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My accidental almost home birth shame, courtesy of next door.

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soapybubbles123 Thu 17-Apr-14 18:53:31

Apologies for the long post, I need to let the blushes out tbublush

I was booked for an ELCS at 38 and a half weeks but DS clearly didn't like this idea and decided to arrive naturally at 37 weeks. Everything progressed so quickly that I didn't realise what was happening until my confections were really strong and five minutes apart. DH called an ambulance because I couldn't get to hospital without pain relief and by the time the paramedics arrived with the magical Entonox I was making a reasonable amount lot of noise, mostly due to the pain but also because I was really frightened.

We live in a semi detached house and the walls aren't all that thick but disturbing the neighbours was the last thing on my mind.

DS arrived safely (after arriving at hospital with his head mostly delivered) and DH went home to collect a few things. Next door neighbour came to ask how everything had gone and apparently was very diplomatic about the noise, saying they'd had no idea anything was happening until they saw the ambulance. At this point her little boy looked very confused and piped up 'But Mummy I heard ALL the screaming' blush

Little boy has just gone past my (open) window with his, pointed at the house and said 'That's where screamy lady lives'.


RandomMess Thu 17-Apr-14 18:54:40

LOL! Congratulations, hopefully the little boy will get over it wink

Sweetpea86 Thu 17-Apr-14 20:30:58

LOL you will look back and laugh one day, best thing is your baby boy is here now congratulations grin

NachoAddict Thu 17-Apr-14 20:33:58


The little boy has a great tale to tell, kids are never diplomatic are they.

Ploppy16 Thu 17-Apr-14 20:40:01

Don't worry xx
my very lovely neighbour was the first person to know that our baby had been born courtesy of apparently suddenly paper thin walls!
She was born at OMG o'clock in the morning and he was practically there for the last hour.. Poor bugger got less sleep than I did I think grin
Congratulations thanks

Whenwillwe3meetagain Thu 17-Apr-14 20:42:58

I was once woken up by next door in labour. It sounded like sex moaning and I had a wander around my shared house trying to find out who was having a full on session at 1am on a tues! Only realised what it was when I saw next door getting into a taxi veeery slowly! wink

findingherfeet Thu 17-Apr-14 21:01:13

Haha! Cringe! You are not alone I had an unplanned and unassisted (well assisted by my shocked husband) home birth...both my neighbours heard and commented upon the racket...thankfully however. my two year old slept through the whole event shock

LynetteScavo Thu 17-Apr-14 21:04:36

Congratulations thanks

If it helps, you are not alone.....DD was born on a very hot night. All our windows were open. When DH announced DDs arrival to the neigbours was "Yes, we heard".

I feel your blush

SicknSpan Fri 18-Apr-14 10:26:30

Congratulations! And thanks for your red cheeks of shame smile

slartybartfast Fri 18-Apr-14 10:28:16


truthful words from the boy next door [hgrin]

slartybartfast Fri 18-Apr-14 10:28:27


soapybubbles123 Fri 18-Apr-14 11:49:25

Thank you ladies for the flowers, I am feeling slightly less embarrassed. I wouldn't mind so much but he was with all the other children on the street when pointing out my house.

If any of them refer to me as Screamy Lady I think we may have to move tbusad

Raxacoricofallapatorius Fri 18-Apr-14 11:56:52

Oh that's not embarrassing at all.

I attempted a home birth and after four hours of pushing needed to transfer by ambulance. I'd been in labour for 24hrs and was exhausted and in the zone. I climbed out of my birth pool and trudged purposefully and determinedly out of the house and towards the waiting ambulance. It was 3pm on a beautiful and sunny May afternoon as I tramped naked and contracting over my neighbour's lupins while my midwife chased after me pleading with me to at least put on my knickers. I was seen by every neighbour in a terrace of 8.

findingherfeet Fri 18-Apr-14 13:22:12

Hahahahahaha Rax brilliant!

soapybubbles123 Fri 18-Apr-14 13:30:31

Wow, that definitely beats my blushes tbuwink

After DS arrived I realised that I had staggered into the ambulance without any shoes on but apart from that I was fully dressed. However, I was conscious enough to be unhappy that I wasn't wearing a bra tbusad

Gen35 Fri 18-Apr-14 13:36:40

I wouldn't even be embarrassed, if there's ever a justification for screaming, childbirth must be it!. I vaguely remember being helped to the loo by two lovely nurses and so out of it they had to help me put knickers on!

getagoldtoof Fri 18-Apr-14 13:36:44

Thanks Rax. You've cheered me up with the image!

Elastigrrrl Sun 20-Apr-14 20:15:48

That is great Rax. what a woman!!

Pollycracker Wed 23-Apr-14 16:59:42

Our neighbours heard me screaming, too. I was terrified though!

Nicest bit is that they then hear our newborn daughter's first cry smile

Hassled Wed 23-Apr-14 17:03:19

Congratulations soapy aka Screamy Lady and Rax - those poor, poor lupins grin.

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