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Waters broken but no contractions :-( !!!

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misspope24 Wed 23-Apr-14 18:13:36

Hi all, waters broke at 12pm today, was only a small gush and almost a constant trickle but been confirmed by midwives. I've had no contractions before or since so I've been booked in for a pessary to be inserted tomorrow at 12pm if nothing continues to happen.
Has anyone been through this procedure?
I really don't know what to expect now... Praying that contractions start ASAP.

This is my first baby x

ZingWatermelon Wed 23-Apr-14 20:28:53

how exciting!

yep, exactly the same with DS1

you will need to be induced because now that the membranes are broken baby is no longer protected from infection
but that's fine

pessary has a gel in that will be placed on/around cervix - it should help the cervix to ripen and start off contractions.
they might repeat with a second or 3rd one (every 4 hours I think) depending on progress.

if nothing, they will give you an IV hormone drip (called oxytocin or sintosynon to speed things up.
it will get the contractions going, but even the early stage can be quite painful, so do consider pain relief.

I had gas & air, pethidine then finally epidural (you have to be 3cms dilated before they will administer an epidural)

they will probably break the waters properly at some point if needed

you are likely to be monitored constantly and waterbirth is unlikely

hth so far - any other questions just ask away, I'll be back later (must put rascals in bed! grin

Ericadm Wed 23-Apr-14 22:20:28

I had the same with both my babies. I was induced with pessary and then drip as described by zing. Had epidural with first but only tens machine and gas and air with second. If you go on the drip ask them to start it really slowly otherwise it is very painful. Good luck!

misspope24 Wed 23-Apr-14 23:21:00

My hospital provided a info book and it seems this is what happens there

You go in, have usual blood and urine checks and go on monitors, pessary goes in and they check you every hour for 6 hours.
If cervix hasn't softened by then, you go home for 24 hours to see if it happens naturally. If not, you go in on the drip. I live 50 mins from hospital and really don't wanna be sent home half way through...?
What would u suggest? Does this happen at your hospital??

abitofanangrybird Wed 23-Apr-14 23:30:42

This happened to me with my DS2. I started leaking (tiny trickle) waters in the morning and was sent to hospital for monitoring/to check it was waters that were leaking. Was sent gone early evening and booked in for an induction the next morning due to infection risk, but they said I may start contractions before then anyway, and sure enough started losing more waters as soon as I arrived home at 10pm ish. DS was born 6am.

ZingWatermelon Wed 23-Apr-14 23:55:13

if it's just a normal induction I get the sending home bit, but once the waters broke I'm pretty sure you need to be monitored.
and why wouldn't they administer 2nd pessary?
I'm guessing if leaflet is saying one thing but in reality MWs are much more condiderate and responsible -I haven't heard anyone being sent home halfway through induction process.

in fact when I was induced with DS2 due to being overdue, I had 3 pessaries but nothing - I wanted to go home but they wouldn't let me!

I'd ask for a 2nd one and would insist on staying in.
if no other choice get the drip going on low dose.

softlysoftly Thu 24-Apr-14 00:00:40

I would suggest the NICE guidelines don't fit with their policy.

While I'm sure everything will be fine your baby is not protected from infection so do not let them send you home to wait.

Also ask for swab testing to check you aren't carrying any bacteria.

Sorry don't want to freak you out but you do need to know there is a risk so they have to monitor you and baby.

notadoctor Thu 24-Apr-14 00:10:54

The same thing happened to me except my waters went in a gush with no contractions. I was induced and it was all fine. I don't think they'll send you home now that your waters have gone but don't be afraid to specifically ask to stay in - I know at my hospital they'd have listened and hopefully yours will be the same. Good luck! Hopefully your gorgeous baby will be with you very soon!

Mummymidwife87 Thu 24-Apr-14 07:57:21

Outpatient induction is normally associated with post dates inductions, not prolonged rupture of membranes (PROM). The rationale, you're more likely to labour in your own home than in hospital.

Normally with PROM inductions it's a pessary behind your cervix for up to 24hr followed by synto drip after if not labouring. OR slightly different pessary behind your cervix for 6hours followed by drip.

And IOL for PROM tend to be after 24hr as 60% of women will labour spontaneously within that time.

Good luck, fingers crossed you start labouring and avoid the IOL

TobyLerone Thu 24-Apr-14 22:23:00

I was induced for PROM with DC3 in January.

I was contracting but not getting anywhere. So 28hrs after my waters broke and I'd only got to 3cm by myself, they put me on the drip. Having had the drip before (and having been awake for 28hrs straight!) I had an epidural before the drip was started. I also had IV fluids to keep my BP up because epidurals make my BP scary low, and IV antibiotics because my waters had gone over 24hrs before.

When DD was born, my membranes were ragged and gross because they'd been broken for 30+hrs by that point. DD and I had to stay in so we could both be monitored for infection for 24hrs. But everything was fine smile

Good luck!

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