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Slight prolapse after c section - is this possible?

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Slavetominidictator Tue 22-Apr-14 22:59:37

I had an ELCS almost two years ago. Recovery was swift and have had no problems, however, my cervix seems to be much lower than prior to the birth and at time, protrudes a bit from my vagina, especially when sitting on the loo. This happens particularly during my period but also around ovulation too.
Is it even possible to have a prolapse after a c section? Many thanks.

MsBumble Wed 23-Apr-14 04:33:55

Yes you can still get a prolapse after a c-section. The strain of the pregnancy alone can damage the pelvic floor, although there is far more damage to be done from the actual birth itself.

Sadly it seems that some people are more susceptible than others when it comes to prolapse issues. Generally most medical professionals will tell you that after any pregnancy/birth there may be some small degree of prolapse - that is considered to be 'normal'. But if it's troubling you do see the GP and insist on a referral to a gynecologist.

Slavetominidictator Wed 23-Apr-14 09:24:41

Thanks v much for your reply. I'm hoping to try for another baby soon and am just a bit worried it'll be a problem in that respect.
Do you know if it's just a question of doing more pelvic floor exercises? Or is it going to need more invasive treatment than that? And there was I thinking I escaped this sort of thing when I had a c section........

MsBumble Wed 23-Apr-14 13:12:43

Well I think it depends on the degree of the problem, but I had the same issues with my cervix coming down after the (vaginal) birth of my second child, and it did it did eventually go back into place (a bit lower) on it's own. I did do pelvic floor exercises regularly though, and I do think along with time they've made a difference. I would definitely recommend them but to do them religiously. Give it at a few months to see a real improvement and as long as you're doing them properly they do help! I was told by my consultant to continue doing them throughout the first half of pregnancy too.

I was also told that if I had any worsening problems with my cervix in future pregnancies I could opt in for a pessary to keep things in place, so I think that may be an option for more severe cases.

That said, I'm now approaching the end of my third pregnancy and I've had absolutely no issues at all - in fact my cervix is now higher than before - so it's not necessarily a certainty that things will get worse with more babies!

Slavetominidictator Wed 23-Apr-14 18:20:59

Thanks for that. I did do quite a few pelvic floor exercises while pregnant and since but never wanted to do too many while pregnant as I have a history of miscarriage.

I'm starting Pilates classes this week so perhaps that'll help too..... Will visit GP too. Thanks a lot.

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