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Waters broken no contractions - safe to go to bed?

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HoneyBadgerPersonified Fri 02-May-14 21:26:53

Am 40+4 and waters have just broken this evening. All looks fine with the colour etc, but no contractions as yet.
Am I ok to go to bed and try sleep - even though that means I won't be able to monitor the baby's movements through the night? (Or however long I get before the contractions start?) Have had a bath and baby is moving fine but I'm kind of wondering if most of its waters have gone (there's been a lot of fluid) if he/she will be ok during the night?

Probably a daft question to those with experience but my MW had to break my waters for my first baby so this is new to me.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

rootypig Fri 02-May-14 21:28:27

Call the maternity unit, see what they have to say. They'll appreciate a heads up you're in early labour anyway.

Exciting, good luck!

addictedtosugar Fri 02-May-14 21:32:52

Call the Maternity ward.
I was asked to go in briefly after my waters went, and they checked me and baby out. Both fine, so we were sent home. Contractions started in the middle of the night, and went back in 12 hrs after water broke, and baby born 4 hrs after that.

Congrats on your immanent arrival thanks

Smartiepants79 Fri 02-May-14 21:34:46

I would go to bed.
Protect the bed!
My waters broke before any contractions for both my babies. If nothing has happened by tomorrow morning contact your hospital. They will probably want to check you.
I pushed for induction after 24 hrs as I was worried about infection.
Same thing happened to my Mum and I ended up in NICU due to infection.

jessandme Fri 02-May-14 21:50:37

Hopefully you have called maternity unit by now. Sure all is well but baby should be delivered within 24hrs of waters breaking due to risk of infection.
Contractions will hopefully start naturally soon . Good luck xx

Locketjuice Fri 02-May-14 21:53:49

They^^ have said it all but good luck! smilesmile

HoneyBadgerPersonified Fri 02-May-14 22:05:38

Meh... Called midwife unit and they want me to come in to get checked out - luckily I had already asked my sister to come babysit just in case!
Kind of wish they'd leave me to get a good night's sleep as they're half an hour away but better safe than sorry I suppose.
Thanks for the advice!

rootypig Fri 02-May-14 22:28:48

Good to be cautious! have a good night......

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Fri 02-May-14 22:31:42

Good luck Honeybadger! They or you do need to keep an eye on your temperature, so it's right to go in.

HoneyBadgerPersonified Sat 03-May-14 08:44:48

Need some delivery wishes! Got home around midnight, all checks done ok. Kept awake most of the night with low level contractions but still nothing regular. Really hoping it kicks off properly by tonight because after 24 hrs I have to go into hospital rather than the birth centre sad

rootypig Sat 03-May-14 12:39:04

come on little Badger! time to move it along! grin

rootypig Sat 03-May-14 12:40:19

more seriously OP, can you bear to have an active day? I dislodged DD with a morning in John Lewis. A sales assistant asked when I was due and when I said 'a week ago' she visibly blanched grin. Pressure on your pelvic floor is your best hope.

HoneyBadgerPersonified Sat 03-May-14 13:23:45

Yep I'm at a friend's 2yr old bday party! Every time I sit down the contractions stop so having to keep walking around! Everyone is shocked I'm here but what else can I do?!
Hopefully it will keep things moving!

rootypig Sat 03-May-14 13:33:22

Get on the trampoline grin

HoneyBadgerPersonified Sun 04-May-14 13:09:48

update - healthy little boy born at 5am today. Back to back baby so a very painful but natural delivery in the midwife ward of the local hospital. Tired but happy smile
Thanks for all your advice and wishes xx

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Sun 04-May-14 13:15:06


ImpatientOne Sun 04-May-14 13:22:56

Congratulations grin

rootypig Sun 04-May-14 22:44:44

What lovely news! brilliantly well done and enjoy those divine newborn cuddles flowers

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