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Kings college nightingale birth centre

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teamB2011 Fri 02-May-14 22:04:06

We are due to have our baby at Kings in August. Has anyone had their baby here - what are your experiences? Has anyone used the midwife led rooms. I really would like to have a water birth if possible.
Also, did anyone request a private room if they had to stay over night. Other friends have recommended trying to get one but I asked midwife and she said you can't unless move to another part of hospital. Not sure if that is wise/possible or what is cost?
One final question, if all of the rooms on labour ward happen to be taken, then what happens?

HamAndPlaques Fri 02-May-14 23:39:22

I had my baby there last August, before the midwife-led rooms are available. The east Dulwich forum is afoot source of info on Kings. There are currently no water births taking place as there is a bug in the water, which they are tackling and will probably be solved by August. There is no guarantee of access to a pool but I think that's normal for most nhs labour wards.

There was no option to pay for or request a private room when I delivered, and as far as I'm aware they are kept for women who need them for various medical reasons.

If labour ward is closed I imagine that you would be sent to Tommy's or Lewisham.

HamAndPlaques Fri 02-May-14 23:39:44

*were available!

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