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Induction booked for Saturday at 41 + 12 and very nervous

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megadude Thu 08-May-14 20:14:10

Hi Everyone,

This is my second birth, and after going into labour spontaneously at 37 weeks last time, this time the LO doesn't want to go anywhere, and I will be 41 + 12 on Saturday when I'm booked in to be induced.

I know this is nothing compared to what lots of people go through, but I'm getting really anxious and a bit upset about how things are going. My first baby was 6lb 2oz, but was on track to be over 8lbs. This one feels massive, and has just gone back to back.

I've been having the beginning signs of labour a few times over the last fortnight, but then nothing. After my second sweep the MW said I'm 4-5 cm dilated already. I've had my show a couple of days ago.

I've had a good pregnancy up until I passed the due date, now I'm getting increasingly nervous, and the hormones are making me a bit teary. I hated being on the maternity ward last time, and this is where they will induce me. I'm sorry to be such a moaner, I'd be really grateful if anyone could share their experiences if they went 12 days over, or you're heading that way.


anotherbitofcake Thu 08-May-14 20:19:58

Also was induced and baby also back to back. Just had pessary and went into labour so remained low risk still. You will be fine! I was anal and wanted to still feel in control so made a sort of flow chart in my head of all scenarios and how to cope with each. What are you nervous about re induction? X

pearlgirl Thu 08-May-14 20:25:59

I was induced at 12 days over with number 4 - although my waters had gone as I got to hospital for the induction appointment nothing happened and they induced me that evening as I had strep b. I had the pessary at about 9pm and ds4 appeared just after 4 am.
I think feeling like I knew what was coming helped me cope, I kept up and walking for the first few hours.
Hope all goes well.

megadude Thu 08-May-14 20:37:10

Thanks anotherbitofcake. A few things are making me nervous, here's my list:

1) I went into early labour last time. I had a feeling I wouldn't be this early this time around, but going to the opposite extreme is freaking me out a bit that my body is being too unpredictable, and that the birth will therefore be less predictable.

2) I was all geared up for labour and birth two weeks ago when some contractions started, now I feel the time has passed and I'm somehow less mentally prepared if that makes sense.

3) I had a bad time on the ward last time, and I was really hoping I wouldn't have to set foot in that place again. Now I have to start off there for who knows how long!

4) Scared of giving birth to a large baby. Know this is daft, but my first one pushed me to the limit and he was just 6lb 2oz.

5) the MW (my regular MW is on holiday) told me I was booked in on Wednesday for my 2nd sweep, then forgot to book it. I called my Drs, then maternity reception at hospital when at 3pm I'd heard nothing. Was fobbed off and they refused to call the MW to check for me, yet magically did when my DH called and said exactly the same thing! Know I'm being sensitive, but it's dented my trust in the hospital a bit.

Also, really sorry for posting this in two places. New to posting and tried to move it over from Pregnancy to Childbirth but can't figure that out, then received a response on the original thread.

anotherbitofcake Sat 10-May-14 19:56:31

Any news?? Good luck with it. Remember baby at the end. Be strong whatever happens x

megadude Mon 12-May-14 21:02:42

Thanks for asking another bit of cake grin. I now have a very beautiful baby boy who came in at a whopping 9lb 2oz, but I managed to do it without a single stitch! To cut a long story short, the induction did produce some unpredictable start/stop contractions, but once they got going I was 7cm by the time I got to the delivery suite. Had an amazing birth using a birth pool, and was supported by an equally amazing team of midwives. Unfortunately I had PPH after the birth, but thanks to the MW's fast response I was whizzed down to the consultant led unit and lost 1.3 litres and was nursed back to health. That was only yesterday and my recovery is going very well.

megadude Mon 12-May-14 21:04:16

Gah I meant anotherbitofcake and 9lb 13oz.

Secondsop Tue 13-May-14 23:53:29

Congratulations megadude! I came on to tell you to try not to worry about the induction and am delighted to see your update.

megadude Thu 15-May-14 12:28:48

Thanks grin

anotherbitofcake Fri 16-May-14 14:36:08

Yey! Big congrats gringrin

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