, so they won't risk trying to travel to somewhere they might not reach. Not sure if that is true or not, but makes sense!

I know you don't want a homebirth, but might it be worth seeing if you can plan for one as a back up? Even if you fully intend to have a homebirth, you can choose to go to hospital. I am just thinking that, in your situation, having all the kit at home and a midwife who would come out to you if you were incapable of moving/baby had arrived might not be a bad back up plan?

There was a good thread a while back about planning in case of an unassisted home birth. Things like keeping your phone physically on you at all times, putting the door on the latch at the first twinge, that type of thing. Might be worth searching .

I don't labour fast, but I have had a BBA due to an erratically progressing labour. It really wasn't as bad as you might think. The midwife said to me afterwards that they tend not to be that concerned either, as for things to progress that fast everything has to be perfectly positioned, generally speaking!

emsyj Sat 14-Jun-14 19:35:23

If you are high risk and wish to deliver in hospital you could ask about planned induction - they will do this sometimes for precipitous labour, but it's not something I have any particular knowledge and experience of, just something I've vaguely heard of as I know someone who was induced for this reason - for medical reasons, she was advised to deliver in hospital and due to two prior fast labours she was induced to ensure she laboured in hospital. If you're seriously concerned it's something you could consider asking about.

duvetfan Sun 15-Jun-14 15:56:18

I am really worried about his too. Live mins from hospital (more in rush hour). Its not so much getting to the hospital but factoring in time to get DS watched. First labour 4.5 hours...Glad you posted op but after reading these I am a bit more worried than I was before...

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Sun 15-Jun-14 17:33:41

Duvetfan - One tip I've read it to try and find childcare who are willing/able to meet you at the hospital if possible. That way, even if your partner only hands over the older one 5 minutes before the baby arrives, he can still leg it in.

justhayley Mon 16-Jun-14 05:40:21

My labour with DS was 4 hours from first twinge - 2 hours established, for me one if the worst parts of labour was being in the car. I wasn't at home when things kicked off so the drive was over 45 mins. I got to the hospital and was 9cm so probably should have listened to my mum and left sooner but I was convinced 1st labour would last at least 12 hours and I didn't want to get there and be sent home because I was only 1cm dilated lol.

This time round for a few reasons speed and car avoidance I'm planning a home birth. MW has said to call her as soon as I twinge as she predicts things happening very quickly. Also DP works 2 1/2 hours away and it would take my mum an hour to get to me if she's at home so this way I'll have someone with me. DS aged 2 has been prepared and I don't believe will be at all traumatised if he's awake when it's all happening. He knows mummy may shout a bit and make lion noises - we've practised them together lol. If he's awake and I'm alone ill pop a peppa pig DVD on - he won't notice anything around him happening then lol he says when mummy pushes baby out he wants to help and will hold my hand - bless him, think if break all his fingers shock
I'll let it know in a few weeks what happens grin

Blueuggboots Mon 16-Jun-14 06:16:19

The ambulance will take you where you are booked for unless it is too dangerous for you to travel that far, eg, baby in distress, heavy bleeding etc.
PLEASE speak to your birth centre as soon as you are in labour and make your way ASAP.

BeginnerSAHM Mon 16-Jun-14 18:01:14

Hello - I was in a similar position. DC1 born 2.5 hours after waking up with 'constipation' pain. Made it to hospital 20 mins before the baby arrived. Tried to set up for a home birth for DC2 although I really really preferred the idea of delivering in a hospital - didn't want to have the baby without any 'stuff' around though. However, the midwives told me they'd take about an hour to get to me - not very reassuring. In the end DC2 born at 36 weeks so they hadn't dropped the kit round... (You're not 'allowed' to have a baby outside hospital if under 37 weeks wink.) Knew what was going on second time round and DC2 born a whole 40 mins after arriving at hospital - 1 hour 20 mins after first twinge.

Try not to worry - and call an ambulance if the contractions come too thick and fast straight away. Apart from anything else, they'll get you to hospital much quicker. It's what I'm going to do if necessary - pregnant with number 3 now.... Reckon I can just about handle 50 mins warning if there's any kind of pattern to these things... (Thankfully, I have lovely neighbours who can keep an eye on DC1 and 2 if necessary too)

EllaBella220 Mon 16-Jun-14 19:18:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeginnerSAHM Mon 16-Jun-14 20:21:46

On the (significant) plus side - labour is mercifully short if it all happens so quickly wink. Worst case scenario is needing to call an ambulance and the paramedics can be with you very very quickly. It's incredibly unusual to have 'precipitous' (sub-3 hour) labours. And both my babies were totally healthy plus no intervention, so that's good....

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