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Cervical erosions - will they affect labour and delivery?

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MrsHelenBee Wed 23-Apr-14 21:14:27

Expecting DS2 in around 4 weeks and desperate for it to go well after a difficult pregnancy.
I have chronic SPD and severe anaemia - both of which I had in my first pregnancy too (and caused a very traumatic labour and delivery) - but this time I've also been diagnosed with cervical erosions after numerous severe bleeds in the first 15 weeks.
l was given a handout at the hospital after the last bleed, which explained what they are and what generally causes them, but I don't know if they have an impact when it comes to labour and birth. As coughing caused the major bleeds early on, couldn't pushing - MUCH more effort involved - make them rupture in labour? And would this be a danger at all?
I know I can look things up on Google but I find it much more helpful to get feedback from women 'in-the-know'. Has anyone else had these and been fine, or had any issues at all?

Misty9 Sat 26-Apr-14 07:26:45

Hi there. I have erosion and in my first pregnancy it caused a fair few bleeding episodes, though none were severe. I was pushing for three hours with ds and the erosion had no discernible impact.

Interestingly, with this most recent pregnancy I had no bleeding episodes and all it caused was increased discharge.

Hope your birth goes well.

PrincessBabyCat Sat 26-Apr-14 10:20:05

I was bleeding heavily before labor started and had to rush to the hospital. Then it stopped. They couldn't figure out what caused it so they sent me home. Then during contractions it bled a lot. Don't know if I had cervical erosions, so this may or may not be helpful, but I had a lot of bleeding during labor. I had to push for 3 hours, and baby came out fine and there were no complications. It stopped bleeding during pushing (probably because baby was uhm.. clogging... the exit?). Afterwards though the lochia was bright red for 3 weeks before it just stopped bleeding.

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