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The dreaded latent phase - day 3

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Isabelleforyourbicycle Sat 31-May-14 15:22:40

Sweep on Tuesday by big handed consultant.
Bloody show Thursday and every morning being Saturday.
On off contractions which either stop of their own accord or when I lay down

I'm in the limbo land of latent labour aren't I? Please tell me this will end soon, I'm nearly 40 weeks, dc2. I could cry with frustration.

Any tips on how to get latent to move to active or is it just a case of waiting and sucking it up?

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Sat 31-May-14 18:11:01

Is there a reason that they did a sweep before 40 weeks? I've heard it is one of the possible downsides of a sweep - long latent phase.

Other than that, all I can say is rest, rest, rest. So you have some energy when it starts properly. If you can intersperse with walks, etc so much the better. But REST! (Been there, remember the exhaustion!)

Isabelleforyourbicycle Sat 31-May-14 18:24:17

I'm trying for a vbac and I think they thought they'd get things moving earlier to give me as much chance as possible. Sort of fit some sweeps in before the section...

I was 2 cm dilated at 39 weeks with soft cervix so all quite favourable.

I will get some rest, fortunately I've been sleeping ok. This baby will arrive...

Penguin. How long were you in latent phase?

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Sat 31-May-14 19:51:57

With DD1 it was about 36 hours before I went to hospital, but intense to the point of no sleep or rest (just too widely spaced to be active labour). With DS (DC3) three days, on and off. Labour was only about 4 hours when it got going

Nunyabiz Sat 31-May-14 21:37:51

Seen a lot on here about sweeps lately. I'm in the same boat as you. DC2.
Sweep done at 39 weeks. 2cm bishops score 4.
Again at 40 weeks, 2-3 cm but bishops score only 3 hmm MW said it was 'subjective' but equally disheartening.
Am now 40+ 4 and have been losing my plug since sweep number 1- but nothing but a bit of tightening.

Have tried:
Yoga ball
Long walks
Nipple twiddling

Was not like this first time around.
I had 2 sweeps but no mucus plug, no tightening, just ruptured membranes (water broke) followed immediately by strong and regular contractions leading up to birth approximately 10 hours later.

I have smooth legs
Groomed noonee
Packed bag
Washed hair
Painted toenails
Plucked eyebrows

My house is clean and it's the weekend...

Let's get this show on the bloody road!!

Hazchem Sun 01-Jun-14 10:53:32

It is just wait and see really. I would suggest not having anymore sweeps. One of their risks is they can start of several days of latent labour. I would have refused if I had been told that risk before having 3!
Maybe spend time helping get baby into a good position. SO time on a birth ball and gentle walking. I found having epsom salt baths really helpful at that stage too.

Isabelleforyourbicycle Sun 01-Jun-14 12:46:54

Well like you nunyabiz, the house is clean and tidy, as is my body, nails and hair all sorted! I spoke to mw this morning, she reckoned I just have to be patient and wait.she actually consulted her crystal ball (part of nhs? ) and said I'd have a baby by Tuesday!

So I've done some gardening, baked a cake and am trying to ignore the pains when they come (and of course, when they inevitably go). Am going to bounce some more on my ball too Hazchem

I had a bishop score of 7 so apparently that would be high enough to have my waters broken by mw or doc. But let's hope it doesn't drag on. I will keep you posted!

Nunyabiz Sun 01-Jun-14 13:31:27

Bishops score of 7?! This bishops score has a lot to answer for giving us false hope!!
I would not be surprised if you did have your baby by Tuesday!!
I know i will by Wednesday. Induction booked. confused

Nunyabiz Sun 01-Jun-14 13:31:59

Oh and all the best of course! Looking forward to hearing baby news x

Hazchem Sun 01-Jun-14 23:25:41

Bishop score is a good indicator of how successful an induction might be it is also a good indication that labour will start soon. Try circling rather then bouncing it grinds the head into position (and can be done while eating cake) .

Nunyabiz Sun 01-Jun-14 23:58:38

Yes I know smile thanks hazchem. Just saying how disheartening it is when things are looking good but not happening.
Thanks for the yoga ball tip.

Hazchem Mon 02-Jun-14 03:21:31

Just trying to keep positive thoughts going for you smile I think this stage of pregnancy is just a head game. Trying to keep the head clear and ok. I spent 10 days at 2cms! So I know the looking good but nothing moving feeling well.
This is a beautiful blog about the last days of pregnancy. If nothing else it will occupy you for ten minutes.

Nunyabiz Mon 02-Jun-14 14:44:59

That made me cry Hazchem. So touching. This is exactly how I feel ATM- except also fearful as the longer she's in there, the bigger she's getting and this terrifies me. I'm kind of in protective/self preservation mode too. I remember when Dd was born (10lbs 5oz, shoulder dystocia, PPH, retained placenta, 2nd degree tear etc) I didn't even listen to hear if she was ok. I didn't even care if my baby was alive!! I went to another level of being and I suppose the waiting is making me fearful and dwell on the worst case scenarios. I want to be in blissful denial but the longer it takes, the harder it becomes to ignore those nagging fears. Sorry for the 'me me me' post. That just made me feel really emotional... Or rather, more emotional haha wink
Another day waiting....

Hazchem Mon 02-Jun-14 23:25:11

It's a lovely piece isn't it.
Each birth is a new birth. Because one baby has come out one way doesn't mean the next will.
Can I suggest something a bit "out there" Could you do a bit of art/craft around birth. Maybe one about your previous birth and then one about how you would like you next birth to be. It doesn't have to be actual pictures of babies but can be colours or shapes you find comforting, it could be words that help you feel positive, in different colours or fonts, you could mold a shape out of clay (or play doh). Or you good knit or crochet shapes, make bread dough and do different shapes, eggs hatching, circles opening, (I might have just suggested you make cervix bread smile ).
The idea isn't to make something beautiful but to spend time with your feelings and getting them out. Once again it takes up time too.

Nunyabiz Mon 02-Jun-14 23:52:40

That's a unique suggestion. grin
Cervix bread. I shall serve it to all my friends lol.

You sound a lot like my sister. She did a lot of 'visualisation' in birth. Painting, song writing etc She visualised butterflies...cocoons, the ocean. She's also Christian and prayed a lot. She had both babies at home!

I will maybe give it a try. I am also really anxious as DH has an important meeting tomorrow which means he will be out of contact for hours, and he has another one on Wednesday morning which is meant to last a few hours (starting at 10.30am) and my induction is booked for that day at 1.30pm. I need him
To be there. Both really huge meetings and I feel like stomping my feet and saying he can't leave me... It wasn't meant to be this way. Been in tears all day! I even cried because I dropped some laundry on the floor and it was so far down and I had to pick it up! I mean... Come on!!

Anyway DD is at nursery tomorrow so will have plenty of time to make cervix bread grin

Hazchem Tue 03-Jun-14 01:59:17

I didn't do much of the art work myself but I've heard it's really helpful. I'm a bit of secret (or not so secret) hippy.
He will be there.
Tears can be a good sign. Let them them flow. Can you hire a real weepy film to watch while your cervix is baking smile

Isabelleforyourbicycle Tue 03-Jun-14 08:56:54

Hey Nunybiz hope you getting on ok? Glad your DD is at nursery today (mine to!) so treat yourself to restful chilled day. Love the idea hazchem of the cervix bread, I picture a cottage loaf with the hole in the top!

I had 7 hours of 5 min apart contractions on Sunday, thought it was all happening although a little bit of my mind wasn't totally convinced and lo...the pains fizzled out at 2 a.m. Absolutely gutted. Exhausted and tearful yesterday feeling like a bollox for thinking it was labour. But searching on this site I can see this stop start labour is not at all uncommon. It's so painful and upsetting, pain it don't mind but only if it's doing something!!

Good luck for tomorrow, I shall be thinking of you at 1.30 Nunybiz.

Nunyabiz Tue 03-Jun-14 18:51:13

Oh Isabelle! How disappointing that must have been! confused Can't believe how different this is to DD's labour. Who knew?
How was your day today?
I made whoopie pies from the hummingbird bakery book. Not exactly cervix bread hehe- but it kept me occupied, and kept me on my feet for a little while. Plus I now have something to give my friend for looking after DD tomorrow while I am giving birth!
I went for one last sweep today. Saw the same lovely midwife who did my first sweep. She basically said I have progressed although still only 2cm, a lot softer and cervix is shorter but baby's head still not very low... But not very high either. The walking and yoga ball seems to have done nothing and my SPD is playing up like a mo fo!
Still- the end is in sight!
She said she hoped the MW tomorrow would give me a chance with the pessary gel before trying the drip. Thanks for thinking of me. Will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you. The end is in sight!
Will keep you posted x

Isabelleforyourbicycle Tue 03-Jun-14 19:02:11

Oooo, whoopie pies! They always look amazing, I've never had one (certainly couldn't make one, carrot cake is about my limit)

Had my second sweep (performed by disturbingly attractive consultant) he gave me a revised bishops score of 9 so things moving on...but nothing happening yet. I will be induced in 12 days otherwise although he didn't think I'd get to that point. Wouldn't be led on how soon though...

But hey, you'll have a baby by this weekend! Focus on those newborn cuddles, it won't be much longer now.
Good luck! I'm looking forwards to hearing your good news xx

Hazchem Wed 04-Jun-14 10:10:08

Whoopie pies sound loads better then Cervix bread!
My mum made baba ghanoush the night she went into labour with me. She left the eggplant in the oven too long and exploded and she said that started her contractions.

Nunyabiz Wed 04-Jun-14 14:29:10

Hey ladies. Well I'm just being monitored at the moment to check heart beat and then we are going to get the show on the road. I have to say this is horrible. I'm on a busy ward and can hear women labouring all around me. It sounds awful and i was about ready to leg it as soon as I walked in. I have to stay here until in established labour which is just... Fucked. (Excuse my language but I don't think it's right).
This poor woman opposite me has been screaming. Not really setting the tranquil scene hmm

So if you can avoid induction- I highly recommend you do! This is not ideal.

Isabelleforyourbicycle Wed 04-Jun-14 15:53:54

Ah been thinking of you, so glad you posted! Although that does sound like an awful ward to be on, I guess they should move the screamers down to a proper labour room soon and you might get some peace and quiet?

Have you DH or other support with you? Any chance of getting earplugs and then you can channel out the others and focus on yourself?

Remember when you have your baby, all the horrid ness will become a good anecdote to tell people and will pale into insignificance.

Hang in there nunyabiz, it isn't going to go for ever and you'll have your baby soon! Xx

Nunyabiz Wed 04-Jun-14 16:29:40

The screamer has been there for 2 days sad she's just gone home. Poor thing I feel like telling them to help her! Do something! She's clearly in a lot of pain.
I feel so sad for her. The other women are moaning and sound like in a lot of pain too. It's really not a dignified environment. Went to the loo and found it clogged up with vomit.
Been given the gel about an hour ago. Nothing happening. I told them I'm going home. I am really angry with the process already and need to get in a better head space. DH is driving me back now. Can't expect him to sit on a plastic fold out chair for 6 hours (when they said they will next examine me angry)

Sorry I am on a rampage right now. Never been so angry. Totally unacceptable environment.

Isabelleforyourbicycle Wed 04-Jun-14 17:45:56

Oh my gosh, that is hideous. It sounds like a medieval ward. Can you try to go elsewhere or have a home birth? Can your midwife help at all?

I'm so sorry you are going through this, it sounds very stressful and unnecessary. Good for you for leaving though, better to labour at home. I hope you can get some support from your midwife.

Nunyabiz Wed 04-Jun-14 17:49:06

It's Chelsea and Westminster. Very very busy and overrun. Unfortunately can't have a home birth as I've already started the induction process...
Oh well. At home now and will stay here as long as I can. I didn't tell them I was going home, just that I would be back in time for next examination.
Thanks for your support. Will keep you posted. Having some mild tightening between 5-8 mins apart but nothing very intense. Will try to have a little sleep if I can.
Thanks again xx

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