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Postpartum arthralgia/ bloody sore hips

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snowqu33n Tue 06-May-14 01:23:45

Been having this off and on since DS was about 2 and a half months. Now almost 5 months and had one week when I could walk reasonably well in that time. Doctor took an X ray and prescribed painkillers. One type was supposed to be safe for breastfeeding (checked online and contains ketaprofen so isnt recommended) or said that if I quit breastfeeding I could take something else stronger. In the end I have just been taking paracetamol and hobbling. Very, very painful and makes handling DS, lifting and walking very difficult. Going to a rheumatologist this week and will get a blood test for rheumatic arthritis(?). Anyone experienced this situation and have advice? I am outside the UK so health system is a bit different.

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