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My mum had fast labour will I too?

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Whenwillwe3meetagain Sun 27-Apr-14 20:25:33

Hello i was chatting to mum this weekend about when she gave birth to me and then my bro 2 years later. With both of us her labour lasted only 2 hours - is it likely that will happen for me too?
Everything was too quick for pain relief and she says she has never forgotten the pain! Already crossing my legs and not due until November!

Imsosorryalan Sun 27-Apr-14 20:27:53

Sorry, no guarantees! My mum had a horrific labour with me, thirs degree tears etc. I was crapping myself as I'm also very slim. My labour was four hours and baby came with just fast and air. My second flew outblush

PrincessBabyCat Sun 27-Apr-14 20:35:15

My mom's water broke before labor even started and had to be induced. Mine didn't break until the midwive accidentally popped it during a check at 7cm.

I have no idea how long her labor lasted, she had to get a Csec for me then did a ELCS for my brother.

You can hope yours is that quick though! smile

My early labor was on and off for a week, and then 16 hours of active labor even after they slipped some picotin.

Youarejustwordsonascreenpeople Sun 27-Apr-14 20:35:53

Yep! My mum had quick labours and so did I.

DC1= 2 3/4 hours
DC2= 1 1/2 hours
DC= 1/2 hour

That's from first contraction to birth.

My mum was

Me= 2 1/2 hours
DB= 1 1/2 hours

First contraction to birth.

My mums sister (my aunt) and my cousins had long labours.

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle Sun 27-Apr-14 20:37:52

My mum gave birth to her first in 4 hours start to finish. Mine took 3 days! No guarantees!!

Whenwillwe3meetagain Sun 27-Apr-14 21:14:56

Thanks all! I'll just have to wait and see...squee shock

3littlefrogs Sun 27-Apr-14 21:16:59

We all do in my family.
It is worth bearing in mind.
When I worked as a midwife I always asked women what kind of labours their mum had.

AmericasTorturedBrow Sun 27-Apr-14 21:17:11

Probably not - my mum was in labour with me for 26hours, my brother (3yrs later) for 12

My DC1 was 5hours and DC2 was 2hours

HavannaSlife Sun 27-Apr-14 21:17:59

My mum had quick easy births, one of my 5 was quick and easy. She also had small full term babies. I had big full term and big premium ones

JuniperTisane Sun 27-Apr-14 21:18:54

My mum's longest labour was 5 hours, by the time she had by younger twin brothers it was about 45 minutes start to finish.

My labours have been 6 hours and 2.5 hours start to finish so obviously following in her footsteps.

HavannaSlife Sun 27-Apr-14 21:19:00

Premium? Bloody tablet, prem

IdaClair Sun 27-Apr-14 21:23:24

My mum's first baby was a premature birth in hospital, 13 hours long, epidural, forceps, episiotomy, stitches and a two week stay.

Followed it up with a 10 hour labour with epidural, augmentation and repeat episiotomy and stitches for dc2 (term this time) one week in hospital.

I had both my children at home, total labour experienced 5.5 hours (2 hours for first, 3.5 for second) no drugs or stitches needed and naturally no hospital stays.

Pretty different.

Nunyabiz Sun 27-Apr-14 21:24:48

Well... I don't know whether it's relevant but my mum is shorter than me- different build (about 5'4, I am 5'11) she had my sister 8lbs 10oz in 6 hours with an epidural, and myself 9lb 12oz in under 2 hours with a failed epidural (so no pain relief)
I had DD (10lb 5oz) in around 10 hours water birth no pain relief.
I think that what pain relief you take does often but not always influence the speed of labour. Something to take into account?

McBaby Mon 28-Apr-14 08:29:15

Precipitous labours can be genetic. It's one of the risk factors of having one.

My mum had labours of 4 and 2 hours. Mine have been 1.5 hours and 45 minutes.

EyelinerQueen Mon 28-Apr-14 08:37:37

My Mum had 4 babies. Her longest labour was 2 hours from start to finish.

I had the same hopes but my first labour started at 4am with DD born at midnight the next night.

Hoping for a shorter one this time but not holding my breath!

deepinthewoods Mon 28-Apr-14 08:51:51

My Mum had 72 hour labour ( breech delivery) then a 12 hour normal delivery
I was
12 hours with first
3 hours with second.

imisssleepandwine Wed 30-Apr-14 11:54:12

My mum had 5 children her first was long as she was so scared but the other 4 were all very fast, all less than 3 hours. I was born on the way to hospital and my sister just as she arrived in the labour ward.

My DD was 4 1/2 hours and I am hoping that number to will be the same or less..

good luck

notamonkeysuncle Wed 30-Apr-14 11:56:08

My mum was 32 hours with me and 27 hours with my brother.
My DD was 3 hours

PastaandCheese Wed 30-Apr-14 13:01:58

There is a genetic link for fast labours. Women in my family labour fast.

I'm the first in three generations to actually make it to the hospital with a second and that is only because I was already there as there were concerns about DS's heart rate at a routine appointment.

I'd say the opposite to your Mum about pain though. Fast labours are intense but they end quickly (to state the obvious!). I had no pain relief apart from tens with both of mine because I the end was always in sight.

I have no idea how people cope with long labours without some serious drugs. Hats off to them.

PastaandCheese Wed 30-Apr-14 13:02:59

Oh, DS was 50 minutes.

melody1979 Wed 30-Apr-14 14:11:05

I am afraid there is no rule! My mother had a very easy pregnancy and the easiest labour giving birth to me (a few hours, barely no pain), whereas I had a horrible pregnancy, being sick all the time and 38 hours labour to give birth to my DD...
I hope in your case, you will be just the same as your Mum!

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