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Labour keeps stalling. 4th child!!

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AngryBeaver Sat 26-Apr-14 06:26:33

Just that. I had the show on thurs and started getting contractions.
I got absolutely no sleep last night as they were every 15 minutes.
At 7am they went up to about 30 mins.
But were very painful indeed, on the whole.

That's been the situation all day long. Stop/start/stop/start really painful/mild.

It's driving me insane.

There is more to this but I don't really want to go there at the moment.
Needless to say, I'm very anxious about this birth.

Any tips?

Baida Sat 26-Apr-14 10:03:38

Nipple Stimulation, if possible alone time with partner to boost your oxytocin production by kissing and touching.
Try to not worry about anything, I know it's your 4th and it's probably not so easy to stop thinking about the other 3 but you're going to have to in order to make the labor more effective.
Less thinking and more feeling is key and getting in touch with your animal side.

AngryBeaver Tue 29-Apr-14 04:30:41

Thanks balsa, I had her Sunday morning.
I was having contractions from Thursday !tried sex and nipple stimulation, no joy.
They never got anymore regular and so broke my waters.
I thought the 4th pregnancy would be over really quickly shock

Anyway, who cares...she's here, she's perfection, and she's mine!grin

AngryBeaver Tue 29-Apr-14 04:31:06


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