ooohhh a bit leaky...

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KittyCatKittyCat Thu 17-Apr-14 02:58:43

So am 38+5. Have had usual BH and twinges in evenings. I've got these tradesmen coming tomorrow and also my mum (by 12). Dh and I joked how inconvenient it would be to have dc1 come now... Totally had sex because that was an excellent idea... Went to loo and was really trickly from the not-wee area, you know when its not from the ureathra. A dailies liner didn't hack it. I'm now back in bed with a maxi always on from my labour bag... A few cramps, nothing much yet. More trickles when I laugh...
Verdict mumsnet? How long? Think I can get to at least lunch when mum can manage tradesmen?

KittyCatKittyCat Thu 17-Apr-14 06:23:36

So regular period pains in the night, more leaking, I think this has to be the start!

abitofanangrybird Thu 17-Apr-14 06:49:45

How exciting! I had similar with my 2nd and it was indeed the start of labour for me. If the pains stop you should still notify your hospital of the time you started leaking though, as they told me they would induce after 48hrs due to infection risk. As it turned out I didn't need it anyway though as my labour progressed naturally. Wishing you a safe, calm and happy labour - please come back and share your happy news when you get the chance!

KittyCatKittyCat Thu 17-Apr-14 06:54:57

I shall try to! Have a midwife friend who is keeping me company via text, mum on way, still staying in bed until I have to get out ! Don't want to rush things.

KittyCatKittyCat Thu 17-Apr-14 14:40:37

Had waters confirmed,sent home to get labouring!

abitofanangrybird Thu 17-Apr-14 15:19:18

Excellent, one way or another you should be holding your new baby within the next day or two smile a Fingers crossed for you that those contractions start coming in earnest soon.

KittyCatKittyCat Thu 17-Apr-14 17:08:33

Its all stopped. They've booked induction for tomorrow morning but was hoping for a water birth ): tips greatly appreciated.

abitofanangrybird Thu 17-Apr-14 21:04:49

Sorry to hear that. I was hoping for a water birth with both of mine but neither ended up that way. The first was because although labour was progressing well my contractions were irregular and they needed to monitor me closely. The second was because I had started leaking waters 24 hours previously so the risk of infection was there. I was disappointed, but to be fair I had safe deliveries with minimal pain relief, and would still say my experiences were overwhelmingly positive even though neither was as I had initially hoped.

KittyCatKittyCat Sat 19-Apr-14 23:02:24

Baby cat was born via induction with epidural and syncotin. Very good experience and was really proud of myself but got a thurs degree tear, and struggling to bf, so off to look up a few threads on those!

justmuddlingalong Sat 19-Apr-14 23:16:43

thanks Congratulations, lovely to hear happy news. A wee Easter bunny to snuggle.

abitofanangrybird Sun 20-Apr-14 10:20:01

Just seen this - congratulations!! Wonderful news smile Enjoy your new baby and be kind to yourself thanks

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