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packing bag for a section.

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qazxc Mon 09-Jun-14 11:41:38

Had all my bags packed.
Unfortunately Qazlet seems determined to twerk her way out (ie is breech).
This means a C section and a 4-5 day hospital stay.
How much do i need to pack? What did you need/was useful after a section?

wrapsuperstar Mon 09-Jun-14 13:36:02

4-5 days? Is that standard or your choice -- I only ask because i had an EMCS and massive PPH last time and was out in just over 48 hours. This time I am having an ELCS and hope to be home the next day.

Bag-packing wise, I can't think of anything special to recommend other than BIG pants that will comfortably go right up over your wound. Same for pjs -- either very loose bottoms or just stick with nighties. When I was very sore and unable to sit upright, I drank plenty of water with a straw so might be worth bearing that in mind. I used tea tree oil dabbed into some cotton wool to help my wound heal, but I only started on that once I was home.

Good luck! flowers

Tea1Sugar Mon 09-Jun-14 13:44:33

I had an elcs and was out after 48 hours. All above suggestions are great plus make sure you have paracetamol and voltarol (diclofenac) at home as a lot of hospitals now aren't sending you home with painkillers.

qazxc Mon 09-Jun-14 14:52:17

I live in Ireland and 4-5 days is the standard.
My antenatal notes say to "pack for 5 days" but I have no idea how much that is. Esp for PFB, how many nappies, babygrows, etc.. do I need?

Molotov Mon 09-Jun-14 14:54:30

Loads of maternity pads
Lip balm smile
Facial wipes, as you may noy feel like going up to the sink for a wash (felt that way after VB, too!)
Nighties with button-down opening if breastfeeding - don't bother with pj bottoms.
Big, full sized briefs in the next size up
Toothbrush & toothpaste
iPod (kept me sane on the PN ward).

By the way, my stay was for 24 hours after ELCS two years ago.

Babygros, sleepwear, nappies, wipes for the baby smile

Good luck!

Molotov Mon 09-Jun-14 14:56:00

5 day stay ....

I'd say 30 nappies and 2 packs of wet wipes (cream if you intend to use it: Bepanthen or Sudocrem)
8 babygros and sleep suits for baby.

Molotov Mon 09-Jun-14 14:58:45

Take in as many maternity pads as you can. Thr first time I stood up after my CS, I was not prepared for the flood that came. I overflowed sad

It is normal, but no one warned me about it. If you think about it, the blood settles as you're lying there for approx 24hrs after the birth. Then you stand up and gravity helps is 'whoosh!' out.

So, just take it easy and you'll find that helps smile

Molotov Mon 09-Jun-14 15:00:24

Oh, cheap flip flops for flip flopping about on the ward and shower room.

Slippers if you prefer, but only anything slip-on so as to not strain the wound.

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Mon 09-Jun-14 15:05:58

Big pants
Slippers or flip flops you can put on with out bending (and make sure you can get to them)
Couple of Loose pj bottoms or a button nightie
Vest tops
Long cardi or light dressing gown
A nice big dark towel
A blanket of some sort for you and a nice pillow
( I was freezing at night and baby was born end of July)
Maternity pads
Arnica capsules
Sports cap bottles of water
Snacks, like dried fruit, biscuits, crisps
A loose comfy outfit to leave in

rightsaidfred Mon 09-Jun-14 18:17:08

I would suggest taking enough for a day or 2 and getting your dh to bring extras in.
To improve his chances of getting it right I had a big holdall with all the spares and extra things he might need to bring so he didn't bring anything wildly inappropriate. I sent dirty washing home -which mil did :-) and he brought fresh stuff in
Second the decent pillow- just make sure it is in a distinctive pillow case so it is obviously yours and doesn't get swiped!

Fattyfattyyumyum Wed 11-Jun-14 13:10:22

Don't take everything now - even if you have aside room they aren't that big! Get DH to swap a bag of clean for dirty everyday instead

Cakebaker35 Wed 11-Jun-14 13:16:29

I had an emcs and was in for 4 days. Don't take everything at once, take things for 2-3 days and you can always get your dp to bring you fresh stuff. But definitely buy very big pants, stretchy pj bottoms or yoga trousers and nice baggy tshirts, you don't want any pressure on that scar to start with. Loads of maternity pads. And some nice snacks, good to have them within reach when you get hungry.

peeapod Wed 11-Jun-14 16:01:46

i recommend not buying nappies and clothes until you know babies size. i had my baby at 39 w by c section, but she was 8lb 11. we had a few newborn clothes and then a pack of first size nappies to start. dh then went out to get the right sizes (with the help of his mum.

dont forget the camera.

sneaky tip, be careful about the drug round. they only came every 5 hours and expected me to take ibro and paracetemol at the same time. it left me in pain for a few times until i left one sort til half way through. obviouly be careful bout overdosing.. but yes.

my other piece of advice is to plan visitors now. you really need to restrict them in hospital. its a time to recover and its really draining. by planning in advance meant i didnt upset anyone and was able to give everyone who wanted it some time with baby '(or i wanted)

AllBoxedUp Wed 11-Jun-14 18:28:59

Peppermint tea can be good for relieving gas pains after a c section - they can be really painful.

I took paracetamol and ibuprofen before and after in hospital. When I was in I was given them together but once I got home the midwife recommended staggering them so you are alternating them every 3 hours rather than taking them together every 6 hours.

Bring a large bottle of water that you or your DH can refill so you don't have to get up and down. Hospital is normally really hot and breastfeeding if you intend to do it makes you thirsty.

Good luck!

Tomkat79 Thu 12-Jun-14 20:35:01

Take a nightie as you'll have a catheter and I wouldn't want to mess about with pj bottoms until that's out, usually next day. X

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