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Waters breaking

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Rigbyroo Fri 09-May-14 08:28:02

Hi all, I'm 37 weeks with dc2. Last time my waters broke all over midwifed hand whilst being examined at 7cm. If your waters didn't break spontaneously first time, did they second time around or was it the same? Thanks.

breakfastnotattiffanys Fri 09-May-14 11:02:36

All 3 broken by midwife in active labour - never had the pleasure embarrassment of a public splashdown like my friend in M & S foodhall blush

elliejjtiny Sat 10-May-14 00:41:07

DC1 - waters broke in pool while pushing
DC's 2, 3 and 4 - waters broke in bed before labour started.

BartBaby Mon 12-May-14 13:16:40

With dc1 my waters were broken by the midwife during labour. With dc2 my waters broke spontaneously at 35 weeks, baby was born 3 days later.

Pregnantagain7 Mon 12-May-14 14:26:04

Dc1 midwife broke at 8cms
Dc2 doctor broke at 2cm (induction)
Dc3 doctor broke at 2cm (induction)
Dc4 TBA! I'm hoping the go on their own just so I can feel it!

Pregnantagain7 Mon 12-May-14 14:27:17

Oooh breakfast did your friend get vouchers?! smile

lanbro Mon 12-May-14 14:29:21

Mine went just before labour started with both, very luckily both times at home over the toilet!

breakfastnotattiffanys Mon 12-May-14 17:58:51

No! Pregnantagain7 - She was mortified and just handed her basket to a shocked assistant and her sister helped her as she waddled very inelegantly to the car!!!

mammaof4girls Mon 12-May-14 23:50:09

dd1 waters leaked from 36 weeks then had to be fully broken during induction at 38 weeks. dd2 broke on there own during labour. dd3 where broke by midwife as contractions had started but didnt seem regular. dd4 broke with a gush on the kitchen floor completely randomly at 38 weeks and labour didnt start until next day!

LittleBearPad Mon 12-May-14 23:51:34

On the sofa at home. Had to be induced 24 hours later as labour didn't start.

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