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overdue and pissed off!

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morerum Mon 09-Jun-14 21:37:07

Well im only 1 day over but was given a sweep on friday and told I would definitely have my baby over the weekend.
I'm suffering from spd and a rash called puppp never mind the heartburn, leaky boobs, cankles and peanut sized bladderangry
Please feel free to moan and let me know im not alone. . .

ch1a Mon 09-Jun-14 22:54:59

Me too. 40+3 and fed up. Hoping I go into Labour naturally as my previous induction wasn't too enjoyable. Pgp and spd mean that I really want to be in water so need a spontaneous Labour to start soon please. Also members of the public really annoying me at present.

HappyHippyChick Mon 09-Jun-14 23:00:25

Me three. I'm only 40+1 but I've got 4 other dc (including a 2 and 3 yo) and all the worrying about childcare etc is stressing me out! I'm now at the time of day when I hope it doesn't start til the morning... I have a sweep tomorrow so keeping my fingers crossed!

RandomMess Mon 09-Jun-14 23:03:13

Mine were all overdue, had to be forceably evicted bumps, I remember the feeling well!

However after watching that programme last night and finding out elephants are pregnants for 2 years, somehow that extra 17 days doesn't seem so bad...

MrsCharlieD Tue 10-Jun-14 21:48:38

40+3 here and I am climbing the walls! Got a sweep tomorrow and another on Monday followed by induction on the 18th if he hasn't come by then. I really want a natural and active birth so really want to avoid induction. Fingers crossed we all get going soon x

morerum Wed 11-Jun-14 15:15:55

I got my 2nd sweep today and im still 2cm so no progress whatsoeverangry
to get induced on Sunday so at least the end is in sight x

RandomMess Wed 11-Jun-14 19:45:07

Urgh, 2cm is practically in labour IMHO.

I still had a Bishops Score of 10, 6 very painful hours after the first pessary, 14 days over with my 4th - LOL!!!

Hope it goes well smile

morerum Wed 11-Jun-14 20:22:51

random I asked what my bishop score was and they wouldn't tell me!
I was 2cm on friday at my last sweep.

RandomMess Wed 11-Jun-14 20:47:30

Urgh, I got it wrong anyway - I had a score of 1, I had a score of 1 before I even got pregnant!!!

2cm is good - it means something is happening.

amythebigvoice Sat 14-Jun-14 13:25:01

I'm 40+3 today and am actually calming down a bit about being kept waiting - I've embarrassed myself with so many false alarms since week 38, and had some 'false labour' for 5-6 hours last Sunday... had a failed sweep (not dilated enough) on Thursday, and am booked in for another try on Monday. Nice to hear from some other ladies feeling the same...

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