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Can anyone remind me what a 'show' looks like?

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hopgarden1 Fri 09-May-14 08:14:21

Just that really...I am waiting for dc3 and can't remember what a show is and as that's the first sign, I would like to know winkwink. Thanks!

Diamondsareagirls Fri 09-May-14 09:31:03

Mine was a series of jelly like blobs. Others have said theirs have had streaks of blood in but mine was just clear. Hope you LO doesn't leave you waiting too long. x

HotSauceCommittee Fri 09-May-14 09:33:21

Like a huge string of bloody, snotty mucous. My sister likened it to a magician pulling a never ending string of handkerchiefs out of a magic hat, such was it's quantity.

HotSauceCommittee Fri 09-May-14 09:35:28

Good luck, HopsGarden. Sex every night will help bring it on, not just as a one off.

An acupressure point for the womb is above your ankles, either side of your Achilles' tendons. Massaging that might help too.

hopgarden1 Fri 09-May-14 10:54:31

Thanks all...bizarrely as I was reading this I wandered to the loo and low and behold I find a 'show' ha! Now I remember but thanks for confirming it all so I know it's not just more pregnancy glamour!grin

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