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Can I exercise now?

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Tea1Sugar Mon 12-May-14 13:16:49

Dd2 will be four weeks tomorrow and was born via elcs. My stomach, thighs, hips and arse are just massive despite already losing nearly two stone (I gained 3 shock). I'm walking but i want to do sit-ups, light jogging etc. Do I really have to wait for my GP check?

DinoSnores Mon 12-May-14 14:49:46

You can do some light exercise, but sit ups are terrible in general and particularly after having a baby! If there is any diastasis recti, they can make them worse. Take things very gently, listen to your body and see how it goes.

I was impressed with and used their website and went to the local group for a bit.

QTPie Tue 13-May-14 04:05:59

After CS, I would wait for your 6 week check and then GENTLY get back into exercise (relatively low impact). Avoid sit ups for a good long time (many many many months).

I had an ELCS, waited for my 6 week check. Was back in the pool at 7/8 weeks (did 30 x 20m lengths, very very gently that first session, BUT I had swam 50 lengths twice a week until 4 days before my ELCS). I also got back into the gym at 7/8 weeks post section and started postnatal Pilates. I took it all very very carefully, slowly and gently and even then I felt fairly winded after a gym session.

Take it really really easy: I had a great section and a very good recovery (no complications), but was not back to "myself" until about 10 months after birth.

Are you BFing? That really did help weight drop off me. By the time DS was 10 months old. I weighed a stone less than pre-pregnancy (was 9st 12 before pregnancy, 8st 12 when he was 10 months).

Walk if you can and eat healthy/nutritious/balanced and you will continue to see improvements.

Congratulations smile

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